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Tanzanite Necklace - Finding the Perfect Tanzanite Necklace and What You Need to Know About Tanzanite

Updated on April 2, 2015

Why Tanzanite for Necklaces?

Tanzanite is a precious gem that is a stunning bright blue color, sharp and lovely, and it can make blue and brown eyes pop, and looks especially flattering against fair to medium skin tones.

Depending on how the individual crystals in tanzanite align themselves during the creation process, deep in the ground.

Tanzanite is very rare, and found almost only in the Tanzania region, hence its name.

One of the best things about tanzanite, however, is that it often has no eye-visible flaws, which means a person with normal vision sees a flawless gem when they look at most tanzanite gemstones.

There is a wide range of colors that tanzanite can naturally occur in, and a tanzanite necklace may range from dark blue to light purple, to violet, to a deep, purplish red.

There is a grading system in place that judges the gems by their hues, which, after going through the normal heat treatment, refract light into purple and blue wavelengths.

Cate Blanchett wearing a long tanzanite necklace.
Cate Blanchett wearing a long tanzanite necklace.

How to Find the Perfect Tanzanite Necklace

Are you looking around for the perfect tanzanite necklace for you? Tanzanite jewelry is reasonably expensive because it is so rare, but almost all gems that are mined are high-quality specimens that appear flawless to the naked eye, so you will be getting a very attractive precious gem for the price.

Be careful that you're not looking at a tanzanique necklace, which in basic appearance looks similar to the precious gems, but in reality is lab-created from a slightly different crystal structure. The result is that tanzanique necklaces don't reflect different colors from different angles like tanzanite does, thus giving the manufactured gemstone a much less sparkling and "magical" appearance.

Another tanzanite knockoff are new developments in man-made cubic zirconia, which can replicate certain color varieties of tanzanite, including the light blue and lavender hues, and also a deep purply blue. Suffice it to say, cubic zirconia replicas of tanzanite cannot reproduce the luminosity, clarity, and color range of the true precious gems found in a tanzanite necklace.

Diamond tanzanite necklace
Diamond tanzanite necklace

The Future of Tanzanite

Tanzanite has exploded in popularity among jewelry aficionados and gem collectors in the past couple of decades, with prices for the raw, uncut gems especially skyrocketing in market price.

Almost all commercial available tanzanite gems are heat-treated to improve and seal in their color, though there are a small percentage of the jewels that are mined very close to the earth's surface that are not heat-treated.

Increasingly, commercially sold tanzanite, whether in jewelry or available in loose gems form, is being sealed by the jewel cutters in a thin, clear layer of varnish-like liquid that also improves the quality and the vibrancy of the gem's color.


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    • lifedancer profile image


      8 years ago from California

      Do you know what this liquid coating is? There was a scandal about treated small stones that were discovered to have a difficult to detect coating to deepen the color or light stones. It was found on some larger stones, too.


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