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Tank shortage on World of Warcraft

Updated on March 9, 2013

Where are all the tanks?

 If you play World of Warcraft, something has become very clear as of late.  There are no tanks.  Heroic dungeon queues are averaging 25-45 minutes for dps and even healers are feeling up to a 15 minute wait time.  So what happened.  I mean true, as dps, I have learned to wait in the Random Dungeon Guide, but goodness I think this is going to far.  It is affecting the enjoyability of the game in my opinion.  Unless you are ready to give a couple of hours to this video game at one time, I fear you may never see the first Valor point.

So where did all of the tanks go, we didn't have this problem as bad before Cataclysm.  Why are the tanks not tanking, what is going on? 


What can you do?

There are a few ways to get your game experience back and maybe improve it.  You may not be able to stop these crazy que times through Dungeon Finder, but maybe you can slide around it a bit.

1.  Join a guild, a big one.  Not only is it a better chance of getting guild runs with no wait time if you have a tank on hand, but you also get nice boosts through the new Guild Rewards.  Larger guild are going to have more people that want to do things, thus in theory more chance of runs.

2.  Many of my fellow guildies have actually switched servers.  I play on Blackhand and the queues are crazy long there, however Mt. Hyjal is tank heavy and queues run no long than 15 minutes for dps.  Wait times for healers is minutes, if that.

3.  Make a tank!  That simple.  You will have no wait times and basically run things.  Dps have waited 40 minutes for your presence, I have found you can get away with a lot more manner wise.  You will also be helping your fellow Wow heads, so how great is that?

Do something Blizz!

 I ask Blizzard, why can you not do anything?  I suggest giving extra loot to tanks for completing random dungeons through the Guide.  Maybe give people that are leveling tanks an extra 5-10 percent experience boost to give more incentive to make one.  On completion of an 85 heroic maybe a BOA mount.  I don't know, just some suggestions, but please get some more tanks!  Something needs to change and the only way to change anything is by the consumer.  Try dropping a line to Blizz with your suggestions to the tank drought.


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