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Swimming Kit for Beginners-Which Accessories do You Require?

Updated on March 29, 2017

As a beginner, you don't have the know-how when it comes to choosing the right swimming gear. You may surely have some vague ideas of what is generally needed when one is starting out as a swimmer, but as it happens with many beginners, choosing the right accessory can be troubling.

But this shouldn't limit your passion for swimming. Here are 6 accessories that every beginner should have in their Armory. Let's check them out.

6 Top Swimming Accessories for Beginners.

1. A face mask

Being a beginner swimmer shouldn't limit your exploration under water. The fact that you might not have mastered the art of holding your breath while in water makes a face mask an important accessory for your swimming wardrobe. Basically, a face mask contains a shatterproof safety glass that helps protect your face as you swim and also makes the breathing easy.

2. Swim paddles

Become a skilled is challenging endeavor especially at the early stages. As such, having an assisting device to aid your moves while in the water is essential. Swim paddles, whether on the hands or on the legs, helps you make power moves and this makes swimming easy and enjoyable.

3. Pull Buoys

This figure-eight shaped accessory will help support your body as you learn how to kick and float in the water. It's usually placed between the legs and frees up the arms to do the main thrusts. The fact you aren't using your legs for support, as the equipment provides it, mean that you won't get tired fast and you can learn for as long as you would want.

4. Water noodles

A water noodle is simply a foam-filled piping that helps increase the buoyancy of a swimmer. A noodle is often placed under the arms and keeps you, the swimmer, afloat so that you dedicate your attention to learning on how to kick rather than floating.

5. Kick board

An equipment that helps support your arms in water and thus keep you afloat as you train. A kick board maintains the body in a streamlined position making movement through the water easy.

6. Swimsuit

A swimsuit is a must have accessory in a swimmers wardrobe. It makes swimming sessions effective as it doesn't create drags nor inhibit your moves as you shred your way through the water. For men, swim trunks are an ideal costume as it offers the breathing space and the privacy every man wants.

Here is how to Use a Kickboard

Wrapping it all up

These are but just a percentage of the many accessories that a swimmer can lay hands on. For a starter, they are ideal wardrobe piece as they help master the moves faster and in a safer way.


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