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The Top Nintendo 3DS Games

Updated on February 1, 2013

What are the best games for Nintendo 3DS? And I want to list top games for Nintendo 3DS which I think best so far. The new Nintendo 3ds is released on March 2011. So I want best killer titles in my Nintendo 3DS games list. At the end I included a poll which you can vote for your best game which is very helpful to others who are searching for titles for their 3DS.

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D

A classic game that feels brilliant and fascinating. The gameplay and story is perfect. The graphics is updated a bit from the past and the soundtrack still remains the same (if you remember).The game offers plenty of quests and replay value.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Even though it doesn’t offer replay value the gameplay is perfect and very fun. The game is rich in color and very charming. The only con of this game is it lacks the 3D at some points of the game.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

The game sacrificed a lot to come the portable console. However it doesn’t lose its perfection. The 2D and 3D difference is less noticeable. The graphics is average but it’s ok. The animations are very good. Overall the game lasts for a long time and deserves a spot in the top 3ds games.

Tales of the Abyss 3DS

The combat system is exceptional and graphics is impressive. The animations and style of the game is very good. The sound is mostly voiced and the music is excellent. The cons of the game are again the 3D and short story that doesn't last for days. But it’s a long adventure that feels very good in my opinion.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Everything from gameplay to sound is excellent and the graphics is gorgeous. It is one of the best graphic games on the system. There are only seven worlds in the game. And the story moves without a lag and it’ll consume your time for a long time.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

The story moves with pace and there are so many unlockables to collect. The graphics is not yet upgraded from previous games. But the gameplay and sound is 90% good. The player can dive into the deep story and can swim plenty of time there.

Zen Pinball 3D Review

Zen pinball offers nothing new except the introduction of the 3D effect. The game can be enjoyed in new visuals and complex happening. If you’re new to pinball or want change from classic pinball then go get Zen pinball 3D. Experience the game in a new style.

Dead or Alive Dimensions 3D

There is no story in this game except fight. And there are some touch controls which are useless in the game. There is a choice for listening in English or Japanese in this game which is helpful but the sound is not that great. And the 3D effect is less used in the game. The pros of this game are best graphics up to date, solid gameplay and replay value which lasts long.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

If you’re played the previous installment of this game before then you certainly know how good that game was. And there is no opinion change in this game too. The game is very well fitted to the puzzle lovers. And the puzzles are tricky and confuse your brain. The game design and music are great and offers lots of fun. And there are characters that are good and unforgettable.

Super Mario 3D Land

There is nothing but say “pure gem”. The game is absolutely brilliant and perfect. The story is plain and simple. The game takes advantage of its 3D capability in full potential. The world looks beautiful on the system. The game designed very creatively and the mixed old and new tracks are memorable. Even a beginner can master the controls without any explanation. The Game starts with easy levels and progress towards extremely hard levels.

In addition I’m listed some other games which are on par with the listed games. And don’t forget to vote for your best game.

My Wish List for 3DS

Beyblade Metal Fusion

Another popular TV show based game. In this game every character has beyblades. Each beyblade has different power structure. There are mainly 3 types of beyblades such as defensive, stamina and attacking type. And each beyblade has different special move. Your goal is to win the ultimate beyblade battle and survive. Beyblade metal fusion is a very good game. It is the best game for boys who are under age of 10. And I like this game. And I think this game will be available for Nintendo 3DS.


The old action packed videogame. Contra is the next game which I want to play on Nintendo 3DS. But I don’t know will this happen? But I surely want to play contra on 3d experience. I mostly like classic games. But also likes new games too. Contra is amazing in my old console. The game play is superb. The background music is the factor which attracted me to contra. I never played it on any console except my old box like console. That’s why contra is still in my memories. Will konami hit the market with this blockbuster hit?


I don’t know we can expect FIFA 14 for Nintendo 3DS. But it is in my list. Because it’s a superb soccer game. I love to play soccer games. I want to play like Messi, Ronaldo in Nintendo 3ds. Since the Nintendo 3ds is in 3D FIFA2014 is a good choice. EA can release FIFA 2014 for Nintendo 3DS? EA's FIFA games are every time upgrading to another new level. And FIFA is the one of the most best selling games in the world. With the market and popularity of Nintendo 3DS in mind EA can release FIFA 2012 for Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Series

Pokemon series are the one of the oldest titles in game history. Pokemon series are the traditional games for Nintendo. So, surely Pokemon will be available for Nintendo 3ds. There's no reason for Nintendo to take this game out of 3DS. Pokemon is a very fun game which is suitable for every type of game players. The gameplay and the characters are excellent. And i want to play this game on Nintendo 3DS all day long. And pokemon platinum is my favorite game. Will this lord of classic game have chance to hit the 3ds

Inazuma Eleven

Pokemon series are the killer titles in Nintendo ds. So we can expect pokemon in Nintendo 3ds too. Pokemon series are the traditional games for Nintendo. So, surely Pokemon will be available for Nintendo 3ds. There's no reason for Nintendo to take this game out of 3DS. Pokemon is the one of the best titles for Nintendo 3ds. Pokemon is a very fun game which is suitable for every type of game players. The gameplay and the characters are excellent. And i want to play this game on Nintendo 3DS all day long. And pokemon platinum is my favourite game.

Naruto games

Naruto games are always about action, adventure and full of suspense. I played this game’s different versions. And at the end of the game a new story will begin and it’ll release as next version of the game. But the stories are different and the gameplay is also different. Naruto games are very popular in Japan. I hope Bandai Namco will release this game for Nintendo 3ds. If not, you are unlucky.

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 5

Am I expecting too much. You think so? Probably my reason is Nintendo is in 3d! And want real action with real action game. GTA 5 will be released in September 2013 (I think). But I don’t know GTA will come to the Nintendo 3ds. Rockstargames is bringing GTA 5 to dominate the gaming market. And if they release GTA 5 to the Nintendo 3ds it’ll become the number one top selling game on market.


I want a scary game title in Nintendo. Firstly I thought about writing silent hill 2. But it’s not that scary all. And it’s really old. So I go after amnesia. I played this game on my pc. It’s really scary. The gameplay is very good. I heard a news that handheld console gaming will end with Nintendo 3ds and NGP. That means no feature gaming console is coming. But we need a really good game title for Nintendo 3ds. That’s why I choose amnesia for Nintendo 3ds.

Final Best Game for Nintendo 3DS

I don't know what it's going to be there is so many left in this position. Metal gear solid, DBZ (Dragon Ball Z), Zelda, Mortal Kombat, Half life 2 (that's too much), Sonic, call of duty and so on are fits this position. Which game I choose for this number one spot of top 10 best Nintendo games? Give me your suggestions and opinions.


The Best Game is ---------------------?

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    • profile image

      MH 5 years ago

      Play the Beyblade 3ds, that is the best one I can think of.