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Teeth of Time Minecraft Ruins Generator / World Decay Tool

Updated on June 18, 2011
For more Minecraft tools, visit:
For more Minecraft tools, visit: | Source

I've started to have a great fondness for tools over mods lately. Why? Because tools are stand alone programs that don't require me to go into the minecraft .jar for the fiftieth time that day and tools don't conflict with the HD texture patcher and make the sides of blocks go awry in horrible ways and tools don't (often) conflict with other tools and tools don't cause worlds to break when Minecraft updates and, well, you get the idea.

The Teeth of Time Minecraft tool is an interesting tool that takes an existing world and applies the effects of time and decay to it. It's designed to create realistic ruins and other types of aged structures and generally give your Minecraft world a bit of a sense of history. The tool ages blocks (turns cobblestone into mossy cobblestone), topples blocks and knocks down unsupported structures. This is not the tool to use if you've built a large bridge with few supports alone the way. The effects are not applied universally, rather in a higgeldy piggeldy sort of way designed to emulate the actual destructive effects of time.

In a spirit of self sacrifice, I used it on one of my worlds and structures so you could see what it did before you unleashed it on your world. Keep in mind, this tool is still in early alpha, but it's one of the more interesting tools I've come across and I couldn't resist giving it a go.

The interface is a simple DOS style window. That's fairly common for this kind of tool. It's simple enough to use, when you open the tool it will provide you with a list of worlds in your saves folder and ask which of them you want to be aged. Type the name of the world you want aged into the command line, press enter, then sit around and wait for a while whilst unspeakable horrors are unleashed on your world.

So what are the effects like? Well I'd call them fairly severe. You can check them out for yourself in the series of before and after shots I made below. It's going to take quite a great deal of rebuilding to make this structure anything other than a hulking pile of rubble with bits of fence sticking out of it.

This is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to really shake up their world, though if you have any structures you're particularly attached to, I'd steer clear of it. The effects are far reaching and don't seem to have any respect for craftsmanship or artisanry or even the motivation it takes to be bothered stacking pixels in pleasing patterns.

Download The Teeth of Time Minecraft Ruins Generator


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