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What is Team Fortress 2 and Meet the Team

Updated on May 17, 2014

Team Fortress 2?

Need hats but don't want to spend money? Look no further! the solution is here!


Team Fortress 2, commonly known as TF2 is a widely popular game in First Person Shooter (FPS) category first released in October 9th of 2007. Developed by Valve Corporation (Also made the Portal franchise, Half-Life franchise, Counter Strike franchise, DOTA 2, etc.) Team Fortress 2 follows a Free to Play (F2P) business model. Meaning that you can fully access all of the game's content and also able to pay for extra features (Hats, Decor, tags, etc. Nothing that changes gameplay).

Team Fortress 2 focuses on multiplayer aspects and teamplay/team strategy, with over 30,000 players online each day and millions more registered, you are sure to have a new gameplay experience every single time. TF2 sports over 9 different gameplay modes and many other user/community modes (Zombie Fortress, Saxton Hale, All Crits, Medieval to name a little). Team Fortress 2 also has over 850 ingame items, each with a great look, game updates occur every 15-20 days and new items are added all the time! Special events such as Halloween,Christmas also may occur every 3 months!

Being a First Person Shooter, TF2 is unique in it's category, with 9 classes, crazy hats and weird weapons all wrapped up in a cartoon-y feel. Team Fortress 2 is a definite hit with everyone!


Team Fortress 2 is enjoyed by everyone for it's multiplayer aspects, with hundreds of servers, you can meet new people while playing the game! Join a team and go for tournaments and win some cash! The story of Team Fortress 2 is also in depth, the Reliable Excavation & Demolition (RED) and Builders League United (BLU) are each very powerful corporations that each own half of the world. Being too powerful, they are at constant war, each team has hired 9 incredible mercenary, the Scout, Solider, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper and Spy. Each of them having one Primary weapon, Secondary weapon and melee weapon. More on these classes below.

The Scout - I'm runnin' circles around ya!

Born in Boston, The Scout uses his speed against his enemies, literally running and jumping circles around his opponents with 133% normal speed and double jump, able to inflict massive damage with a close up shotgun blast and a baseball bat swing or inflicting pain from medium range with his pistol. With his primary weapon being different types of a sawed-off shotgun (Scattergun), Secondary being many different pistols or utiliy weapons and his melee being a baseball bat, the Scout is ideal for players who love to flank, dodging rockets and getting on the front lines. the Scout also captures points and pushes carts 2 times faster making him invaluable at capturing objectives.

Meet the Scout!

The Soldier - Maggots!

After being rejected from participating in the war, the Soldier trained and taught himself how to use a large variety of weapons and bought a ticket to Poland for a massive Nazi killing spree. After the war's end, he was recruited by RED and BLU. Being very versatile and being able to withstand enemy attacks, the Soldier sports his 4 round Rocket Launcher for powerful long range bombardment and his trusty Shotgun and Shovel for medium to short range combat. the Soldier is also able to Rocket jump, by launching a Rocket at the ground below him, the Soldier can trade some of his health for a massive propulsion boost with the force of the explosion travelling a large distance that even the Scout can't accomplish!

Meet the Soldier!

The Pyro - Mmmphh-mphhhh-mmphh!

Very little is known about the Pyro, a seemingly crazy human being, the Pyro loves to set all things on fire. Constantly wearing a flame/smoke filter helmet on his head, the only sounds he can make are wheezing muffled sounds. Specializing in close quarter combat and dealing constant damage with his/her home made Flamethrower, even while you might escape this maniac at close range, his after-burn damage will surely get you! Also included is a Shotgun/Flaregun for medium damage and fire axe when facing another Pyro. Wearing a Flame Retardant suit, he/she is unable to be damaged by afterburn but still taking the full damage from an enemy Pyro's initial flame attack. The Pyro's Flamethrower also has 2 functions, the ability to set fire to everything it touches(duh) and the compression blast. Costing a fair bit of ammo, the compression blast can be used to reflect projectiles (Rockets, Arrows, Grenades, etc) and to move and disorient enemies by blasting them away from the Pyro.

Meet the Pyro!

The Demoman - KA-BOOOM!

An Explosive master from Scotland, the Demoman is fascinated with anything that goes BOOM! Using a Grenade Launcher to attack indirectly from corners, laying traps with stickymines and a bottle of liqueur for close range combat. the Demoman is great at defending points, sieging and destroying enemy defences and having lots of utlilty overall for the team. The alternative playstyle of a Demoman is known as the Demoknight, having access to large swords,shields and battleaxes, the Demoknight can charge his enemies with an broadsword and decapitate them before they can blink because "You don't kill a man by mucking about with rifles, arrows, rocks, or other long-distance rubbish. You kill him by grabbing the biggest bloody sword you can find, running up nice and close to him, and chopping the dumb bastard's head off" .The Demoman can also sticky jump, by placing his stickybombs at the ground and detonating them when he's on top, this technique takes out almost half of his HP but is more effective than both the Rocket Jump and Double jump. And remember, Alcohol and Explosives don't mix well together!

Meet the Demoman!

The Heavy Weapons Guy - You, yes, you! You are dead!

The Heavy Weapons Guy or more commonly known as the Heavy is a hulk of a man hailing from the USSR, armed to the teeth with his Minigun (or as he calls it "Sasha") a Sandvich/Shotgun for Healing/Medium ranged combat and his own trusty fists for close range combat. Being the slowest member of the team with only 77% of normal movement speed and only 37% when firing, the Heavy makes up for all of that with the highest rate of fire and capable of obliterating an entire team with his Minigun. The Heavy is the main cannon when it comes to team battles and often the highest focused member but needs Medic and Engineer support to make him function at his best. However, with almost 300% of normal HP, the Heavy is a force to be reckoned with.

Meet the Heavy!

The Engineer - I solve practical problems

An inventor from Texas, the Engineer builds various machines to help out the Team, From a death bringing auto targeting Sentry Gun, an ammo, metal and health dispensing Dispenser and able to teleport the team with a matching set of teleporters and quickly bring the team to the frontlines. The Engineer is the best point defence and provides utility to the team. Each building can also be upgraded 2 times to boost their effectiveness. Also toting a Shotgun for self defence, the Engineer can also be played offensively by placing Mini-Sentrys quickly around the battlefield providing fire support for the team and running around with his Shotgun and quickly takingdown enemies. To place buildings, the Engineer has to have the appropriate amount of metal that correspond to the cost of the building. Metal can be collected from the weapons of fallen teammates or enemies, or from the dispenser.

Meet the Engineer!

The Medic - Zat, was doctor-assisted homicide!

A mad doctor from Germany with a questionable medical license, the Medic can heal his teammates with the Medigun, a constant beam of medicine can be kept between the Medic and his target. The Medigun can also overcharge the target granting them 150% of their maximum Health which decays overtime. A sole utility class, the Medic can achieve many assists and be massively beneficial to his team but can also defend himself with the Syringe Gun and Bonesaw. The Medic also has an Ubercharge, a bar which indicates the level of Ubercharge rises gradually as he heals teammates, when the bar is full, the Medic can activate the Ubercharge for invulnerability for him and his healing target for 8 seconds. This helps massively in destroying Sentry Gun nests and other defences that the enemy may have.

Meet the Medic

The Sniper - Thanks fer standin' still, wanker!

A Survive of the Australian Outback, this Crackshot never missing Sniper hides in the shadows and bides his time taking out key targets and enemy defences with one shot of his Sniper Rifle. When forced to engage in close combat, the Sniper utilises his Sub Machine Gun and his Kukri to takedown enemies. Mainly a support role, the Sniper can help team-mates from the back by taking out enemy Heavies and Sentry guns. His laser guided Sniper Rifle charges when zoomed in but may also warn enemies of his presence, when fully charged, the shot will do more damage than one that is not charged. Fully charged headshots will kill any enemy unlucky enough to be caught in the Sniper's sights.

Meet the Sniper

The Spy - I never really was on your side.

The Spy, perhaps the most hated class in Team Fortress 2, Originally from France, the Spy can disguise as anyone from the enemy team, blend in and backstab enemies for a instant kill. Able to go invisible for short amounts of time, fake his own death and destroy Sentry Guns with ease, the Spy is a unique class in the FPS category. With no direct combat skills, the Spy relies on backstabs with his Butterfly Knife for kills, when behide an enemy, using the knife will result in damage that is 300% of their max HP. Also armed with the Sapper, a weapon which he can place on hostile Sentry Guns, dispensers and teleporters. This will render the target inoperable and deal damage over time, if the engineer does not destroy the Sapper in time, he can kiss his buildings goodbye. Also equiped with a revolver, the Spy can defend himself or finish off enemies fro medium range. With the ability to see the enemies HP, the Spy is the perfect assassin.

Meet the Spy!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Makes you wonder what kind of video they'll make about tf2 next now that they've gotten all the teams down.


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