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10 Games Like Ruzzle

Updated on November 25, 2017
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Michael Kismet is a freelance writer and a committed gamer. Odds are he'll keel over one day with a video game controller in his hands.

Let's Play Ruzzle

Play Ruzzle online for free
Play Ruzzle online for free

What is Ruzzle?

If you're not familiar with Ruzzle, it is a highly addictive, word-based game that is played in over 140 countries and boasts over 30 million players. A combination of Boggle and Scrabble, it is a quick-paced, dynamically rebooted word search game.

What makes Ruzzle so popular, is the option to play your friends or have the option of playing total strangers, matched up through a ranking system. From the first moment I played my first match, I've been competing with friends and family, to be the best and attain the highest rank.

However, Ruzzle just isn't everyone's cup of tea. Yes, it can be glitchy at times, but such a wildly popular game played by so many, there are bound to be a few kinks. Yet, I still don't see myself abstaining from this addiction in any foreseeable future. But there are other great word games out there, here are ten alternatives to Ruzzle.

Apps like Ruzzle
Apps like Ruzzle

#1 Wordbase

When I'm not playing Ruzzle, I'm getting frustrated with the stiff competition with Wordbase. It has also been ranked the #1 word-based game in the U.S. It is a highly-challenging and intensely competitive word game that pushes your knowledge of words to its limits. Spell your way to your opponents base, and attempt to take a letter before your opponents get one of yours.

If you ever wanted to engage in a battle of words, this game is a war of vocabulary. There's even an option to connect to Facebook and challenge your friends. The game itself is beautiful and professionally polished. Additionally, the animations are vibrant and well crafted. The date base of words was done by professional linguists with over 30 years of experience. Unfortunately, Wordbase is only available for the iPhone.

#2 Words with Friends

If you're a big fan of Scrabble, then Words with Friends is just for you. Two players take turns forming their words vertically or horizontally on the game board, trying to score as many points as possible for each of their words. The game allows for you to have 20 games simultaneously active. It is ranked the number one game "free-to-play" game on the iPhone.

It's easy to stay in contact with friends and family engaging in Words with Friends, thanks to an in-game messenger system. For me personally, I've had many moments playing when I wanted to desperately cheat to win, but I could never cross that shameful threshold. Which is great, considering I'm improving my vocabulary consistently playing this game with all my class mates from school.

#3 Wordament

Wordament isn't your typical competitive word game, it stands apart from two players pitting their vocabulary base against one another. In this game, you are competing with the entire internet to perform the highest in every single game. The whole game is in real time and each player is playing on the same board. It is a very unique and forward-thinking word game that is highly massive, in terms of competition.

Every player has 2 minutes to find as many words as possible. The better the word, the more points you will accumulate. The game board consists of a 4 by 4 tiles of letters, and your points are counted up at the end of the match for every individual word spelled. If you ever had the notion of challenging the entire world, here's your chance. You can conveniently download Wordament, and get ready for the challenge of your life.

#4 Dropwords

I would describe Dropwords as a hybrid mix of Bejeweled(a great puzzle game) and the board game Scrabble. As words fall, your objective in the game is to make words to clear the grid of incoming tiles of letters. The one thing I really appreciate about Dropwords is that there are different difficulty settings, therefore adding much replay value.

Not one of my favorites, but what's "not so great" to me, could be "best game ever" for you. There are many great reviews regarding Dropwords, so definitely a favorite for many other word-game fans. If you were a heavy Bejeweled player, I sure you'd love this title. It reminds me of the classic drop game, Tetris, just with words.

#5 Word to Word

Word to Word is a highly engaging and enjoyable word association game. This game takes a different approach to word association by melding elements of word search, hangman, and crossword.

I like this game because it actually lets you take a minute to think about words and their meaning. A great way to get a brain workout!

#6 Word Search

In Word Search, you get a much bigger grid of words compared to Ruzzle and makes a great alternative for a word search game. It is somewhat an addictive game, probably due to its simplicity. The first time I played Word Search, the battery on my iPhone died before I could make a preemptive phone charge.

Many words that are included in the vocabulary data base are of an adult nature, so definitely not for young children. Besides that, the game is great for a workout for your noodle. This game is best played when you're not distracted by other tasks. Definitely, deserves a whirl from any Word Search fanatic.

#7 Scramble With Friends

Scramble With Friends is a lot like Ruzzle, it's a popular, lightning-paced word finding game that pits you against another opponent. However, this game is different allowing for use of bonus power-up abilities, such as Scramble, Freeze, Vision, and Inspiration to get an advantage over the opposing player. It is developed by Zynga, the same company that produced Words with Friends.

I feel this game is for people who like playing Ruzzle, but want a little more pizazz during the game-play. While I must admit, it is a very fun alternative to Ruzzle, the idea of attaining advantages in a word spelling game doesn't sit too well with me. I think this is sort of like Ruzzle for a younger generation. In any respect, this a unique and entertaining spin on a favorite, definitely worth checking out Scramble with Friends!

Word games like Ruzzle
Word games like Ruzzle

#8 Tanglet

I had to throw in a single-player game that was similar to Ruzzle, and that goes to Tanglet, a game that is pretty much Boggle in a different outfit. The objective is straightforward, find as many words on the grid before the clock ticks down. There are different modes so you can adjust the overall time you would have, it's a fun little game for the introvert player that wants a personal challenge.

#9 Words

Words. Don't let the simple name deter you from trying out a pretty nifty crossword based word game. I especially like the overall tone and design of the game, it's more of a calming game play experience compared to Ruzzle. The game comes with two different game modes, there's Challenge Mode where you attempt to solve a series of levels with increasing difficulty.

Then there's Time Attack mode where you discover as many words as possible within the given amount of time for that level. A great game to challenge yourself, as opposed to heated competition in Ruzzle. Try out Words on the Android today, don't wait!

#10 Reader's Choice

I thought It would be fitting to let the readers leave their choice, essentially giving other readers their suggestions for online word games that are like Ruzzle. So, if you can think of a game that is a great alternative to Ruzzle, please feel free to leave your suggestion! Thanks for making it through my article, I hope this gives you great leads to other great word games.

Here's a in-depth guide for improving your Ruzzle rank if you're a competitive player!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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