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Tera Online: Guide to Weapon Upgrading

Updated on December 31, 2012


Some of the features that Tera Online offers slip through the cracks or just aren't explained well or at all. One of these is the upgrade and modification of weapons. If I simply mentioned terms like luxing, enchanting, remodeling, sealing / unsealing, gemming, and dyeing equipment. It's quite a long list of strange words that you might know of from other games but in Tera Online what do they mean for you? Well today we will explain what each of these are and how you can go about doing them in fine detail as well as provide information on the location's these items can be found.

Enchanting Equipment

This term called Enchanting can be found in many other games but while for games like World of Warcraft which uses it like an actual extra enchant to your equipment in Tera Online this is more of the most important and mainstream way to make your gear more powerful. The process of enchanting is making your item go up by increasing the number of + it has. So for example if your weapon has no + you would be making it +1 after the process. With each time another + is added to an item it gets increasingly higher status points more damage or in the case of armor more defense. Certain weapons are not enchant-able and those weapons it will not be possible to upgrade using this method there stats are predetermined.

But weapons which say that they are "Enchantable" can be enchanted. These weapons also have bonus's for when you increase a items + to certain tiers. As you can see from the picture this axe gives increased attack speed by 8% when the item gets to +3 and when the item gets to +6 it gives more damage to prone monsters and there is more damage to bosses when it gets to +9. That was not the only thing I mean by saying bonus stats I was referring to the numbers next to the attack modifier and the impact modifier which might be harder to read but this weapon is +5 and gives +541 to attack modifier and +5,143 for impact modifier. The higher the item is enchanted the more increased effects the weapon will provide for the modifiers and will cause you to do more damage.

Enchanting Process

Now that we know what enchanting is good for it's time to show you how to do it. The first required item will be found at any merchant it does not matter what town your in there should be a merchant indicated on the map by a golden bag symbol which you can see on the picture to the right. When you get to the merchant you'll be looking for Alkahest which is used in enchanting up to +6. A user tip to buy more then one at a time shift + left click will get a popup box where you can enter how many you want.

After you buy the Alkahest you'll need a weapon which can be used in the enchantment that is within level range. For example if the weapon you are enchanting is level 55 you will need a weapon that is level 55 to 59 to use in the process. Be warned the weapon you use will be broken in this process and it can happen regardless of getting a + to your weapon or not. The higher plus you try to achieve the more weapons will most likely break. In my case my weapon is level 60 so I'll be using a level 60 item in the enchantment so you can see how the process works. Hit your T button to pull up the enchantment window or hit alt then activities menu and item enchantment to bring it up.

First put the weapon that you want to enchant into the window then add the item that you do not care about being broken along with the Alkahest then click the enchant button it will ask you if you want to confirm the enchanting process so you have a chance to cancel in case you made a mistake and put the wrong weapon to enchant in. Then the process will start working and the Alkahest and weapon will be used up and you will be notified in the event that your item gets a + or in the event you fail. I actually failed which isn't surprising because I'm trying to +6 something.

Enchanting for Pro's

One thing that the game does not really mention is that the higher quality item you use in the process the higher chance you have to succeed. So for example if you use a blue rare weapon trying to +1 you should succeed and get the +1 like you want of course the higher you go in plus's the lower your overall chance will be but this is still a useful tip in many cases when I found a junk superior item that I could not sell for a decent price I would use it in my enchanting process to have a higher chance at success. Weapon enchanting can also go higher then +6 but the type of item needed for the process changes and you need refined Alkahest which is bought from a specialty shop. Unfortunately the specialty shop's can be disabled by a Vanarch (a King) who controls which ever town that you're in.

I apologize for the poor graphics of the screenshots to the right I got into doing the Nexus raid and I lowered my graphics so I could attempt to stay connected. But as you see there is a specialty vendor which carry's refined alkahest and master alkahest used in the +8 to +12 processes of enchanting. The process of +10 to +12 requires an item to be modified using a luxing process which I will explain in the next section.

Sealing and Unsealing

The process of sealing and unsealing an item has to do with changing the actual properties on the item like attack bonus's or defense bonuses which an item provides. Like for example if you don't want bonus damage to bosses you could seal the item using a enigmatic scroll then unseal it using an identification scroll and hope that the new status effect will be the one that you want. To make it even more interesting you can buy what's called spellbind from specialty vendors and that can allow you to lock the enchants of the weapon that you want to keep for example if the weapon increases damage to other players you can lock that bonus using spellbind so that it does not get changed when you use the enigmatic scroll on the item.

When you seal an item it will get a silver question mark over the item and the effects of the item will be covered not showing you what it does until you use the identification scroll on it to uncover the new effects. Part of this process includes the luxing but I will devote a separate section to explain in detail.

The Luxing Process

Luxing which has been mentioned in processes above is the process of making the legendary item that you have always wanted to have making the item have maximum potential. This also includes allowing the item to go higher enchantment then +9 and allowing you to go to +12 maximum for that item. But to do this process the item needs to be able to not only be enchanted but it must also allow you to turn it into a masterwork aka luxing the item. All items which will not work will tell you that they cannot be a masterwork item you can see that on the axe which I posted under the enchantment section that weapon cannot be enchanted to a master work.

Only other enchantable items which do not have the message about cannot be a master work can be used in the luxing process. The process itself is an expensive one buying the master work alkahest obtaining weapons for the process of enchanting as well as obtaining the master engimatic scrolls to have the highest chance in success when attempting this process only prove that this is something you'll only want to attempt at end game content.

The actual process of making an item into a master work is the same as sealing and unsealing an item only you will be looking for a gold colored question mark instead of a silver one if the question mark turns gold while you attempt to use a master engimatic scroll on the item then you will know that you have succeeded in the process and the weapon will be enchantable to +12 granting more effects and stats. The weapon color also glows red when you enchant a weapon to +12 as of currently I have not seen anyone go higher then +10 in this process so I would imagine that it will take a long time on the US servers for anyone to obtain a +12 master work item. And unfortunately I can only show you the master engimatic scroll used in the process but eventually I will update this article and show you what a master work item looks like when I get lucky enough to make one.

Equipment Remodeling

Unlike most games World of Warcraft, Ragnarok Online, Star wars The Knights of the Old Republic, Conquer Online, and many others when you get equipment for yourself that equipment looks one way whether you like how it looks or not and there is nothing you can do to change that unless the developer decides to add some new armor. In Tera Online this is not the case armor can be remodeled to look like armor from a different tier.

You'll find a NPC which sells remodel parts in main cities which you can buy like you see from the screenshot I have provided the same NPC has the remodel and you put the weapon or armor you want to remodel into the box and then put the remodel part you bought it costs a small fee to remodel and then you are left with your item which has been remodeled and has a totally new look.

Dyeing Equipment

The process of dyeing equipment is simply changing equipments colors unfortunately this only applies to armor and does not apply to weapons at least not yet. The process of dyeing equipment is not permanent either. Color dye will only last up to 7 days depending on the dye some dye's will only last for a day others 7 days.

Dye's can either be bought from a NPC in main towns or they can be made using what is called a dye kit which can be bought from the same vendor and combined using materials gathered from the various crafting in Tera Online such as mining, herbalism, and essence gathering.

Each piece of equipment can be dyed a separate color if you choose but if you want all the be the same color you will have to buy more then one dye for each piece of gear. The process of using the dye is simple after you buy it right click the dye and it will open a box with the colors available put the armor you want to dye into the box then click each dye option till you find the color which you like the best then click apply dye. Then you will be sporting the color dye you chose for 7 days.

Gemming Equipment

Gemming Equipment in Tera Online is one of the most easy processes you could ever imagine many other games usually require you to go through the stress to slot gear but Tera's gear comes slotted the gems them self also can slide in or out of gear without requiring any difficult processes or at the cost of anything. To equip gems simply open up the character window which is C on your keyboard then right click the gem and it will fill what ever slot your item has. Depending on the item there will be a certain amount of gems which will fit for superior weapons its always four gem crystals.

The only difficult part of gemming is deciding what you want to use in your gear. Below I've provided some charts which will show you some of the crystals of course keep in mind each crystal will have higher levels and level determines the bonus's you will be awarded. The chart below will at least be useful for you because it can help you when searching auction for a crystal. For example Brilliant crystal any crystal of this type with this name will provide MP regeneration so if you search Brilliant in the trade broker all of the level crystals which provide MP regain will come up this is the same for all of the others in the list.

In Tera Online when you die in battle gem crystals can break so it is good to carry around more then one of your favorite dungeon crystals especially if you happen to get belly dropped by the boss your fighting and die.

Also keep in mind if you want to avoid being made fun of in dungeons at later levels it is a good idea to research and learn what gem crystals are good for your class this way your friends or just the groups you dungeon with later in game think your a professional at Tera Online because you bring the best damage and survivability when grouping with them.

Weapon Crystals

Acrimonious Rhomb
Critical attacks against boss monsters do +0.68 times damage when attacking from the rear. Cannot stack with crystals with the same effect.
Backbiting Rhomb
Critical attacks against normal monsters do +0.68 times damage when attacking from the rear. Cannot stack with other Backbiting crystals.
Brilliant Rhomb
Provides MP regeneration of 18 per 5sec.
Brutal Rhomb
Inflicts 3.8% more damage on a knocked-down opponent.
Carving Rhomb
Increases crit chance by 1.1%. Crystals with the same effect cannot be stacked.
Cruel Rhomb
Increases your attack power against knocked-down opponents. Cannot stack with other Cruel crystals.
Cunning Rhomb
Increases maximum MP by 94.
Domineering Rhomb
Inflicts an additional 4% damage to minions.
Fine Focused Rhomb
Your attacks do an additional +0.86 times critical damage against enraged monsters. Cannot stack with other Focused crystals.
Fine Forceful Rhomb
Critical attacks will increase your Power when attacking opponents from the rear. Cannot stack with other Forceful crystals.
Fine Furious Rhomb
Chance to inflict an additional 4.8% damage to enemies when below 50% HP.
Fine Glistening Rhomb
Critical hits provide MP Regeneration I when attacking from the rear. Cannot stack with other Glistening crystals.
Fine Infused Rhomb
Provides MP Regeneration I when knocked down. Cannot stack with other Infused crystals.
Fine Salivating Rhomb
Immediately regenerates 41 MP when attacking a player. Crystals with the same effect cannot be stacked.
Fine Savage Rhomb
Critical attacks do an additional +0.6 times damage when attacking from the rear. Cannot stack with other Savage crystals.
Fine Swift Rhomb
Increases movement speed by 7 while in combat. Cannot stack with other Swift crystals.
Fine Threatening Rhomb
Increases the aggression of monsters by 10%. Cannot stack with other Threatening crystals.
Fine Virulent Rhomb
Criticals will also inflict a Poison I effect against knocked-down enemies. Cannot stack with other Virulent crystals.
Hunter's Rhomb
Inflicts an additional 3.9% damage to normal monsters.
Mutinous Rhomb
Inflicts an additional 3.9% damage to boss monsters.

Armor Crystals

Anarchic Rhomb
Decrease damage by 3.9% from bosses.
Dauntless Rhomb
15% chance to provide Shield I when attacked by bosses and knocked down. Cannot stack with other Dauntless crystals.
Empyrean Rhomb
Activates Shield I when knocked down or stunned by enraged monsters. Cannot stack with other Empyrean crystals.
Fine Fleetfoot Rhomb
Increases movement speed by 15 while out of combat. Cannot stack with other Fleetfoot crystals.
Fine Grieving Rhomb
Immediately regenerates 53 MP when attacked by a player. Crystals with the same effect cannot be stacked.
Fine Inspiring Rhomb
50% chance to provide HP Regeneration I when knocked down. Cannot stack with other Inspiring crystals.
Fine Poised Rhomb
Decrease damage by 4.2% when attacked by enraged monsters.
Fine Protective Rhomb
Resist critical hits 4.7% more when below 50% HP.
Fine Relentless Rhomb
Increases maximum HP by 194.
Fine Resolute Rhomb
Decrease damage by 4.7% when below 50% HP.
Fine Vigorous Rhomb
Provides HP regeneration of 13 per 5sec.
Fine Warding Rhomb
50% chance to provide Shield I when knocked down. Cannot stack with other Warding crystals.
Noblesse Rhomb
Decrease damage by 4% from minions.
Soothing Rhomb
10% chance to provide HP Regeneration I when knocked down by a normal monster. Cannot stack with other Soothing crystals.
Stalwart Rhomb
Decrease damage by 3.9% when attacked by normal monsters.

Accessory Crystals

Balancing Zyrk
Adds 2 Balance. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Carving Zyrk
Adds 1 Crit Rate. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Cunning Zyrk
Increases maximum MP by 110. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Griefing Zyrk
Enables you to inflict 1.5% more damage on player characters. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Grounding Zyrk
Adds 2 Endurance. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Impacting Zyrk
Adds 1 Impact Factor. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Indomnitable Zyrk
Reduces your damage receipt from player characters by 2%. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Powerful Zyrk
Adds 1 Power. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Pristine Relentless Zyrk
Increases maximum HP by 2404. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Pristine Stout Zyrk
Reduces Critical damage receipt by 5%. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Pristine Swift Zyrk
Increases Attack Speed by 1%. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
Pristine Unyielding Zyrk
Adds 5 Critical Resistance. Right-click to socket into an accessory.
These you will only be seeing at level 55+

In conclusion

So if you have read this guide down to this point you should be ready to start enchanting and making awesome gear which not only looks good but will allow you to kick butt too. This concludes all the important information on weapon and armor upgrading and the modification of gear that you can do to change it's look, damage, and color's. I will cover other unexplained topics to help you own in Tera Online another day. Until then good luck with your questing and dungeons!


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      3 years ago

      Perfect guide, thanks :)


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