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Tattoo Barbie - A Step Too Far?

Updated on November 14, 2011

Tattoo Barbie

Barbie has been around for over 50 years and many children have enjoyed having a barbie doll to play with along with the accouterments that go with barbie, whether that be the ranch, the kitchen etc. Kids have also always found it fun to dress up Barbie in the many outfits that she has on offer.

However, what seems like a bid to move with the times there have been two new Barbie editions released in the last few years that gave Barbie tattoos. The original tattoo Barbie (Totally Stylin' Tattoos Barbie) was released in 2009 and she had stick on tattoos - at the time this caused a bit of a fuss as parents were obviously not keen to instill in their children that tattoos were a good thing to have. However, at least those ones were removable.

Now, in 2011, there is a new Barbie that has inked on tattoos and parents everywhere are holding their heads in their hands and saying 'what next?' The doll is a special edition one that was designed by Tokidoki, which is a Milan fashion house with a penchant for Japanese Anime. So really for a price tag of around $50 it is not actually designed for the kids toy market, but more for collectors. When has that ever stopped the kids from wanting anything though?

Along with her permanent, inked on tattoos, this barbie also has pink hair and a dog called Bastardino (*shakes head and also thinks what next*).

The Tokidoki Barbie was sold out but you can get hold of it on Amazon or eBay
The Tokidoki Barbie was sold out but you can get hold of it on Amazon or eBay | Source

Is Tattoo Barbie a Step Too Far?

So, the question is, is this tattooed Barbie just a sign of the times or is it a step too far? Should we be protecting our kids more from growing up too fast or should we be moving with the times and accepting what life is like in the 21st century?

I guess a lot of it depends on how you were brought up and also if you think that things like dolls do in fact influence our children's way of thinking?

Do you think that having a Tokidoki Barbie doll or even the earlier version with the stick on tattoos would make your child want a tattoo?

Tattoo Barbie Poll

Is Tattoo Barbie a Step Too Far?

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Tattoo Barbie - Sold Out?

So only a limited number of the tattoo Barbie dolls have been made (over 7,000) as it is a limited edition collectors doll. It seems that these dolls were sold out very quickly with collectors trying to get their hands on one when they were first released.

However, it does seem that now there is more availability, whether this is from those who are selling on the dolls or from retailers who bought in bulk, and you can get hold of the tattoo Barbie on both Amazon and eBay - see listings below for information.

Totally Stylin' Tattoo Barbie

So if your kids have heard about the new Barbie with the inked on tattoos and want one, but obviously the price is a bit on the high side. And if you don't see any problem in them having a tattooed barbie doll then maybe the best bet is to get hold of the Totally Stylin' Barbie who has removable stick on tattoos.

Check out what is available here:


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    • Azure11 profile imageAUTHOR

      Marian L 

      6 years ago from UK

      Thanks Cogerson, I wonder though if they are allowed to make any more after the initial run if they have stated that is all they will make, and also if the prices have been driven up by the limited edition there would likely be some people which would be very upset if they paid a lot, but who knows!

      Thanks, yes, am making progress slowly on my goals, down slightly this month from last as I did well on the Halloween costumes in October :-)

    • Cogerson profile image


      6 years ago from Virginia

      Wow I was not aware of Tattoo Barbie....I am sure the first batch was 7,000 but if they sold out I am sure they could find a way to produce some more Tattoo Barbies...voted up and interesting.

      Checking out your profile it looks like you have started to make some progress on your goals...congrats on that.

    • AngeLife profile image


      6 years ago from Almost Heaven

      I've always thought tattoos were vulgar displays, or at least a masculine thing to have. My sister has one on her butt that doesn't show through clothing - that I can understand. But tattoos 'in sight' are tacky, IMO. Lots of women get tattoos, but not on their necks. I don't get the point of this Barbie, other than to create a sensation for collectors, not as a doll marketed to the mainstream buyer. I wouldn't buy it for my child at any age.

    • Azure11 profile imageAUTHOR

      Marian L 

      6 years ago from UK

      Thanks bbg. Good point about parents being examples. I have a tattoo also so how can I talk? Yes, I think we just have to hope that we have raised kids that are sensible enough to make the right decisions on their own.

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 

      6 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      My husband and I always go back and forth. He says he can't complain if the kids get tattoos because he has 4 of them (being that they are 18 and of legal age.) I can't say anything about piercings because I have had my nose, belly button and ears done. So, I guess we just have to see what kind of kids we can raise. However, Tattoo Barbie is just another fad. It really is no different then seeing the holiday ones that come out every year.

      Interesting hub. I have to say - I didn't realize there was a tattooed version of barbie!

    • Azure11 profile imageAUTHOR

      Marian L 

      6 years ago from UK

      Good points PW. Hopefully it is the parents that will choose and I like what you say about using the different versions as a kind of teaching aid for children. I guess we do have to move with the times and maybe in a few years this will seem like nothing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Barbie is one of those American icons that will metamorphose with the times and is ripe for parody (e.g., 50th anniversary "Cougar Barbie") .

      The original B is still available so mothers don't need to fret. But I think the manufacturers of this toy will always create versions that reflect the times, even if only to offer a limited edition for collectors like they did with Tattoo Barbie. I, for one, was happy that there were brown-skinned Barbies available to give my daughter, so I think this kind of variety is nice to have.

      Bottom line, it's the parents' decision as to which versions they want their children to have. And they can serve as "teaching moments" to instill whatever values parents want their children to have.

    • ThelmaC profile image

      Thelma Raker Coffone 

      6 years ago from Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

      All I can say is, "What's next"???

    • Azure11 profile imageAUTHOR

      Marian L 

      6 years ago from UK

      yes, I think that I agree with you both - Barbie should possibly be left as she was supposed to be - the all-American girl. maybe this kind of thing should have been incorporated in a new doll rather than changing the face of something established and existing. I guess times are changing and if we look back to when we were growing up there would have been things that our parents would think were wrong but that are now accepted as normal. It is just the sad state of the world that we are living in that children are now pretty much exposed to all the bad things in life and allowed to grow up too quickly. Thanks for your comments ladies.

    • celebritie profile image


      6 years ago

      I agree with Jenubouka that I like Barbie as she was originally intended to be and although I love fashion and celebrities as well as modern accessories such as body art and piercings I think that have a barbie with tattoos is sending the wrong message to little girls.

      Kids are very impressionable and even if you try to argue that the parents need to set the example, most children do not listen or follow what their parents say but instead they want to be like who they see on TV or listen to on the radio.

      Its just consumerism at its worst.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      That's a tough question, coming from a tattooed person. I loved Barbie as a child and drew tattoos on her, (my mom had them), but though I do not think it is bad to have "alternative" dolls I don't know how well I sit with Barbie doing it. I know that's cliche but Barbie has always been the all American doll, and with other markets competing with the Barbie brand, may feel a little cheated out of their market.

      Then again you are right, these times are a changin' Let Barbie grip her wild side, and instead of the pink Corvette there will be a pink hog. Now that is a best seller!


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