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Supremacy 1914 - The Battles - Sweden: Day 19

Updated on June 16, 2014

Day 19

It has been a little while since I have reported how the wars - or rather progress - has been going in the current game I am playing. I am currently at war with Norway and it is going pretty well. The only thing that was slowing progress was a lack of resources to build certain machinery to bring down fortresses.

That machinery has now been built and used and you will see that the map closer to Sweden has turned bluer as parts of Norway have fallen.

Somehow, someway, The Ottomans are still number one

It is quite crazy. They have been sitting at the top since the start of the game. I think this must be down the the fact that when the game started they were being controlled by a human player, and as I have said they invest a lot of goldmark coins into developing their empire quicker than anyone else. They also built up and army that did not hang around when it came to attacking and they swiped a lot of land.

The controller of the Ottoman empire then promptly left and the AI has taken over and, nobody has quite matched their thirst for land and war.

It is still early days..

My Empire

I have all but conquered Norway now. I just have one final piece of land and then, Norway ceases to be and Sweden grows.

I will then plan to push east into Russia as they have a strong economy and a weak army. They also have a fair amount of oil and they are closest to me. Oil is essential to win the game as you need it to build certain hardware that other will be using. To fight that hardware, you need the same hardware.

The Stagnant Ottomans

The stagnant Ottomans are now bordering an advancing Italy. It is quite funny as there is/was a person playing as Austria/Hungary and they extended themselves too far while attacking Poland and Italy. They bet Poland, but Italy bit them and they never recovered. Italy has been swiping their land. The player I suspect has had a hissy fit and left.

Italy are becoming quite powerful as the Aust/Hung player is AWOL.

Morocco beating Spain back

The Moroccans seemed all but beat not so long ago, but, like with Aus/Hung, the player has left for whatever reason and the Moroccans are not hanging around in take back their land. Some of it is via revolution and some of it is by force.

I suspect that they will take some parts of Spain over the next few days.

Italy's Revenge

As I said, Aus/Hung had taken a lot of Italian land but they were over stretched when they did. They underestimated the Italian resolve and the Italians have come back fighting.

The lion share of Aus/Hung's land has now become Italy's. I am not too sure when the land taking will stop!

Attacking Germany?

I was planning to - and I guess I still am planning to - attack Germany, mainly for their coal which I need very badly. I plan to attack Russia first though. In fact. I am not 100% sure who to hit first.

Germany have the coal which I am lacking hugely at the moment. If I was to attack and take Russian land, the coal deficit would be even bigger.

If I attack Germany before Russia, I would still not have enough oil to build artillery or battleship or railguns, let alone railways need to finish the job..

I guess I will have to think a little harder on this.. I think that a German attack make more sense - now!

One artillery unit..

I only have one artillery unit which is a total shambles. I cannot go to war with anyone with just one!

I did have two but due to some error along the line it was put up front while assaulting the last Norwegian area and was killed quite easily by them. I was asleep but I was sure before I went to sleep that I put a large amount of troops between the city and the artillery unit..

I need to build up my oil areas and I need to attack Germany before I attack Russia. I need coal and I need it badly!


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