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Terran Republic Heavy Assault Loadout Class Build - Planetside 2

Updated on February 20, 2013

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What is Planetside 2?

Planetside 2 is an epic free-to-play MMOFPS with no other rivalries. The game pits three factions against each other for control of three continents. The game continents are huge, there is no round matches or small domination skirmishes... This is an all out WAR! within a persistent game world.

Huge Battles
Huge Battles

This is my Heavy Assault Load-Out.

The Heavy Trooper is one of the most useful classes in Planetside 2. From their high magazine rounds to their anti armor weapons. To get the most out of your heavy trooper you wanna target the build for maximum damage, accuracy, and survivor-ability.

The first thing i wanna talk about is the weapons we'll be using. After testing countless weapons I found the best weapon for accuracy and damage is the TMG-50. This gun is just nasty from a distance with burst fire. When you unlock the needed weapon attachments, this LMG will be your Planetside 2 best friend. the attachments i like to use are: The 3.4x Red-Dot Scope (30c) for that medium range accuracy, The Compressor (100c) to help with that vertical recoil when burst-firing, The High Velocity Ammo Rounds (100c) for more bullet damage at long range, and the Forward Grip (100c) for that horizontal recoil. This will make you play a hell of a lot better.. you will own the assault battles from medium to close range.


Gun Class Details

  • Empire Type: Light Machine Gun
  • Damage: 12/20
  • Fire Rate: 8/20
  • Reload Speed: 12/20
  • Accuracy: 12/20
  • Range: Medium
  • Magazine Size: 75
  • Fire Modes: Automatic, 2x Burst, Semi-Automatic
  • Cost to Unlock: 500c OR 700sc

The Launcher

The secondary weapon of the heavy assault class is very important, Its what makes this class very important. The heavy assault is useful when hes clearing the way of any enemy pesky armor vehicles, ships, and gun turrets. The more you spam your rockets the more XP you'll earn. The one i use is the NS Annihilator. i use the Annihilator because of the simplicity of locking in on ground & air vehicles. It doesn't do as much as damage as the rest but spam, spam, & spam those rockets into everything you can! I guess this section can be held a the user's preference.

NS Annihilator
NS Annihilator

Rocket Class Details

  • Empire: All
  • Weapons Type: Rocket Launcher
  • Damage: 10/20
  • Fire Rate: 10/20
  • Reload Speed: 17/20
  • Accuracy: 15/20
  • Range: Long
  • Magazine Size: 1
  • Fire Modes: Air/Ground Lock-On
  • Costs: 1000c OR 700sc

Ability Slot

For the abilities i put RESIST SHIELDS. I've done some testing with both the Resist and the Nanomite Shield... and as it turns out, the Resist I found to be a lot better. So once you can, max it out.

Ability Slot Resist Shield:

Level 1: 50c

Level 2: 100c

Level 3: 150c

Level 4: 200c

Level 5: 500c

Suit Slot

For the Suit Slot i like to Max out my Nanoweave Armor. I told you guys we were going for survival-ability.

Suit Slot Nanoweave Armor:

Level 1: 10c

Level 2: 50c

Level 3: 150c

Level 4: 1000c


I like to carry Anti Vehicle Gernades too. 100c

Also C-4 Explosives arent bad either. 200 & 500c

My Heavy Assault Class
My Heavy Assault Class

This guide is a work-in-progress, so visit back as soon as you can! I'm planning to release a video version of a guide soon, so stay tuned. Please feel free to add comments with your opinions on the build, or some helpful tips.Thank you.

- J.D

What say You?

Whats your current favorite Planetside 2 faction?

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