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Team Fortress 2: Know your class role.

Updated on March 3, 2012

Team Fortress 2

There are a variety of classes to play in the Free to Play (from Steam) Team Fortress 2. Each class has it's own strength and it's own weakness, this guide will help show you what your responsibility is for each class in the game. This guide is for new players to the game.

The Demoman

Its your job to restrict the enemy from locations and destroy enemy constructs. Good class for defensive players and offensive player's alike. With the Scottish Resistance the demoman become's more of a defensive class.

-Places stickies on certain key locations to restrict the access or defend locations.

-Pill attacks. Or the default grenade launcher is used to spam locations and destroy the enemy. This class is good at taking out enemy constructs or in a pinch clearing out entire rooms. The grenade launcher allows for the Demoman to shoot blindly around corners.

The Engineer

It's this classes job to be support. Aid friendly players by erecting teleporters for fast transport, dispensers for healing and ammo and sentries to guard locations.

-A teleporter is the first construction that an engineer should build for his team. Allowing for fast transport to the battlefield can make or break a battle. This should be the main concern of an engineer.

-Sentry's are great for guarding area's and can be used to protect the constructs or as more of an offensive weapon to guard dangerous locations. Combined with the wrangler an engineer can become more of an offensive type class.

-Engineer's should stay near their sentries to repair/replenish the ammo. But if the engineer has the Pomson 6000 they might consider leaving their sentries to hunt medic. The Pomson 6000 reduces a medic's charge and decreases a spies cloak time, and thus it can be very useful for stopping a push. Note: I've gotten man kills by shooting a medic who is ready to deploy an uber and suddenly finds themselves lacking an uber charge.

The Heavy

This class is definitely an offensive class. These slow moving death machines are responsible for pushing forward the battle line. If your on a payload map, you should be on the cart. Your objective is the murder the enemy players, this class works best when guarded by other players.

-This class has the potential to be a VERY good defensive player. Simple park yourself near an engineer's dispenser and hold down the fire button. Even if you are near a sentry you will be much more effective then the sentry. Brass Beast is a good defensive weapon

The Medic

This is about as much of a support class as you can get. It's your job to heal players; and not just to full health but by overhealing friendly players you can give them a much needed advantage of extra life. It's your job to be in the thicket of battle.

-Uber charge friendly players to wipe out constructs and large groups of baddies.

-Kritz player's to wipe out large groups of players (Kritz does NOT work on constructs)

-The Quick Fix is nice for healing up the entire team real fast but doesn't overheal or provide a very useful Quick Fix Charge. This severely limits this weapon's usefulness. I found it's good to go Quick Fix when there is just seconds left on the clock and their is no time to build up a useful charge.

*Its not the medic job to play Battle Medic and try to get as many kills as possible. As a medic you lack offensive ability and you can do much more damage by healing a offensive class.

*Spread the heels, Don't just heal one target. If the battle has slowed down and a friendly player near you is low on life. Switch targets.

The Pyro

This is an offensive class that should try to fill one role...the spy checker. Friendly fire is off, so if a friendly player get lit of fire by you, it's a spy. Kill it.

-Run around rooms, check in corners and randomly shoot flames. Find cloaked spies and once you find them, keep burning them until they die. Beware of spies dying too fast because this could mean they are a Dead Ringer and thus only pretending to be dead.

-Air Blast-the second job of a pyro is to airblast. A key location near a cliff? Air blast bad guys off the cliff. An uber coming in to destroy your team's constructs? Air blast them into the air and reduce there combat effectiveness. Air blast can be used to put out player's who are on fire, do this an your team will love you.

Although the jobs of the pyro seem simple many people ignore their job responsibility and just run off. While running off means finding the enemies and lighting them on fire, it can also mean that your engineer finally decides he has had enough of spies and switches classes. Leaving you and your entire team to run halfway across the map to get to the battlefield.

The Scout

This weak and low hit point'ed class is an offensive class. It's their job to scout the battlefield and pick off stragglers. This class can also cap a point twice as fast as any single class.

-The Sandman allows for you to stun enemies (even Ubers) which can quickly change the course of a battle.

-A scout should also report enemy locations. (GET A MICROPHONE-these are cheap) Sentrys? Teleporters? Spies? Heavy Medic Combo?

*Most rounds only need 1 scout, if other player's are picking the scout class consider switching to something more useful. Their low life makes them a situationally useful class.

The Sniper

Support Class. This class is responsible for making sure that no heavies, medic, or other snipers are on the map. A good sniper is a living HELL for a heavy.

-Also during big pushes a good sniper carries Jarate on them. See a group of baddies bunches up, JARATE. 10 seconds of mini-crits. Also when spies are in the area a good sniper will throw their Jarate to help find those cloak and dagger menaces.

-The top priority for a sniper should be...other snipers-medics-heavy....

-If you cannot get a head shot, body shot them. You'll be surprised at how many times this kills people.

*This support class is less useful unless in the hands of an expert. If you see too many snipers on your team (more then 1) consider playing another class.

The soldier

A truly good soldier absolutely wrecks, this class is an offensive class. These classes should try to stick near offensive playing heavies. For more of a teamwork strategy equip buff items. After a certain amount of damage done to you (or by you) you can give your teammates a much needed buff (and you get assist kills for anyone they kill during this time).

-Get good at Rocket Jumping.

The Spy

This class screams support. It's your job to take out some of the harder to kill classes and to destroy enemy constructs.

-The number one priority of a spy should be....

1 A Fully Charged Up Medic-if you see a medic with electrical fireworks coming out of hishealgun. These charges have devastating effects on players.

2 Teleporters-Slowing down the enemy mean's your team's battle will be easier due to less troops.

3 Medic-Why two spots? Because a normal medic while good is less important then taking out a teleporter. But still very important.

4. Good Snipers-most snipers are not very good (this isn't COD) and can for the most part be ignored but a good sniper can wreck.

5. Heavies-Heavy can take and cause a lot of damage. But they are slower moving and easier to hit.

6. Engineer that are carrying something. Sometimes engineers will build a level 3 construct and move it. If you kill them you could be wiping out a level 3 sentry and an engineer with one backstab.

And after that it's whatever the spy finds. But the priority list is good for spies that know they can only take down one or two targets before they are killed. Obviously if you think you can take out more go for it. And this list is situational. If a Kritz heavy is in a base it might be easier to take out the slow moving heavy then it is to take out a medic who is jumping around.

*A good spy plays the class very offensively. Run into battle, be in the thick of the war and stab your enemies when the time is right. Don't worry about dying. A good tactic I use a lot is to sap a sentry nest then whip out my enforcer to kill the engineer. This tactic gives away your position and usually gets me killed but I end up taking out a sentry nest, teleporter, dispenser and engineer all in one go.

Team Makeup

In Team Fortress 2, a truly good player is not just good with one class but several. Sometimes it's useful to switch classes to help out the team. Teams need at least one heavy, medic, engineer and pyro. Try to have more offensive classes then support unless your an engineer. Engineer's are the one class that it's good to have more support then offensive, just don't go overboard you still need at least one of each of those four classes.

For the spies, snipers, scouts and engineers

On payload maps if you are on offensive (pushing the cart) consider playing heavy, medic or pyro the first life. Once you die switch back to your class. But starting a round like this can severely cripple the enemy players and give you a nice boost in points.

Everyone's unwritten job.

I went over what each class is responsible for but what I haven't gone over it what every class is responsible for.

-Upgrading Engineer buildings. If you have just respawned and find the teleporter beginning to be sapped or needing to be upgrade, upgrade or repair it. It will only take seconds away from your play time and drastically help out your team.

-Kill spies. If a pyro lights a spy on fire. Its the job of everyone that is not taking damage to ensure that that spy is dead. You don't need a spy that got away to stab you from behind because you were careless.

-Fill the gap. Sure you might love playing sniper or spies but your team really needs an engineer or heavy. Switch classes for the good of the team. A good engineer, heavy, medic or pyro gets more points then most snipers and spies.

-Know the map. I cannot tell you how many times players do not know the map properly. They don't know shortcuts that can take minutes off there running time.


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