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Supremacy 1914 - War Journals: Day 87

Updated on March 26, 2014

Supremacy 1914: Day 87

Quite a few things have unfolded with the last few hours, things that change the whole dynamics of the game. You can never be quite sure on what move to take first, second, third.. and so on.

What would be the best course of action?

What has Happened?!

Well, two major things have transpired in the last few hours. The first:

I was receiving - as I have already said - mails/message/communications from both Poland and the US. Poland was being rude - but I guess that could be chalked up to not speaking English so well - asking, or rather, rudely demanding, resources and in the latest mails, land. It was the same with the US, but they were being more tactful, though it was more like begging..

Anyway, I received a message from Poland stating that he was being threatened by the US and his was going to attack him and I would join him in attacking him. It seemed unlikely that this course of events had taken place, but, before I could think much more about it.. the railguns and battleships started firing and the war between the two had begun.

I still doubted that the US had threatened Poland. Still, the US had been moving many troops into the UK, so, whether it was a face off - like in Berlin, cold war era - or truly a threat or just defensive..or... who knows.

The Spy knows all..

Who knows? My spies, that's who. Later on, a spy of mine intercepted a message between the US and Poland.

The US had not threatened Poland. They had simply asked for Sicily - the island - as they needed oil very badly and Poland had much more than them. Poland it seems agreed to the deal.. then a few seconds later attacked the US and took it back - makes sense!

'You said there was another thing, right?'

That's right. The Lithuania war is still going on. Only the player has left the game now, so it is me vs AI. Which has it up sides and down sides.

Up being that the AI is more active in attacking me. Bad because its action is predictable.

I have taken yet more land as the pictures shows and I will probably stop when I get to Finland. Why? I shall tell you why..

As you can see..

The US and Poland are busy sending all their troops away from home. Both places are open and rips for picking.

I have sent/am sending lots of troops over seas towards the US. I will hit them both a few hours before 'rollover' and win the the game. Both are not in a position to take back the land. That is the plan.

I need to stop Poland gaining US soil or the game will last longer and Poland will become a mighty threat.

Until Tomorrow!


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