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Supremacy Campaign Journal: Day 88

Updated on March 27, 2014

Day 88

Day 88 of my current campaign rolls into view, and as it does, a promise - or rather, a mild declaration - comes to fruition.

Today you can enjoy videos of the action and movement of my choices. I know; you cannot wait to get started. So without further ado, let's start the day!

The push on

The day has seen my troops - within my safe deep borders, nicely sporting 100% morale - being mobilised and moved to the front lines. Many of them have never seen any action and have been happily sat in the comfy provinces for weeks but now, they have to fulfill their purpose.

The US still continues to send troops - endlessly and tirelessly - to the UK. They are sure going to hurt if someone hits their conquered continent.. Oh, but Poland is... !

It really has come to my attention that all I need to do is push forward on to Lithuania and I win the game. I am somewhat worried to attack purely with troops though as they have a lot of fortresses that would see my guys - my troops - butchered upon assault. Sure, I would take the city/province in the end but it would make my advancing front line weak and anything could happen. I am not planning on losing any land I have captured, again.

Okay, so I lost a few provinces to Lithuania. That was simply down to a maneuver to take their capital city. I was only planning on taking the capital, not hold it. But I took the capital with ease and the surrounding provinces were too alluring not to take, as the whole operation had taken Lithuania by shock.

Spies that destroy fortresses are handy!

So I am investing A LOT - near enough a quarter of a million.. whatevers - into sabotage and destabilisation. These things are necessary to bring province morale down - which in turn, brings troop morale down - and it also destroys buildings the aid enemy troops in protecting/defending the cities I am attacking. Spies also cost 20k to hire at a time and currently I have around 75-80 - some get caught and killed each day and have to be replaced.

As I said before, only use spies when can deal with an attack - physically or covertly.

I have to admit, losing those captured provinces - three of the five captured - was quite hard for me. I have on my service record - up until now of course - had the following: 'Provinces Lost: 0'.

That was always something to be proud of. Oh well, it is only numbers and the game is what needs to be won.

As you can see in the video above, I am well on my way to taking the provinces back and have a lot of troops ready to hit the five or so railguns - the railguns that pounded my troops to destruction, letting the enemy take the provinces -to the north, coming in from the right.

Until tomorrow!


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