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Survival Tips For Dead Island

Updated on October 5, 2011

Dead Island can be a challenging video game at times. There are an abundance of zombies in the game and you will need the survival skills to beat the main quest and side quests. While you do not get terribly punished for dying in Dead Island, you do lose money each time. And money is very important because you need it to repair, upgrade, purchase and modify weapons. Broken weapons in Dead Island are useless against the zombies. This article will discuss the most important aspects of Dead Island and what you need to survive.

Looting in Dead Island

It is absolutely essential to loot in Dead Island. You can gather a lot of money and supplies from looting dead bodies, drawers, cupboards, closets, backpacks, brief cases, trash cans, and anything else that may contain miscellaneous items or money.

Check every nook and cranny in buildings in Dead Island. Keep in mind, even if you already looted an area, items will eventually spawn their again.

Many of the items you will find on Dead Island are needed to modify weapons. For example, you can create a deodorant bomb from duct tape and deodorant (need the blueprint first). So be sure to loot most of the areas you go through.

Using the Workbench

The work bench is your best friend in Dead Island. You can repair, upgrade, and modify weapons at these work benches. They are scattered throughout Dead Island. Many of them can be found in safe places such as the church in the "City Of Moresby" or the lighthouse at the beach resort. Your map will indicate locations of the work benches.

Make sure to repair your weapons when they get damaged! This is one of the most important aspects of Dead Island! Once a weapon's white bar depletes, it is basically useless against any zombie. It does cost money to repair weapons though - so only repair your most useful weapons you currently own.

Upgrading and modifying your weapons will make it easier for you to kill zombies. You need to acquire blue prints for weapon mods. But once you have them, you only need the base weapon and the supplies to make it.

For example, you can put a "high voltage mod" on a machete to make it electrify zombies!

Kicking zombies that attack you

Kicking zombies does not do much damage, but it does not cost any stamina (unless you jump and kick). There may be instances where you run out of stamina to attack a zombie with your melee weapon - to keep the zombies at bay - kick them to give you breathing room until you regain stamina.

It is also a good idea to kick infected zombies when they charge at you, then follow up with a melee blow!

Dodging Zombies

To avoid zombie's attacks, hold down back on the direction stick, then press the jump button. This makes you quickly jump backwards. This is very effective for dodging the "zombie thugs" powerfull punches! A zombie thug can knock you on the ground and cause a lot of damage to your health. The dodge move is very important to use when fighting these zombies.

It can also be used to jump to the left or right real quick. Zombie Rams will charge at you quickly, simply jump to the left or right to avoid the charge.

Using your characters fury

Each character has their own version of fury. Be sure to use your fury when you are either outnumbered by zombies or are facing difficult foes such as zombie rams, thugs, or floaters.

Try not to waste fury on weaker enemies, as it will take some time for fury to build up again. Each character can upgrade their fury in the skill tree. When you level up, you will gain one skill point. Spend them wisely. Each characters fury can get very powerful. For example, Sam B can literally send zombies flying into the air when his fury is fully upgraded!


These are just some basic tips for Dead Island, but are very important. In my opinion, maintaining your weapons is the most important because it becomes nearly impossible to kill zombies with broken weapons.


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    • profile image

      oxy mill 6 years ago

      they help u a lot

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      Nice tips. I will try to follow these tips.

    • Choxy profile image

      Choxy 6 years ago

      I can't wait to try this game. I went to rent it today and they were out...ugh. Thanks for the tips, I'm sure they will come in handy when I get to play! :)