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Temple Run 2 review - Free endless running game for Android / iOS

Updated on December 10, 2013


The huge success of Temple Run would quickly generate new and profitable "fruits" for the developer Imangi. Following the natural flow of things, the game has received some special editions like Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz The Great and Powerful, but also a continuation, turning the title into a series, and in this article I will talk about the last one to date: Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2 review

All new again

Turns, untaps, up, down, phew!

Temple Run 2 may go unnoticed by inattentive eyes, but a quick look at the new game´s gameplay is enough to discard the possibility of both being equal. The whole gameplay was reworked, causing previously monotonous pathways to become a spectacle for the eyes - and in some cases, torture for the stomach.

When playing Temple Run 2 prepare yourself to observe the character running through winding paths, up and down slopes, among other movements with the potential to make anyone sick. Adding to this the fact that you have to be always turning your smartphone or tablet and you have the formula for nausea.

Attention, I am saying that the game should be avoided. But certainly scenarios in constant motion may make you want to play it for shorter periods than its predecessor, intercalating with periods of eye resting (which, let´s face it, is something that we were already taught to do since we started playing video games).

And a gameplay as simple as ever

You will need lots of coins to unlock everything.
Temple Run´s greatest virtue - its simple gameplay and extreme fluidity - remained the same. It's addictive to control your character and order him to do the most amazing movements with just one finger. However, as new elements have been added, you may take a while to get used to the game. There is no doubt that Temple Run 2 is much more difficult than Temple Run 1

Temple Run 2 review - Continuation

This also provides an additional challenge for those who could walk absurd distances in the previous game, or for those who have unlocked all achievements. And speaking of achievements, they are still present in the new release, but in a somewhat different form. Now, instead of a huge list of all the achievements possible, they appear gradually as you unlock the others.

The power-ups also remain the way they were, but now they can be obtained randomly from the first time you play, and they can be upgraded later with the use of coins. Moreover, you can also choose a specific power-up, called "skill" to be triggered by double tapping every time you complete the meter (shown on the left of the screen), and finally giving it a real utility.

4 stars for Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 review: Running from the monkey to the "ends of the Earth"

Guy Dangerous rappelling.
Behind him, the infernal King Kong.
In Temple Run 2, you no longer hear the squeal of the three demonic monkeys who persecute you. Instead, a huge and scary giant ape will be in charge of chasing you to the ends of the earth, whether through the mountains or inside them.

That's because the game takes the protagonist out of the previously static scenario - the simple walls of the temple, sometimes passing through bridges only to return to the walls, and now leads him to various locations, such as beautiful green hills filled with trees and fantastic statues, being cutted by rivers occasionally, the interior of scary caves where the protagonist must use a cart in the style of Pitfall or Rail Rush, or even chasms connected by ropes, forcing the protagonist to rappel to advance - only do not ask us how the giant ape goes to the other side to keep following him.

In addition, four of the previous game characters returned: Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee. Guy Dangerous remains as protagonist - always available from the beginning of the game, but as you unlock the other three characters, you will unlock also new skills.

Now to complete this Temple Run 2 review let´s check pros and cons:


  • The same Temple Run ever, with new scenarios and more movement;
  • Finally a use for the meter that was always on the left side of the screen;
  • Gameplay as simple and fluid as that of its predecessor;
  • Pitfall-style touches that only came to improve;
  • A scary and demonic giant ape, instead of three smaller ones.


  • The constant movement on the screen can cause nausea, especially coupled with the inclination of the screen;
  • The same Temple Run ever, just with some different touches.


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