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Surviving Minecraft: In The Beginning

Updated on June 12, 2020
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I am an avid player of all types of computer games and love spending time playing minecraft with my children.

First Steps or Creating a World

Tips for starting your new world.

Creating Your World

First of all you need to generate your world. You have a few options here. For playing in survival you should set world to infinite as this will give you a lot of places to explore. Then you can choose to do one of the following.

  • Let the game generate a random seed

    This will genetate a random world with a random seed number.

  • Enter your own seed

    This option allows you to enter your own numbers. You could just enter something random yourself or look on the internet for seed codes that people have posted. This gives you a little control over your map. (Take a look below for a few to get you started.)

  • Choose a seed from the seed list

    There is a button next to the seed box that brings up a list of seeds that are very interesting. These are handy if you are looking for an outpost or mansion to raid of want to start in a village or certain biome.

Seed list

Stronghold Below is one of my favorites and it is still available in 1.16.
Stronghold Below is one of my favorites and it is still available in 1.16.

No Agresive Mobs

If you are looking to find a map that has little or no agresive mobs at the start then try the Mushroom Island Seed as mobs do not spawn on them.

First Steps In Game

This walk through assumes you have not turned on the starting chest.

Once you have loaded your seed and you are faced with your environment the first thing you need to do is take a look at your immediate surroundings to see what resources you have at your disposal. You should always aim to stay close to spawn at the start as it will make it easier to find your way back to where you were if you get killed before finding or making a bed.

A good starting location has trees for you to chop down for building materials and to collect any apples that may fall from the leaves so you have some food. You don't need an axe to chop down the trees so you can do this straight away without having access to any other resources. Take out the smaller trees ones you can reach the top of from the ground and take out all of the wood blocks. you can then either take out the leaves yourself or let them fall on their own. I do not have a preference on this myself it just depends on how I feel at the time.

Another good starting location is near a cave as you will be close to resources but you will need wood to make your first tools.

My favourite maps are ones where you spawn near or in a village as you should be able to find some resources in chests in some of the houses and also collect food from the farms. You will also be able to sleep from the first night without having to make shears and find sheep. (You could kill the sheep but I prefer to keep them alive and breed them when I can.)

If you spawn near a village and its a zombie one you need to make a decision. Do you leave them alone until you can cure them or do you kill them all and take the village for your own? I always seem to do the latter if I find one near the start of the game and I like the fact that you can sleep from the start but you can also rebuild the village to how you want it. I do this with my family as we can choose a house each and then use any other buildings for storage or workshops.

Tips when starting a new game

  • Find and cut down trees
  • Find a suitable location close to spawn to spend your first night
  • Create your shelter
  • Craft essential survival items
  • Find and collect stone, coal and Iron
  • Find some food
  • Try and survive the night

Esential Tools and Resources

  • Wood (any kind)
  • Food (apples are an ok starter food)
  • Stone
  • Coal
  • Crafting Table (You need this to craft alot of the important items)
  • Furnace (Smelting iron and even cooking food.
  • Pickaxe (stone or better if possible)
  • Sword (stone or better if possible)
  • Seeds (cut down grass with your fist)
  • Hoe (plant your seeds next to water)

Making things a little easier at the start

If you want to make things a little easier at the start of the game then turn on Starting Map, Chest and Co-ordinates in the options menu before you start a new game. This will give you a blank map and a chest full of useful items for you to start your game with. It will also place your co-ordinates on the screen with can be useful for finding your way back to places as you move through the game.

Seed Codes

Why not try some of these seed codes. If you have any of your own you would like to share please post them in the comments.

(Please be aware that these seeds may not work as expected as seeds change with updates.)

Bedrock edition 1.15/1.16


This will spawn you in a forest next to a clearing so you will have plenty of wood to start you off and a place to build a small log cabin. There is some stone nearby aswell as some animals so all in all its not a bad place to start out.


This seed spawns you in among some trees next to a river. Just to the south east on the map you will find a village to explore and a cave system close by as well.


In this map you spawn next to a Pillager Outpost on the edge of an acacia biome. There is a village close by as well which was deserted when I played, as if the pillagers had wiped the villagers out or drove them away. The village has a cartographers house, fisherman's house, a leatherists house and a stone Mason's house as well as lots of farm areas and animal pens for you to use. This seed is a great one for players who like using the Outposts as xp farms. And if you can refill the village with villagers then getting the hero of the village achievement will be fairly easy. In the video below you can see that Villagers do spawn in the Village so this is for me the best place to head to at the start. Once you have set up your base camp it is time to explore. There are another 3 villages within close proximaty and if you ate playing on 1.16 there are two of the new portals one of which is right next to one of those villages.


Screenshot taken at spawn after turning to the right.
Screenshot taken at spawn after turning to the right.
Screenshot of village in distance not to far from spawn and the Pillager Outpost.
Screenshot of village in distance not to far from spawn and the Pillager Outpost.

-1561107985 Flyover View

Top Seed Tuesday

Every Tuesday I will be looking at posting a Minecraft Video with Wildsumo97 on one or both of our YouTube channels. Click the link above to find yourself a new seed to tryout.

© 2020 Amy


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