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Tamagotchi Party On for Nintendo Wii

Updated on September 17, 2007

Game Review

Many may consider this game kiddish and/or boring. Well, it is pretty kiddish, but even I still really enjoyed this game surprising myself and I am almost 20. The most likely age group that will enjoy this game, however, is probably grade school kids. The appeal probably also leans more towards females. The graphics are not amazing wow graphics, but they are pretty good.

The gameplay of this game can be best categorized as a board game party style kind of like you see in Shrek Super Party and the Mario Party series. The main objective to win the board game is to gain popularity in order to win the election. You can choose a variety of game lengths in 30 minute increments based on the number of elections held before the overall winner wins. The game can be played by one player or up to 4 human players. If you do not have 4 human players, then the other players will be computer players of the difficulty level you choose.

If you land on the right squares, you get to play a mini game or a Tamagotchi selection game. One of the mini games is shaking hands and it is fun with you moving the Wiimote up and down like shaking hands in real life. The selection games are like the dessert one in which a dessert floats across the screen quickly. Then three options appear and you have to use the arrows to select the one that had just floated across the screen.

My favorite part of this game is how you roll the dice by using the Wiimote like a gavel. For some reason this is just very fun to do.

Overall I found this game very enjoyable to play by myself against the computer and I imagine it would be a fun party game to play for a game night or sleepover.


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