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Ten Scary Video-Game Enemies

Updated on February 5, 2018

Many scary enemies in games can sometimes not even be from Horror Games, sometimes it can be how they look or how they act. Here are ten enemies in games that are scary that may or may not be in a horror game.

#10, Redead from Legend of Zelda: The Redead is a zombie like enemy from the Legend of Zelda, it tends to vary but the usual look is that of a incredibly malnourished person with a wooden mask. They can usually be found in dark and damp places like caves or dungeons, they are slow but they have a special ability to help them. The Redead will walk slowly towards Link if sensed and will let out a blood-curdling scream which will often stun Link which allows the zombie dudes to come close enough to jump the poor Hero. They will sometimes not attack if Link walks slowly or doesn't draw his weapon. They are a evil bunch.

#9, Banshee from The Mass Effect Series: The Banshee is a twisted and deformed Asari, these creatures have an enhanced biotic prowess thanks to the beings they are made from. The Banshee is somewhat tall with sharp claws on her hands, she walks as though in pain and cries out a horrible sounding scream. They are able to teleport across the battlefield with a teleporting hop of sorts, they can insta-kill the player if close enough and they have high shields and powerful bionic attacks. These creatures are dangerous both close and far quarters thanks to the different types of attacks and the way they move and speak makes their presence on the battlefield far worse then it should.

#8, SA-X from Metroid Fusion: Samus Aran is a powerhouse in her special combat suit and her prowess in battle is legendary, so what happens when a parasite has everything she does? When an X-Parasite attaches onto her suit it copies everything about her from her memories to her abilities. Through the course of the game the SA-X is a threat since for the most part you are no match for it due to the loss of most of your suit. You can only avoid it and try to run but the creature is you at your prime. She is fast, has all of the weapons and abilities of Samus and is out for blood.

#7, Shark from Batman Arkham Asylum: Batman faces against a big gallery of enemies but who would have thought the most terrifying one would just be a large ordinary shark? In the Level where you must defeat the Penguin you are tasked with going across a somewhat frozen watery area, what you don't get to know right away though is that a massive man-eating shark swims below the surface and the moment you fall into the water it will eat you. The many scars and sharp teeth of the shark just so happen to prove my point even more, sharks are terrifying.

#6, Mimics from Dark Souls Series: In many roleplaying and adventuring games chests are a sign of good fortune since they will often have goodies such as potions, armor or weapons however in Dark Souls all you get are sharp teeth. Mimics will pretend to be wooden chests and when opened or struck will transform into its true form growling long arms and legs and opening up to find rows of sharp teeth and a large tongue. One can often tell if it is a Mimic by taking a closer look at it, if the box is slightly opening and closing it means it is a Mimic. These things can do serious damage to you especially when they start chomping down on you.

#5, Clickers from The Last of Us: You can encounter a few different enemies in the game but only one can be seen often and is still deadly, The Clicker. Unlike the other zombies the clicker is blind so it has to rely on its hearing, the creature can one shot you unless you have a shank on hand and even then they can still be a hassle. They stumble around making clicking noises and will rush towards you when heard, you can fool them by throwing a bottle in another direction but when they are teamed up with regular zombies you will have a harder time with it.

#4, Dirge from Shadow of the Colossus: You fight quite a few creepy looking monsters in Shadow of the Colossus but I think Dirge takes the cake. Dirge is a large sand worm like monster that you fight underground in a sand filled area. Dirge will chase you around the area trying to hurt you and you must try to shoot it in its glowing eyes, seeing the creature so close and looming can be pretty creepy especially once you consider it is keeping up with a strong steed. The beast is hard to shoot since the camera doesn't work all that great and he can move slightly and be missed entirely.

#3, Ogre from Dragon's Dogma: If Shrek has told us anything it is that Ogre's are terrifying, especially ones who go for the women first. The Ogre tends to only be found underground or in dark places, it is similar to a cyclops in terms of its attributes but it is smaller and much more agile. This creature is still larger then a human and will pick one of your party members up, take them far away and then crush them. Seeing one of these things emerging from the darkness is terrifying and seeing as how most of the times you will fight these beasties in a closed space it doesn't make it any easier.

#2, The Experiment from Kingdom Hearts 2: In Halloween town you have enemies directly for it, just like you might have enemies more suited for a space level or whatever. The Experiment is a creation of Doctor Finkelstein and it is a large mechanical monstrosity composed of many different parts much like Frankenstein was. In battle it will begin as one single being but many times in battle will separate into multiple pieces and attack separately. Like many of the monsters in Halloween town in walks in a weird manner and has the design of a killer robot. It can be a difficult boss but overall it is the look that worries me.

#1, The Giant from Far Cry 3: Far Cry 3 is a great game and set in a closer reality then many game would be however during the course of the game you must fight a giant ink monster, yeah. The Ink Monster is born from a Hallucinogenic that main character Jason Brody is given. It is a large black figure with a mask and when seeing it for the first time it gets a little crazy. You mainly hunt animals and kill pirates in the game so seeing such a large and terrifying beast loom over you for the first time, it messes ya up.

© 2018 Thomas Finney


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