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Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World review: this sequel can't hold a candle to the orginal

Updated on March 17, 2016

Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World title screen

the opening title screen looks good at least.
the opening title screen looks good at least.

my youtube review

A thumb nail I created for a video

Shows my dislike for these two charecters.
Shows my dislike for these two charecters.

Note the video and the screen shots were captured by me using a capture device. The video was edited by me, and the captions to the screen shots were created by me using photoshop.

Now a few months ago I did a review on Tales of Symphonia, now it’s time for me to take a look at Dawn of the New World and its HD upgrade. Now I have stated through some bad photo shop thumb nails that that I did for my channel that I hate this games two main characters. After replaying it after a few years do I still hate Emil and Marta enough to shoot them. Ummm No there no longer the worst bunch of tales characters. Take a bow Sorey from Zestria you boring me to death actually made me appreciate that Emil being an annoyance is still better then you boring me into a coma. With that said this game is still on the bottom end of the Tales series because of its numerable problems both in its story and its gameplay and execution.


Alright it’s an RPG another video filled with spoilers and I do mean spoilers this time people I can pretty wreck the whole thing, in order to find out why this game pisses me off so much I am going to have to pretty much cover the big Shamalyan big twist towards the end and some of the events towards the end of the game has well. But for now just know the game takes place 2 years after the original. Follows a boy named Emil who home and family were destroyed by Lloyd Irving and hates the cast of the original game. When he meets a young girl named Marta who is on the quest to awaken Ratatosk a monster whose job it is to control the world’s weather and who without him the weather is going all out of whack around the world. Emil gets chosen has her protector, gets a 2nd personality to help in battle because he’s a wuss, and the two go out to find a way to wake up Ratatosk, and find new ways to redefine the word annoyance. While I won’t spoil the big twist in this hub I will tell you that the characters annoy me because of this twist. We have Emil is to weak, Ratatosk mode Emil who’s too psychotic, and Marta who’s just every crazy lover stalker cliché in the book. Still there are some good jokes in the skit scenes thought that did have me laughing pretty hard.

Words can't describe how much I hate Marta
Words can't describe how much I hate Marta


I am going to change my format around a little bit and start putting the gameplay section here, people want to know how a game plays so that’s what I am going to talk about first.

And let’s talk what’s wrong with this games gameplay before go on to a few of the things that went right.

Alright after the story opening and finding out that you’re in control of a complete wuss of a video game character for this game you finally decide to set out and investigate a cave nearby because you hear a monster howling. Now it’s oh boy now we can see what this new world Lloyd created in the original game when he merged the two, going out and exploring this over world is going to be tons of fun right.

Yeah no exploration here, just pick from a menu
Yeah no exploration here, just pick from a menu

WHAT THE HELL, OH YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME THIS IS THE OVER WORLD. Yeah that’s right your over world is a main freaking menu. Now I am not joking this is how your going to be traveling around is by selecting something on the menu and then watching the charecters slowly walk or run if you hold down a button to their destination. No exploration, no sense of freedom, it’s a gosh darn menu. And no it’s not like Final Fantasy X-2 where most areas are open to you all the time so you can explore them for side quest just specific ones in which you’re currently on. So exploration is now completely gone. This can only be described has lazy.

Ok so battles and exploration happen in specific dungeons what are they like, well the good news is there pretty fun. Not much different than the last tales games has far has the basic. You got standard moves which refill your TP, arts that use your TP, and Mystic arts that can be done when a certain arte called arcane arts is done and you have a full meter. Again the battle system is pretty fun, there isn’t much customization outside of a simple skills sheet but it works well enough, and yeah simple is often times better then overly complex like the equipment skill set from Zestiria.

But the games problems still leak into the combat system. Ok along the way Emil will have to play Pokemon master, no I am not kidding you will have to catch and train monsters. I don’t know if to say this game uses the system too much or not enough, but it’s a big problem. Ok to catch a monster you have to do something like cast enough arts to match a symbol on the bottom of the screen when you finish off a monster, then say yeah you would like it to join and it’s a 50/50 chance that you catch it after that. It’s confusing and it makes no sense. So now you have monsters in your party that have no dialogue or place in the story, how am I supposed to make a connection with anyone? But don’t worry every episode in the story, and the games story are episodic in nature will throw another character from the original game into your party. These guys are always super buffed up so you want them in your party. But here’s the thing you can’t customize them, no way to change their arts, armor, or even titles. Nor can you even level them up when there presented to you and you put them in their party because they gain no exp. That’s right they put the original characters in your group and then tell you to play Pokemon rather than use these people in battle. I play this game to catch up with these people and use them in combat again, not a freaking Pokémon.

But oh you will want to put these in the groups. The monsters can’t use items and to make matters worse if Emil and Marta fall in battle it’s game over regardless if you have monster still up and running so yeah I am screwed if I don’t put the Tales character who I can’t level up or customize in my party, but risk end up ignoring the monsters I caught completely if I don’t put them in. And yes it is important that you spend some time leveling up and evolving these monsters if you don’t you’re going to run across a very hard boss fight in the final dungeon in which you will be force to use the monsters and if you’re not prepared you will get your ass handed to you. That’s right it’s a damn if you do, damn if you don’t and the monster and Pokemon thing doesn’t fit the tales universe. Don’t get me wrong I like Pokemon it’s a huge game and one that you can spend hundreds of hours getting invested in; it just doesn’t work here at all.

One final thing to say that the PS3 version does have better controls the then the wii version. Yeah this was a wii game and Namco decided to cram wii features into it weather the game needed or not. The only feature it really had was pointing in certain sections to use the sorcery ring, and because of that I couldn’t hook up my game cube controller or classic controller to play it. The PS3 now allows the player to use a regular more comfortable controller and I can press down a button and use the analog stick to aim my sorcerer’s ring it works so much better than the motion controls.

The PS3 replaces motion controls with just duel analog sticks

But it's more comfortable then holding a wii remote and nunchuck.
But it's more comfortable then holding a wii remote and nunchuck.

So my thoughts on the gameplay is that while it’s not the worst RPG I have ever played it comes close to being a terrible one and it is probably one of the worst I have seen in the Tales franchises. Granted I haven’t played any of the PS1 games nor do I import but for me it’s one of the worst.


Well it’s an HD upgrade how did they do with it, umm not very well in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong they manage to get rid of some of the jaggy edges and smooth out the looks. But Tales games are supposed to be bright, the colors in this one look wash out and don’t look half has good has the colors from the original game. Yeah it seems like Namco Bandai knew this one wouldn’t be played has much so didn’t quite make an effort into restoring the game to top quality. Again it just reinforces the laziness in this game just by its looks. Yeah the character designs are better but I just can’t get over some of the drab color

original SD version

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii

HD version

on the PS3 I can't tell much of a difference the colors are so wash out in this HD upgrade that it looks terrible.
on the PS3 I can't tell much of a difference the colors are so wash out in this HD upgrade that it looks terrible.


The music in this game is pretty good and yeah barrows a few tracks from the orginal game but when the original game music was has good has it was I don’t mind.

The voice acting has far has the actors goes is pretty good. We’re talking about Jonny Yong Bosch and Laura Baily being the two leads. Bosch has played roles on Trigun, Bleach, and many other shows and is consider by some to be the best voice over artist in the industry. And I can’t think of anyone else who could do the change in personality that Emil goes through so well. Laura Baily has Full Metal Alchemist, Street Fighter 4, and Soul Eater on her belt. No I hate these characters because they annoy me. What’s hit and miss is actually the voices of the returning members. Only Collete keeps her original actor all of the others have been replace. And most of them do a good job no complaints about Regal, Raine, Genis, or Sheena. The main problems comes with Lloyd, yeah let’s face it we all remember Scott Mccneville doing the voice of Lloyd in the original game, now he has a radically new voice, and not helping is Lloyds shift in personality in the story. Yeah I has I mention he destroyed Emils home town and murder his parents, with the new attitude, new voice it’s really hard to connect that this character is the same has the original and it just pulls us out of the story even more.

I give Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New Worlds

2 stars for 2 out of 5

Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the new world HD can be found in the tales of symphonia collection

Final Recommendation.

In the end Tales of Symphonia 2 Dawn of the New World is a pretty hit and miss game. the characters do have some of the charm that Tales series is known for’ but they also annoy the hell out of me. The games combat is still fun but then they jam in the monsters and leave the whole system kind of unbalance. And the worst part is they took out the exploration elements, yeah I may prefer this game story over Zestiria but Zestiria beats this game in every area especially the exploration part. I give Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World 2 out of 5. Is it worth playing well I wouldn’t buy it on its own but if you get the PS3 collection and love the original you might find some fun and charm in this game, but if not stay the heck away.

which is worst Zestiria or Dawn of the new world

Which is the worst game Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World or Tales of Zestiria.

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