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Telltale's The Walking Dead - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Major Choices and Stats

Updated on June 18, 2016
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I have been gaming since I got my first PC at 8 years old. Now I review games, make lists, and explore fantasy worlds.

The Walking Dead is an episodic interactive drama graphic adventure video game and in this article I want to discuss the major choices of the 1st Episode of Season 1.

The stats are taken directly from the game and they are comprised of the choices of all the players that finished that respective episode.

At the end of each episode, you get a stats screen which shows you what you chose and what percentage of players took the same choice as you did. This is quite interesting and I would like to break down each and every choice.


I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but it is inevitable to not spoil story elements when we are discussing major choices. Please close the page if you do not want story spoilers.

Lied to Hershel?

This is the first choice that is included in the list and it refers to the moment Hershel asks more information about you.

You can either choose to be truthful and disclose details about your dark past or you can lie, making him suspicious about you.

I chose to be honest because in that situation, I would have liked to have him as an ally due to his medical knowledge and due to the fact that he allowed us to sleep in his barn.

On the other hand I can see why people would chose to lie. It is the apocalypse and you can not trust anyone anymore, thus lying about yourself can prove to be an advantage in case something goes south.

Who would you save?

This moment surprises you with a very though decision, would you save Duck or Shawn.

Duck is a child while Shawn is a young adult, you just met both of them, what does your gut say.

It seems that for me and 49% of the players, it was more important to save the child while 51% chose to save Shawn.

I chose to save the child, even though he is annoying (that is the way the character is made) and kind of a dim-wit but he is still a child and I could not let him die.

On the other hand, saving Shawn is a more practical decision since a young adult like him can help you survive the apocalypse. He is strong and healthy, handy with tools and with a head full of ideas.

In my opinion, the choice to save Shawn is purely objective while choosing to save Duck is purely emotional.


This choice can be made when Kenny (the father of Duck) has an argument with a big muscly old guy they just met.

48% of players chose to side with Kenny, because he offered you and Clementine a ride and also a place on his boat. I went with this choice because he had a kid, I had a kid and we both wanted to protect people dear to us and so sticking together was the best choice I could make.

52% of the players sided with the other guy, named Larry. He was a big guy, even though he was old, he still had muscles and was quite powerful. Making this decision would be the best decision if we're thinking objectively about this. He was big and strong, capable of protecting others. His daughter served in the special forces and was capable of taking tough decisions. I can see why some would choose Larry over Kenny.


This decision is quite interesting as it is also a common theme of discussion in our current society.

You meet a lady named Irene, she was infected and all she wanted was the gun you had so she could go out on her own terms.

I chose to give her the gun because she was miserable and she did not want to turn into a zombie. One bullet isn't too big of a deal and I see it as an act of mercy since she begs you to help her end it on her own terms.

55% of the players chose to not give her the gun which I can not understand fully but I guess I can see their point. They did not want to help someone kill themselves even though she was going to turn into a zombie.

This relates to assisted suicides in our society. Whether it should be legal or not for terminally ill patients. I think it should be legal and it reflects in my choice but that is just my humble opinion.

Who would you save?

This is the final decision and you have to decide who survives.

You can either save Doug, a dorky lovable guy that has a knack for technology or you can save Carley, an honest journalist that knows how to shoot a gun.

This is the only decision with such a big disparity between the two choices.

76% of players chose to save Carley. Maybe it is because most gamers are men and they would save the woman or because she knew how to shoot a gun.

In the heat of the moment, when I had a couple of seconds to make my decision, my instinct was to save her so she could save Doug with her gun. That was my instinct.

I would like to know the reasoning behind your decision here as I am quite curious how other players made their choice here.


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