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Four Reasons Why Fans Need A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III

Updated on June 2, 2016

1. Meetra Surik vs. Revan

At the end of the second game, the Exile (Meetra Surik) takes the Ebon Hawk into unknown space in search of Revan, the playable character from the first game. Umm... does the Exile find Revan or what? I gave hours to both of these games, even bought the mobile version of the original game to play it in high resolution on my iPhone during my downtime at work! Don't tell me those countless hours were wasted on a cliffhanger that will never end. Give us an ending to these stories!

2. It's against Star Wars code to not complete the trilogy

I won't lie, I'm a fan of tradition. I like that the Star Wars movies come out as trilogies, and even though I'll be standing in line like everyone else to see Rogue One, these wars that took place in such a far away galaxy need three movies to be told. The same can be said about these games. It's quite clear that a story for a third game was well in the works, but where is it? My guess is Mickey Mouse is using it to wipe his you-know-what.

3. The Old Republic MMO just doesn't cut it

Okay, it's unfair to say that The Old Republic was a bad game. It was great, to be honest, and I played quite a bit of it. But, it wasn't platform, and my computer couldn't run it the way I would have liked. Like most computer games, the rich white kids with super computers would roll on the other 99% who wanted to play, and don't even get me started about micro-purchases and subscriptions. Sure, they added some interesting story-lines and a great teamwork aspect to the game, but decisions made in a true RPG should actually impact the outcome of the game. A game should be story driven, not something that you have grind out hours of training on just to kill some overpowered bot with your friends. Sure, Luke killed plenty of womp rats on Tatooine, but I doubt when he did it that they had little damage numbers floating up from their corpses.

4. There hasn't been a good Star Wars platform game since Xbox

There hasn't single Star Wars game that came out since the original Xbox that left an impact on me. I really can't think of one. The original Xbox had so many great games! (KOTOR I & II, Battlefront, Jedi Academy, even the Obi Wan game). The 360 came out in 2005, which was the same year that Episode III came out. I guess when that happened and the Star Wars community rejected the new trilogy of movies, someone decided it was time to stop developing quality Star Wars games. Even the new Battlefront hasn't been too astounding. What is there, three maps? The game was hardly anything more than a beta at release. I know I made a crude Mickey Mouse joke earlier, but in all seriousness, I think Disney will give us justice, as soon as they're done adding Star Wars characters to their toy box game for three year olds.

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