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Swtor Class Guide

Updated on December 11, 2011

What Class Are You Playing?

What Swtor Class Will You Role?

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Swtor Classes...

If you are like me and cannot wait for the latest Stars Wars MMORPG to hit the scene then I have a treat for you. I find that before I play a game I like to research and find a class that will suit me best to play, Doing this safes the hassle of having to reroll when you get bored or just find out that your class sucks.

There are eight classes annouced right now for Swtor and even tho they are all looking very good and should be fun to play there are four that stand out from the rest. These four classes would only be the Jedi and Sith classes where you as the player can use the force and a lightsaber to fight your way thoughout the game. It goes without saying that the Jedi classes will be the most played although from what I have seen of early gameplay footage it would suggest that all classes are needed to progress though the game. See more at Swtor Class Guide

The Swtor Classes Include:

  • Republic Trooper
  • Smuggler
  • Jedi Knight
  • Jedi Consular
  • Imperial Agent
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Sith Warrior
  • Sith Inquisitor

My bets are on Jedi Knight to be the most played class next to the Sith Warrior.

Republic Trooper

The Trooper is a long range class that has some devastating firepower, Gadgets like flamethowers and inferno grenades mean that the trooper can unleash deadly attacks on single or small groups of enemies. Considered maybe a more basic class the trooper still packs a decent punch which is backed up with some of the best heavy armour you can buy, The trooper should not be underestimated.


The Swtor smuggler is a rouge class and relies on stealth and cunning to advance in the game, able to wield blasters and light armour which makes them quicker than some other classes. There is also rumours floating about that the smuggler will be Swtor's pet using class which basically with allow it to have a pet droid assisting it.

Jedi Knight

I would be very suprised if the Jedi Knight became a rarely player class in Swtor, The Jedi Knight will be capable of dealing good damage in melee by using a lightsaber but also at range, The Jedi Knight have a number of force skills avaiable to them as well as the old trustly lightsaber throw. Light or Heavy armour for the Jedi Knight will make them a real force to be reckoned with.

Jedi Consular

The Jedi Consular will also be a highly played class, Most often seen using a double handed lightsaber which the Jedi Consular uses mainly to bolster a great the defence. The Jedi Consular will have a host of force skills to call upon in battle and will most likely be the republics healer and buffer. Even tho the consular sounds and looks like a support class I wouldnt like to get in close to one.

Imperial Agent

The Imperial Agent similar to the smuggler is a more steathly class and likes to use gadgets to increase its defense or attack. Once again the agent uses blasters and can be lethal when they have the upper hand on a enemy. Word on the street is that the Imperial Agent can get in to anywhere and go where other classes can not, What this means I can guess but we wont find out until we play the game.

Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter is the Sith Empires answer to the Republics Trooper, Basically a hard AoE hitting range class with a host of extra gadgets and attacks these include a jetpack, rockets, flamethrowers, grenades. The bounty hunter is also capable of wearing some of the best armour in the game and is able to maintain a strong defense. Knowing this about the bounty hunters defense and then combined with the fearsome attack of the bounty hunter you can understand why they have the ability to drop Jedi Knights.

Sith Warrior

Commonly seen with a lightsaber in each hand the Sith Warrior is looking like the most brutal melee class in the game right now. The Sith Warrior like the Jedi Knight will beable to use a force skills to attack at range also as well as making massive leaps towards enemies or groups of enemies to quickly close down ranged attackers. Dangerous in nature their use of the Dark Side of the force and their hate will make them stronger and even more dangerous.

Sith Inquisitor

Once again with the double bladed lightsaber the Sith Inquisitor will be the support class of the Sith Lords although each class has 3 skill trees and only one of those trees for the Sith Inquistor is support and healing. Players of Sith Inquisitors will beable to choose a more attacking role or a more healing and buffing role for they character. Lightly armoured but defended by buffs and skills the Sith Inquisitor should be a real challenge to bring down.

So their you have it a quick rundown on the classes of Swtor I hope you enjoyed the read, For more detailed information and the lastest Swtor Updates please visit Swtor Guide


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    • profile image

      Skrilla J 6 years ago

      Going B-hunter Merc baby, played the last two beta weekends, got to level 26 on my b hunter and it was just a complete dps beast. Cant wait for the release, 17 days left whoooo!

    • Morrow66 profile image

      Morrow66 6 years ago

      Everyone having fun in the beta weekend?

    • profile image

      pokeroots 6 years ago

      They are the most popular because the have the best lightning skills in game how ever i feel these are not close to what classes will be when the game comes out

    • Morrow66 profile image

      Morrow66 6 years ago

      Your right Dean I am also suprised that Sith Inquisitor is looking the most popular from what I see of them at E3 2011 they look kinda boring.

    • profile image

      DeanSkinner 6 years ago

      I vote for Trooper! becaues I plan to play them at launch.

      And curious that why the most is Sith Inquisitor?

      who know pls tell me the reason.

      if you guys plan to play in Trooper like me,

      try to look at

      there are the articles including hot topic,updated news etc.

      think it will be benefit to you of coures.

    • Morrow66 profile image

      Morrow66 6 years ago

      Your Right Hello it is very suprising at what the poll is showing. I really did think one or two classes would be a lot more popular than the rest.

    • profile image

      Hello 6 years ago

      I'm surprised how balanced (for the most part0 all of the classes are according to the poll above.

    • profile image

      Guest 7 years ago

      I think smugglers/agents are gonna be pretty good but im rolling consular