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TMNT 4 Turtles in time, time to take a look back at this classic gem.

Updated on February 23, 2015

my TMNT 4 Turtles in Time

Turtles 4 turtles in time cartridge

Note: TMNT 4 Turtles in time is a game made by Konami. The youtube video and the pictures on this hub were captured and created by me using a capture card.

Back in the early 90’s Konami released a sequel to their popular Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game. This sequel was called Turtles in Time and my personal feelings on this are that it has aged like milk that has been sitting in a hot boiler room. It is button mashey, the game play gets tedious and the bosses are frustrating. It’s basically your typical quarter munching brawler of a game. However in 1992 Konami decided to port it to the SNES and like a lot of their arcade games they decided to give it a major overhaul. So after the overhaul how does Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time for the Super Nintendo fare. Actually it’s still a pretty awesome game.


The game begins with April O Neil doing her evening broadcast from Liberty Island, when Krang swoops in and steals the statue of liberty. Shredder goes on to taunt the turtles and they head out to stop him. It’s a typical 1990’s brawlers story, and has far has plot goes it’s not has good has turtles 3 the Manhattan project. While plot and story do not matter in either those games, in Turtles 3 it had least had cut scenes before or after some areas to let us know that there was a plot that was progressing. Here they yell “Cowabunga” after every area and the next one starts after an intro scene. Later when the Turtles start to travel through time you will see a cut scene of them flying through some sort of worm hold into the next area. But the areas themselves seem random and have no reason. You’re in a dinosaur stage and the next stage is on board of a pirate ship during the golden era of pirates.

Krang kidnaps the statue of liberty

But not April whoa talk about a plot twist
But not April whoa talk about a plot twist

The games plot also differs slightly I guess from the original Arcade game has the Shredder lures the Turtles to the Technadrome to set off his time traveling trap in the Super Nintendo version. In the original Arcade version it just happens at random in the sewer.

Graphical comparison between the arcade and SNES

note: arcade footage based on port from TMNT 3 mutant nightmare for the PS2. and you have to nitpick to even tell the difference.
note: arcade footage based on port from TMNT 3 mutant nightmare for the PS2. and you have to nitpick to even tell the difference.


The graphics in this game are pretty good they match the arcade game almost perfectly. Yeah the arcade game had some prettier colors and slightly better frame rate. But the SNES version still holds up well over time, in fact you really need to compare them side to side to really see a difference. The SNES version also used mode 7 for some pretty cool effects. Even one of the stages was changed to show off the mode 7 feature and the new stage is actually way more fun than the old one.

The mode3 7 in Neon Night Riders stage

changed into a bonus stage this part of the game is funner then ever
changed into a bonus stage this part of the game is funner then ever


The music in this game is pretty good, the guy who composed the music did a good job to make sure it fit in with the themes from the original show. It’s all really catchy and memorable. The sound effects are pretty good plenty of whack and thwack sounds and a few audio sounds carry over.



The gameplay in this one is fantastic. While it still is a button masher at heart Konami went in rearranged the controls. What we get now is a brawler with smooth controls. In the arcade game Turtles could throw enemies at the screen and perform moves that slam the enemies against the ground. These happen at random and while cool actually took you out of the gameplay. Here they happen if you can get your timing on your combos when you battle the foot soldiers. Pressing with good timing the Y button and forward will toss them, and often times if you hold back just a little bit you will do the slam on the ground. What makes these moves even better is you get extra points for doing them. 3 for throwing them at the screen, and 2 for slamming them on the ground, plus two more if this attack hits more then one of them. 200 points gives you a 1up so figuring out these combos and when and how to use them does make the game easier.

Also different from the arcade game is an extra area where you actually go into the technadrome and fight your way through it. This area is a blast to play with mouser robots, plenty of foot soldiers, an elevator scene and two fun boss fight. Tokka and Rahzar are moved into here (and Rocksteady and Bebop take their place in the pirate level) and there attacks are changed for the better. Tokka spits out ice, Rahzar fire and they can do team attacks this time. However if you knock out one before the other, the last one becomes even more powerful and harder to defeat it’s a fun boss. Then you also have to fight against Shredder in this weird tank machine that can grab you and fire guns at you. You beat it by throwing foot soilders against the screen.

Other boss changes also include having a fight against the rat king in the sewers and he fights on a mechanized boat and he is really fun to beat. They also took out the goo monster you fought in the prehistoric stage and replaced him with Slash the Turtle who is a lot better boss fight. He can block your attacks and do a spin attack similar to Sonic. You have to wait for him to be open before you can combo him. He is a fun boss to beat.

The new bosses in the SNES port are way more fun.

Slash is one tough boss at the end of the prehistoric turtlesarus
Slash is one tough boss at the end of the prehistoric turtlesarus

Finally they replaced the last boss with battle with Super Shredder and he is a lot more fun If you set the difficulty up to the highest amount he can be super hard, but on normal and easy mode he’s pretty easy to take care of. Basically he will flash a color and be invincible while doing it. Then he will do an attack of that color, red throws fire on the ground, blue throws ice in the air, and green he will do a hadoken type attack that shrinks your turtle and cost you a life if he hits you with it. You have to nail him while he is unleashing the attacks, air attacking while is throwing out the fire is a good strategy but going in jumping when he does ice will get you hit. In challenge he goes so fast it’s hard to tell what to do sometimes. Still he’s not cheap or anything and a little luck you will beat him.

I give it a 5 out of 5

5 stars for TMNT turtles in time

Final Recommendation.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Time for the SNES is one of the best brawlers out there and is definitely worth checking out if you have anything that can play SNES games. The improved controls, extra stages, and better boss battles make it stand leagues above the arcade original even if it is toned down a little bit in the graphics department.


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