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Tera Online: Guide to Guild's

Updated on December 31, 2012
Hisui & Felle
Hisui & Felle | Source


Tera Online is a brand new mmorpg and with every new mmorpg there are questions which need to be answered especially when the guides that are provided don't really explain much about the game. For Tera Online that is the case when I first started playing I couldn't find guides on most of the important information like what Catharach Awards are for or like how to use them or just general information about guilds in general. So today I will not only teach you about guilds but I will explain and show you how to make a guild in Tera Online.

Creating A Guild

Creating a guild in Tera Online is a very easy task but you must meet certain requirements before you can start your own guild these requirements are:

  • You must have 30 silver
  • You need to have at least one person in your party
  • You need to be at least level 8

Once you have met the requirements above you are ready to start a guild in Tera Online. The main city of Velika is where you will need to travel to make your guild. The area of the city you will need to find is in the bottom left hand of the map called Velika Consul Office that you can see from the screenshot. You need to make sure you're in the team with the party member when you attempt to make your guild or it will not work. This also includes that you have the appropriate money on you at the time because it can not withdraw it from your bank.

Creating a Guild Emblem

This process is similar to that of Ragnarok Online emblems only the emblems do not share the same limitations. Tera Online requires an emblem to be 64 x 64 in size and it can be a 64bit BMP for quality. You can use any graphic program to make it even paint if you do not have Photoshop in on your computer. I personally made mine using adobe fireworks. Of course you do not want to make an emblem which could get you banned from the game anything racist or illegal in some way could risk your guild being banned or yourself. So keeping your emblem clean is a good way of keeping your account safe. Also having a guild emblem which matches your guild name and is something that people really like is a great way to end up getting members for your guild. As you can see in some of the screenshots that are provided I made my own emblem for our guild DragonFury. It also does not cost anything to upload or use a guild emblem and you can easily change it in the emblem menu if you change your mind.

Ways to invite guild members

While this might seem like something that is really easy I thought it would be smart to go over how to do this for anyone who might not be familiar with how the game works. There are a number of way's to actually have someone join your guild. First they could put in an application for example if you wanted to join our guild DragonFury on basilisk crag server you would type /gapply Hisui which means your applying to our guild leader who's name is Hisui. This would be similar if you were trying to join another guild but you would need to know someones name. Another way is right clicking on someone and inviting them this is a pretty easy to figure out method. But you can also use /ginvite to invite someone if your not good at right clicking someone.

Leveling a Guild

This is one topic which is not very clear in Tera Online. At first I did not know what guild levels are for or what they do and about any of the benefits. But to level a guild in Tera Online you need to have Catharach Awards which are given to you when ever you complete guild quests. In every town there is a guild board that you can pick up daily quests its marked with a square and blue exclamation point in game. Some quests will require a group of your guild members to complete since some they require boss kills. There are also benefits to having your guild leveled that all your members can benefit from. Unfortunately guild levels are not permanent they only last for a week before you are required to pay more badges to keep them running. For example if my guild is level 2 I will be required to pay 20 badges every week to keep it level 2. You can only extend the guild level the day before it runs out or you will not be able to extend it and it will drop back to level 1. This is the same for any levels above so part of the important thing is that the guild works together in order to farm enough badges to keep the guild levels so they can use the benefits. Some of the guild benefits can be found below:

  • Level 1 - This is default nothing special happens.
  • Level 2 costs 20 awards- Special vendor access to buy experience potions and other items.
  • Level 3 costs 50 awards- Allows you to enter the political system and run for Vanarch and you can get guild housing which grants benefits such as guild buffs, special vendors in the guild house, and be able to warp to any location from the guild house.

For the time being we only know of the first three levels and what they do but I will update the article if more information about future levels takes place. I have also included a screenshot of the potion vendor which offers experience potions and other types of potions.

Guild Ranking

With any guild setting guild rank for your members is important especially if you do not want them inviting people who do not make your requirements. This is why you have a tab that allows you to modify guild rank of your members which can be found under guild shortcut is g on your keyboard. You can name your ranks what ever you want which allows you freedom you can give them access to withdraw from the bank or edit the guild note. Unfortunately there is not much you can allow them to do other then give them powers to recruit, edit guild bank, and edit the guild note. It is the responsibility of the guild leader to level the guild and keep it from deleveling.

In Conclusion

Tera Online can be confusing at times especially since guides might not cover all the important information required to learn about features. But part of providing a good guide is making it easy for others to understand and hopefully now you have learned about some of the more interesting guild features about Tera Online. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed making it for you. Good luck questing and making your guild!


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