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Terraria: A Complete Summoner Playthrough Guide in 2020

Updated on January 19, 2020
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I'm an avid video gamer, and a technology savy kid. I like to write during my free time.

Getting Started

Before you go ahead and start killing the Eye of Cthulu with your slimy army, let me make sure you're ready to dodge. Dodging will be your main priority as a summoner, and if you're not too keen on memorizing attack patterns and doing "Endurance Fights" then maybe you should try a different class first. If you're all set, then let's get SUMMONING.

The Summoner Strategy

A very important thing to remember as a summoner is that your summons KEEP damage boosts.

Damage Boosts

If you've played Terraria then you probably know what Accessories and Set Bonuses are. You may skip this if you know how they synergize with your summons. If you haven't, then continue reading from here.

You can consider your summons as Living projectiles. If your armor set gives your summons + n% damage, then as long as you summoned your summons while wearing the full armor set , then those minions will keep that +n% damage until they are de-summoned.

This concept works with Accessories, Emblems, and other damage boost items.

This is important as you can use this to its full effect by summoning while wearing/using damage boost accessories,armor, etc. (ruthless & menacing modifier) , then changing over to defensive accessories and armor (warding modifer).

Crimson v.s. Corruption

In a Crimson world, you get:

  • Crimtane armor (great pre hardmode armor)

  • Flesh knuckles (extra defense)

  • The golden shower (good but not required. It gives extra dps and is considered a best secondary weapon for some summoners)

  • Vampire knives for free healing.

    Important stuff from a corruption world:

  • Worm scarf (Best Expert mode accessory)

  • Putrid scent (To keep things un-aggro)

  • Wrath potion which actually affects summons with the 10% damage boost, and again stays with the summon like explained earlier

The Early Game!

For a legit Playthrough, you have 2 choices for early game.

1. Play as any class / use any weapons and armor until you've defeated Queen Bee

2. Fish for Reaver Shark and get Imp Staff


Max Health
Eye of Cthulu
Iron Armor
Queen Bee
Meteorite Armor
Eater of Worlds
Bee Armor
Bee Armor
Wall of Flesh
Bee Armor
Recommended Armor set and Max health for the 5 main PreHardmode Bosses

Eye of Cthulu & Queen Bee

For these bosses, you can use any class type weapons as your first summoner staff is from the Queen bee. That is if you decide not to fish for reaver shark right away.

Eater of Worlds/ Brain of Cthulu

An optional step for this point in the game is to get Reaver Shark. The Imps are really good and are better than your puny bees. If you don't want to spend your time fishing then you can also collect the materials to craft the pick needed to mine hellstone (requires 65% pickaxe power)

Skeletron & The Dungeon

Once you've made yourself to the edge of the world, you'll have either made it to the ocean or to the dungeon. Once you're there your goal is to beat skeletron. If you're in normal mode, your bees or imps plus maybe a yoyo or shotgun or any weapon that does damage should be good enough to beat it. You'll probably want to look up arena strategies if you're in expert mode.

The Bewitching Table is the main item you're gonna need from the dungeon. It's a dungeon item which you can find just by entering the dungeon.

The Dungeon is also a good place to find the Goblin Tinkerer

Begin Reforging!

Switching to warding accessories for boss fights really help as summoner armor has really low defence.

The accessories you have that should be warding are

Mainly your Boots (Lighting, Frost),

Worm Scarf and your Shield of Cthulu (Expert only),

Everything else you'd want to have on most of the time.

You'll want to summon your minions with menacing accessories

There aren't any special accessories in pre hardmode so just get any accessory you can and have it reforged to menacing

Stairway to Hell!

You'll want to start making your WoF platform in hell now that you have

1. The Imp Staff

2. Bee armor

3. Potions

4. Proper set of Accessories

5. Located a Spider Biome


The WoF is gonna be your first challenge

(unless you're in expert, then everything was a challenge)

The common strategy is to spam beenades, but if you're against this strat then having any weapon that is atleast the strongest of its type PH is good enough. Just make sure you have your Imps focus the eye.

Don't forget to use the bewitching table you got from the dungeon.

If you're up to farming the WoF until you get the summoner emblem then I suggest you do so. The summoner emblem will be a great help

(avenger emblem on expert mode)


Will update before January 26.


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