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Terraria Game

Updated on December 17, 2014

Terraria walkthrough

Retra Games Are Coming Back

Whether you like to call them retro or vintage, the good old fashioned 2D games seem to be here to stay, I won't say 'back to stay' because they never went away.

Millions of people still enjoy the two dimensional aspect and simplicity of this format, so sit back whilst a take you for a walk through of this very addictive computer game.

If you enjoyed Donkey Kong, Super Mario and other Game Boy classics, they represent the 2D games or 32 bit games, you will no doubt enjoy this one too.

A Worm's Eye Veiw Of Terraria

A world or even a galaxy away somewhere in the subterranean, deep down, deeper than middle-earth lies Terraria. Whilst normal everyday life carries on above, people living their normal everyday day life, there is a totally different world below.

You can become part of this underground world, view it and partake in Virtual reality and cinema quality.

The CGI graphics brings to you an addictive retro style 2D game called Terraria. Fans of those good old fashioned 32 bit games such as Super Mario will certainly love it - be warned, it is very addictive indeed.

The format is described by those in 'the know' as “sandbox”, in simple terms imagine a worm farm. An aquarium filled with earth and busy worms or ants carving tunnels, creating habitats, gathering food, providing us with an underground view of their subterranean ways as they laboriously tunnel and mine through the soil; that is how I would describe the view of Terraria.

The key to survival in Terraria is living off the land. Enjoy this bit of a walk through before you embark upon your life in this virtual underground world.

You Start With Nothing But Your Wits

Be mindful that to begin with, you will have no possessions at all, nothing but your wits.

Starting Terraria

So, you are now deep down underground in Terraria but there is a lot of knowledge you will need to gain before you even begin to build your own cozy house and collect all the other trappings of life in Terraria that will help you survive in comfort.

Be mindful that to begin with, you will have no possessions at all, nothing but your wits.

Before you even think about food and drink, it is critical that you search for some of the very basic items. We are not talking about hunting and gathering food, you need other, more important items to survive.

Here is a list and description of those basis elements that you will have to go out and gather. Some will just happen your way, others will need to be discovered but what is for sure, nothing is straight forward in Terraria.

Ores are essential for crafting utensils, (as in 'iron ore',) they come in various minerals such as Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold, these can be are found underground.

Then there is Demonite which can be won by beating a 'Boss' in battle, Meteorite comes from fallen meteors and Hellstone is found in The Underworld Terraria.

So, Ores provide minerals for crafting to make weapons and tools but to smelt any metal you need a furnace, so make it a priority when out on discovery.

To sustain yourself and keep healthy you need to look in cave for pots, not clay pots. The ones I refer to contain healing potions, money and arrows, bombs and for some reason a whoopee cushion!

Be on the look out for 'Chests' too, in value they are far higher than pots, and contain rare accoutrements and coins.

Mushrooms are plentiful in Terraria and have some have healing power. Normal red mushrooms have medicinal properties, growing in clusters and grow again soon after picking.

Glowing blue mushrooms also have healing properties and grow deep underground. These are visible through walls due to their bright light-emitting properties. Beware of the vile purple mushrooms growing on corrupted land.

Plan ahead and collect stars for Mana crystal, although they are not needed until later on in the game it is worth collecting as soon as possible . As on planet Earth they don't come out until dark,

Seek lucky Crystal Hearts and hit them with a hammer to "consume" them, this will boost your well being.

Winning in Terraria

Learn Archery for Survival

It is extremely likely that your own character will encounter and have to battle with zombies as well as entities called 'demon eyes', in order to defeat these enemies you will need an arsenal of bows and arrows.

The bow will have to be your very first weapon, but you can't expect to find a random bow lying around. You will need to craft it, don't worry, you will have some limited choices in material but it all depends on what comes your way, the only available types are: Wood, Copper, Iron, Silver, Golden, Demon and Molten.

Then you will need arrows, these too come in varying materials, the real beauty of the arrow is that their power is added to that of the bow and this combination provides a lot of extra muscle.

Another benefit is that they can also be re-used. With this in mind you need to gather as many used arrows as you possible can. There are four variations; wooden, flaming, unholy and jester's.

Your health and well being on Terraria

Don't take good health for granted, It is important that you keep checking your health . To do this you need to monitor the score at the top right-hand corner of your screen this number will lower when you are hurt.

When it reaches 0 (zero) you will die, so top up your health, eat food that is available from the item bar at the top of your screen. You will see it gradually refill as you take in food as well as potions made using an Alchemy Station.

If you can afford the luxury, you may pay for a nurse to move in and help look after your health.


Virtual reality

Virtual reality and cinema quality CGI graphics brings you an addictive retro style 2D game called Terraria.

Terraria the 2D retro game

Retro or State-Of-The-Art?

Which do you prefer?

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What Is A 32 Bit Game?

Some call this the fifth-generation era or the 32-bit era. The main distinction is the 64-bit era also called the 3D era is generally games for a computer and video games, video game consoles whereas the 32 bit were originally video games for handheld consoles. Think about the period between 1993 to 2001.

Around that period the best-selling console was the PlayStation then the Nintendo 64 followed by the Sega Saturn.

The handheld devices were the Sega Nomad, Virtual Boy Nintendo Game Boy Colour.

These all had those Super Mario and Sonic the Hedeghog type games where the player generally travelled along a wall or bridge of sorts and the character had to jump up or leap over obstacles or oncoming adversaries, perhaps having to catch and grab items - good old 32 bit!


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