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Where to buy Nerf Guns online.

Updated on October 07, 2011

What is Nerf?

I walked into my house last week and was assailed by two teenagers holding powerful dart throwing weapons – after the initial shock subsided, and my curiosity became piqued, I found out that the latest trend for ‘friendly’ games between teenagers was Nerf Gun Wars.

Nerf (trademarked as NERF) is a toy that shoots foam bullets and is safe to play indoors or outdoors. While the Nerf gun was introduced in the 80s, it’s shown a large resurgence recently amongst teenagers and there are many different Nerf toys ranging from dart guns and swords and even going into the realms of football and basketball.

They always feature bright colors, and highlight safety while empowering the player to have a lot of fun.

What is Nerf made of?

Nerf products are made from a solid spongy material that is a combination of polyester, discoyanate …..hmmm do you really want to know the technical stuff – if so  go to Wikipedia!  Essentially it’s a foamy spongy material that is very soft, but keeps its form even after being ‘battered’, ‘shot’ etc. It’s an ideal substance to make contact sports playable indoors.

Nerf Guns

I knew of Nerf toys a long time ago but I never experienced the wonders of Nerf Guns. While I grew up with toy guns, there never really was a large choice and you often settled for a pistol or a pretend machine gun.

Now you have a huge choice; not only do you have shotguns, machine guns, single shooters etc, but the guns actually operate like their real counterparts. The shotgun’s action is similar to a real shotgun, and now you have a whole bunch of guns with cartridges that allow you to fire dozens of shots without reloading.

What I was surprised at, once I managed to wrestle one of these guns away from my daughter, was the accuracy! I was able to hit a target at fifty feet, and this amazed me – normally in my experience, anything over five feet wasn’t really a viable target. As I began ducking and weaving, and hiding behind couches, I found that I could pick off my daughter whenever I wanted to, much to her displeasure – of course, this was all in the cause of research for this article!

Suffice to say, I am surprised at how many Nerf guns are available – you should be aware that there are guns made by different companies, and not all ‘bullets’ work in all guns – the same goes for some of the guns from the same company – so be prepared to spend extra money on ammunition!

My favorite weapon is the Deploy CS-6 blaster – it’s a pump handle blaster that also converts into a flash lamp.Iit comes with a carry strap, one quick-reload clip, six Clip-System darts and instructions.

Nerf Capture the Flag

I’ve played capture the flag in many different ways: tag, paintball and computer game.  This set comes with a cool electronic flag that sets of an alarm when it is moved – the included blasters are pretty decent and this basic set lets you setup a game for two with one flag – of course, that’s not enough for a full game, but get your buddies to buy their own blasters and one more set and you’ll soon have a fun game of capture the flag going on – it’s safe, fun to play and provides some real exercise.

This set comes with 1 electronic flag, 2 blasters, 6 tag darts, 2 scoring vest, 2 sets of eyewear and instructions. You will have to provide 3 AAA batteries.

Nerf Swords and Axes

I was a little surprised when I was stalking my daughter with my blaster and she jumped me with a double bladed axe – she pounded the living daylights out of me! These swords and axes are ideal for close combat, and while they do provide quite a bit of ‘force’ they are padded with Nerf foam and don’t do too much damage. They are sturdy and well made, and generally won’t break under most conditions.

They add a great element to games like capture the flag.

Nerf Balls and Sports

These handy sports balls are ideal for playing games indoors, and while they are solid, the Nerf foam does provide a lot of protection. They add a lot of fun to traditional games, and as they are resistant to rain, they also allow for playing these sports in the most extreme weather conditions.

Nerf for the Wii

Got no friends to play Nerf with? Don’t worry – this Wii game allows you to take the action to a virtual world allowing you to navigate landscapes and practice your blasting skills in single player or multi-player modes. However, should your friends suddenly turn up and ambush you, this handy blaster can be transformed into a blaster that fires real Nerf darts – you have the best of both worlds!



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    • profile image

      mystery 6 years ago

      really cool article i am an 11 year old looking to buy nerf guns when i stumbled upon this i allready have the nerf maverick recon cs6 and magstrike but i found this quite helpful not only as the buyer but to persuade my parents that nerf is safe but anyway really cool article thankPr

    • profile image

      the reaper of nerf o_O 6 years ago

      i found this article interesting but i do have to brag that im getting a clear maveric tomorrow(from when this comment is posted at 13/10/10)and with my b-day money i shal get the clear raider and clear nite finder but i live in australia so i cant get the axes and swords :(

    • cpa profile image

      cpa 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      My son is going to appreciate that I read this. Voted up !

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