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Ten Dangerous Non-Boss Enemies In Games

Updated on October 25, 2017
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I am a casual writer, at times I write lists, songs, stories and more..

Bosses are the tests given to the player to see how far they have gotten in the game and too see if they have what it takes to continue, however in some cases the normal enemies can be even harder to kill then the actual! Here are ten for your entertainment, list is in random order.

#10, Deathclaws from Fallout. Deathclaws are a scientifically made monster in the world of Fallout, The Master originally created these beasts from a mixed pot of animal DNA but it primarily includes DNA from the Jackson Chameleon. Fast, powerful and very durable these monsters have gotten quite the reputation as the most dangerous creature in Fallout. Known to take a large amount of ammo to kill the Deathclaws were originally made to replace soldiers in battle. But now if a a traveler is unlucky enough to bump into one of these guys then they are in for onne hell of a fight.

#9, The Witch from Left For Dead. The Witch can usually be heard from a ways away in Left For Dead, the cries of pain and sadness that she lets out makes many players who first hear them to think perhaps she is just someone in need of help, but no. When startled The Witch goes on the warpath, her strikes can easily take someone down and she is just as fast if not faster then the player. She basically is a mixture of the other two super zombies The Tank and The Charger, she is very difficult to kill and many times if playing by yourself the AI Companions will not help at all, like I mean at all. I was being chased by one once and all they did was stand there like idiots, no help at all.

#8, Big Daddy from Bioshock. Big Daddies are the guardians of the Little Sisters, monster like girls who go around in search of ADAM a item much sought out after in Rapture. Big Daddies look like men in large old fashioned diving suits, on one of their hands they have a large drill which they use along with their immense strength and speed. While normally keeping to themselves the Big Daddies will attack anyone who attacks them or the Little Sisters. The Big Daddy hits like a truck and can destroy anyone in combat who isn't prepared, while the Big Sisters have been claimed to be more dangerous I have never had any problem with them like I did the Big Daddy.

#7, Hammer Bros from Super Mario Bros. The Mushroom Kingdom has a large amount of different enemies, Goombas and Koopas are a few to name but very few have such a traumatic making experience like the Hammer Bro. The Hammer Bro is a Koopa who throws hammers, obviously, they have an infinite amount and are able to lob them towards the players and will constantly jump around so that there is usually a sky full of hammers raining down on the player. While they can be beaten with a simple jump attack, fireball, star power or by hitting the block they stand on they can be beaten but it becomes difficult when the player can only be hit once or if there is more then one Hammer Bro. They are not the boss but these guys are still a pain.

#6, Mimic from Dark Souls. Treasure Chests are awesome to find because games like Skyrim, Legend of Zelda and more make them seem like they will have some great goodies inside to help along with your journey. Instead of that Dark Souls decided to put in Mimic's, monsters who take the form of a Treasure Chest in order to trick the player. There are actual chests in Dark souls but Mimic's make you feel weary about even the good ones. Mimic's will hide in their form until the player open up the chest, long arm and legs will grow out of the Mimic and the chest will open to reveal a large tongue and lots of sharp teeth. The Mimic is quite dangerous and can kill the player very quickly, there are some slight differences between the good chest and the Mimic but they are somewhat hard to see if the person is not paying attention or is running around.

#5, Gorechimera from Dragons Dogma. Gransys has a host of monsters that prowl around the lands, The Gorechimera being one of the most dangerous. The Gorechimera is similar to a regular Chimera but the Gore is able to heal itself and regenerate health as well. This monster can be very dangerous if your party is not ready for the battle, the Goats head is weak to physical attacks and the Lions head is weak to physical. Each of the heads has their own sets of skills and can attack individually, the monster can be quite tough but compared to the big bad dragon the Gorechimera is as harmless as a wee kitten.

#4, The Skulls from Metal Gear Phantom Pain. In Phantom Pain Big Boss gets to basically man handle any other character except for The Skulls Unit. The Skulls are science enhanced super soldiers who can teleport, dash quickly across the ground, summon rocks out of the earth, blend in with their environment, harden their skin to armor like feeling and even have weapons appear out of thin air. These enemies can be very hard to kill since they do alot of damage, they are able to catch up with Big Boss easily if he tries to escape and are the only enemy that cannot be grabbed easily. The Skulls are fought in several different missions through out the game and it doesn't get any easier when you have to face their Sniping Unit. Basically a bunch of Quiet's you have to either take down or run away from.

#3, Jean-Luc Lambert from The Darkness 2. In the Vendetta Missions whoever character you choose to play as will eventually run into Jean-Luc Lambert and his sister. You will fight them three different times, The First two times will be in a open cargo area where they will try to gun you down from the roof and finally they will try to kill you in a office like area. The two are able to teleport around the area and even use The Darkness to create armor for them for added protection. If the player does not try and stay covered they will be gunned down, eventually once their health is taken down enough in the final fight their armor will disappear and the character can kill them with relative ease.

#2, Flemeth from Dragon Age Origins. Flemeth is the powerful and legendary witch and mother of Morrigan, later down the line Morrigan will find out that her other plans on killing her so she asks you to defeat her. Since Morrigan cannot accompany you to the battle you will lose your healing mage if you made her one, that leaves you only able to heal with vials. Flemeth turns into a large dragon with powerful attacks and a large health pool. You will need to be a fairly high level if you wish to take her on without having to heal constantly, her status as Witch of the Wilds has been well deserved.

#1, Banshee from Mass Effect 3. The Banshees are The Asari who have been turned into evil monsters by Reaper technology, these freaky looking things will teleport all around the area and shoot blasts of energy at the enemy. They can down a player with one melee strike if they get close enough, they also can deplete the characters shield bar by her projectiles. If you want to beat this creepy freak you might want to keep your distance and try and take her out as soon as possible, her health isn't much but her shields are incredibly tough. So use attacks and powers that can drain shields.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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