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Tank Trouble SWF - an online war-based gun game

Updated on June 30, 2016

Now-a-days many people want to play war-based game to know more about war techniques. War-based games help them to set their strategy at their working place to reach their targeted area. It also helps them to develop the decision making capability. Some websites offer some amazing and thrilling war-based gun games.

Tank Trouble SWF is an online war-based gun game. This game offers ecstasy and entertainment to its players. It can be easily loaded in web browser within a few seconds. High bandwidth or excellent Internet connection is not required to play this game. Players can simply play this game with any Internet speed. In this war-based game, two or more tanks try to demolish each other. Like other war-based games, this game is very addicting and amazing. It's interface is user friendly. It is easy to understand and play this game.

Instructions of the game: As you start to play the game, a circle labyrinth will appear on the screen. You will have to be in a circle labyrinth to destroy your enemy tanks. As a player, if you stay outside of a circle labyrinth, you will fail to fire gun shots. In this game, gun shots will come from different markings. That's why, it will be difficult for you to identify shots while playing the game. You have to be very careful about bombs because they can also destroy your tank. In this game, you can use an electrical beam to damage your enemy's tanks. You can get electrical beam when you find the super symbol. This will occur randomly at different levels.

Controls of the game: Both the single and multi-players can play this game. If only you want to play this game, then a robot dog will appear on the screen which will be your enemy. This robot dog will be controlled by the computer. It will protect itself from you to keep up the tempo of the game. You will get a fun experience to play with this robot dog. The game will automatically shift from the simple levels to the difficult levels as the game progresses. If you want to play this game with your friends, then each of them has to use individual keyboard to control the game. Two or three players can play and enjoy this game at the same time on the same computer by throwing bombs. They have to fight against each-other. As the game progresses, some special weapons will be displayed on the screen. These special weapons can be used by the player who can collect them at first.

As a writer and player of this game, I recommend all readers to play this game in your leisure time to get huge fun. It will help you to be refreshed.


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