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Ten More Gorgeous Gaming Girls

Updated on February 26, 2018

On the previous list we have seen some good looking ladies that reside in some of are favorite games, so since there are so many of them left I decided to make another list. Here are Ten More Gorgeous Gaming Girls.

#10, Mileena from Mortal Kombat: There is just something about a smoking hot body and a big pair of sharp teeth that make a man go wild. Mileena is the creation of Shang Tsung, she has a mixture of Kitana's DNA as well as that of the Tarkatan species. She has a luscious figure much like the other ladies of the MK World but instead of sensual lips she has a pair of razor sharp fangs. Due to the Tarkatan blood in her the woman's mouth is one of the most dangerous parts of her, minus her Sai weapons. She uses her weapons to a very efficient result, but however if she wants to she can easily just reveal her chompers and chow down on any poor fool googling her more then revealing looks. She despises her sister Kitana and one day wishes to kill her and take over her reign as princess, she may be a big nutcase but she has the tools necessary to succeed.

#9, EVA from Metal Gear Solid: Eva or Tatyana in some cases was a spy who worked along side snaked in Operation Snake Eater, for most of the game she was playing as the girlfriend of a scientist in order to keep track of Colonel Volgin. Eva aided Snake along his mission and gave him some much needed help, in Guns of the Patriots she was Big Momma a rebellion leader who suffered an injury when escaping with Snake. Eva was the mother of Liquid and Solid Snake, confusing I know. Eva was proficient in fire arms and loved riding her motorcycle, she used her seductive form in order to help with her spy work and she helped Snake in defeating the Shagohad. She is a dangerous Femme Fatale but one heck of a woman.

#8, Cortana from Halo: This AI was a clone of a Doctor Catherine, she was a very smart artificial intelligence and aided The Master Chief in many of his missions. Despite being a computer program like being she had a mind of her own, she was able to access situations and give Chief the kinda info he needed to succeed. She was the exact look of the doctor at a younger age and had a playful and teasing kind of personality, despite being a part of technology she showed true emotions and even grew some strong bonds, one of them being with John-117 himself. In short she was a devoted friend, a strong willed character and someone who would do anything to help someone they were close to.

#7, Aphrodite from God of War: Well I mean, shes the Goddess of Love and Beauty, what else is there to say? Aphrodite doesn't really do much in the game besides letting big angry bald man Kratos flop about on her like a fish out of water. But she does have some good looks to her, cannot tell you how hard it was to find a photo of her without her girls hanging out from her shirt. Despite that though she does give Kratos some items to level up his gear after a round or two of hide the sausage so she isn't completely useless.

#6, Lightning from Final Fantasy: Lightning is honestly a good looking woman, a slender figure and her long pink hair is quite pleasing and compliments her light skin tone. Honestly I never got far in the game but from what I have seen her personality is just terrible. She doesn't seem to ever care about anyone, she lashes out against others and she just comes off as a royal prick. Going through her bio though on Wikipedia it seems that further down the line she does become much nicer and more open. Her sister did practically die so I also suppose it isn't that far fetched to say she has a reason to be upset.

#5, Citra from Far Cry 3: For the most part Citra is absent from the game, she doesn't appear but a handful of times throughout the game but she does make her presence known. Citra is the younger sister of Vaas, she like her brother is a formidable warrior but while her brother is the general of a bunch of pirates Citra leads her tribe of warriors to try and pry the island out of Hoyt's greedy hands. She is a kind of loony bin since she believes deeply in their myths and legends, she also has a knack for drugging the main character even doing it at the end and having Jason Brody nearly kill his girlfriend. Despite that she is a great looking lady and who wouldn't want to try at least once to have a crazy jungle girlfriend?

#4, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider: Miss Croft has been revamped a few times over the years but she usually stays the same, a bad mamma jamma with some pointy curves to match. Lara even in the newest renditions of her goes head first into danger, also somehow crawling up a wall with rocks falling down at her somehow. Whatever. Lara has been the gaming eye candy of many a boy and girl over the years, her acrobatic skills and elegant at times attitude gives her a rather unique charm especially due to her being one of the first gaming lady icons of the world.

#3, Princess peach from Super Mario: Things are just getting peachy now, shut up I am hilarious and you know it. Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and possesses a power called Heart Magic or something, despite her getting kidnapped alot she apparently does have the kind of fire power needed to take on Bowser himself. Peach's overall personality is kind, loving and gentle. She's like a soft peach you just wanna hug. She rules her kingdom with some good old fashion love and compassion but when it comes down to business she has no problem hitting you in the face with a turnip, or a umbrella, or Toad. Come to think of it she is a rather shite fighter isn't she?

#2, Lilith from Borderlands: Lilith in the first Borderlands is one of four playable characters, in the second she becomes more of a quest giver and what not. She is a Siren, a woman with incredible powers and able to use them quite well. In the second game she is under the alias FireHawk, she uses alot of fire type attacks and you get to help her fend off enemies. She has a somewhat spunky attitude, constantly making fun of Roland for his uptight nature and shyness. The two were a couple ya know. She has quite alot of power thanks to her abilities and she looks good while putting them to work.

#1, Bonnie Macfarlane from Red Dead Redemption: Bonnie is one of the first characters you meet, when John gets shot she pays for a doctor and has John helper her around her ranch to make up for it. Being a Texan lady she has a rough and tumble attitude with a bit of sweetness to her. She had six brothers but five died and the other moved to New York. Bonnie is a strong lass managing to keep herself going even after beingf brutally beaten and hanged, she has shown to have taken an interest in John but since the man already has a woman she respectfully understands. With her nice ranch dress, golden hair and Texas slang she is any country boys dream.


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