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Ten Free To Play Games On PS3

Updated on June 19, 2017

For many gamers sometimes we just do not have enough money to go out and buy new games, so being able to play some free ones helps alot to drown out the boredom. Keep in mind many may not be so entertaining but they are free, so shut up.

#10, DC Universe Online. Since I was but a wee lad I have always dreamed of becoming a super powered being, mostly a hero. In DC Universe Online you are given the choice to either be a hero or a bad guy, you can even choose out of three masters. If your allegiance falls within the villains you get Lex Luthor, The Joker and Circe. If being a goody two shoes is more your thing you get Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. You can customize your character to your liking and even choose his or her powers and weapons, it is awesome. Some powers you do have to buy and many things can get pretty boring when much of the battles get kind of repetitive but it is a fun game with some great game play.

#9, Ace Combat Infinity. Also since I was a wee lad I have wanted to be an air force pilot, this is as close as I am going to get. In Ace Combat Infinity you get to collect and customize a variety of jets, obtain different weapons and unlock more cool stuff as you level up through the high octane world of jets. Much of what you can do is in multiplayer since in order to play many of the campaign missions you need to use currency you gain in the game, but it is worth it. You also only get to play a few times since you use up oil and you can either earn it or pay for it. Even if the pay to play thing has you up in a bunch I will say that the game is very fun and difficult to master. However once you get the game play down it is a very fun and exciting game to play.

#8, Spartacus Legends. When I tried to play this before it said that the servers were done or something so I couldn't play it anymore, kind of disappointing. In Spartacus Legends you control one of several gladiators that are part of your house, you can buy more gladiators with specific weapons and abilities. Tridents, long swords, daggers, so many weapons to choose from. Face powerful opponents and deadly enemies, the game can be very difficult at times especially when facing the legends. Your men can die and will no longer be usable unless you pay a fee, other then that the game is well made and has a certain rush to it when you gain the advantage over an opponent. It does take some practice but hey it is free.

#7, Tekken Revolution. Tekken Revolution is a rather fun game when your not going against constant spammers, bleagh. You get to use several different characters and upon leveling while playing in either the arcade or online you will be able to level up your characters stats and even unlock more guys in time. Much like Ace Combat Infinity however you only have a certain amount of times you can play either game modes, you can unlock more games or buy them. The game is rather fun and while you may only find a challenge in multiplayer the arcade still has its moments of difficulty. Costumes can also be bought for your men but I would not recommend it, the spammers lie within every corner and will not hesitate to ruin your happiness of a new costume.

#6, Dust 514. Dust is a large open world shooter much like if you mixed Mass Effect with Call of Duty, almost. Much of the game play revolves around you running around like a maniac trying not to die while getting shot at from every corner by people you didn't even see come out of the shadows. When I played it much of the interface was rather hard to understand and it seems like you cannot get new weapons or any kind of weapon actually unless you pay for it, quite a bummer. There is a few game modes and you are able to customize your avatar somewhat but the pain of constantly dying will cover all that up.

#5, Dead Or Alive Core Fighters. DOA is a fun but somewhat difficult fighting game to master, many mechanics and actions go into whether or not you can parry an attack or quickly get up after getting knocked down. Core Fighters indeed only has four core fighters which are the only ones you can play as, some days or even weeks you can use a few other characters but unless you constantly get the one you want you will most likely pay a few dollars to get it. The game is rather fun and you are able to do a few modes: Survival, arcade, time attack. You can even face your friends in a local battle, maybe even change the music to fit your liking as well. All in all though the game can be quite entertaining especially if you do not have any other games.

#4, Defiance. Just as the name suggests this game is based off the show of the very same name, quite a coincidence. Once you get through the seemingly endless updates and installments you get to play this game. Defiance is a large open world shooter with a few mechanics at play. You get to collect and use different weaponry as well as gain some skills and vehicles. The game can get quite repetitive though with constantly respawning enemies and other players roaming about. The missions are decent and the story line is somewhat good, since it is based off the show many missions are about the episodes that might have played on the TV. But I will say that if you have the patience to deal with the installation you are a hero.

#3, Uncharted 3 Multiplayer. If you are like me and did not get the actual game until after you played this then congratulations, you are a terrible person. The game is as it suggests, you only get to play multiplayer. While I will say the actual campaign for the full game could be summed up to what I found under my shoe while walking through the park the multiplayer isn't too bad. You get to customize either a hero or villain and even use different weapons, even though most of the guns are the same they are just a tad different because they were owned by somebody else. You get to run, climb, shoot and jump off large ledges while trying not to be shot yourself. You can even play in survival and a few other multiplayer modes, it isn't that good to be honest. But for the price of free and being able to gun down a few pricks along the way I have to say it is quite a catch.

#2, Jetpack Joyride Deluxe. This was a rather popular mobile app a few years back, it might even still be really popular nowadays I don't know. Anyways you are a thief and have recently stolen a jetpack from some innocent scientists, now you get to fly around their laboratories and wreck all kinds of crud. You can collect coins and save up to buy things to help you along your chaotic journey, you can even customize your psychotic little thief with several different outfits and stuff. The game does not have much to offer in content wise but the game is very addictive and who doesn't want to fly around on a stolen jetpack?

#1, Playstation Home. Before it was unfortunately closed the Playstation Home was a rather fun and cool game to play, there was a variety of games to play and worlds to live in. There was quite alot to do in the worlds. There were beaches, resorts and out worldly areas. There were many mini games you could play and several ones gave you special items, I ended up getting a harry potter gown. The mini games were at times not incredibly fun but there were loads of stuff to do, you could even get a few of your own homes to decorate and fill with stuff. You could even go visit the Batcave. It was just a cool place to meet people and see whats up.


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