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Thanksgiving Games and Activities

Updated on November 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Games

Decorations are displayed in the house. The turkey is well cooked and ready to serve. Cakes, fruits and other meals are already on the dining table. We are now ready to celebrate thanksgiving with our guess. In celebrating thanksgiving we bond and talk with our relatives. Share the most recent experiences to learn from our each other. Families come together with their children and it would be more fun to add games or sports while celebrating thanksgiving.

For some adults they prefer watching football game in the stadium or at home with friends. Football has been associated with thanksgiving since football game has started in 1869 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was a battle between Rutgers and Princeton team. Rutgers won against Princeton during that time. After that memorable game, football has been watched and played during thanksgiving. For parents and children other games can be played and enjoyed during Thanksgiving.

Bring Me

This can be played by any members of the family during the Thanksgiving Day. The head of the family can select a person who stays in front and lead the game. Family members can also suggest or vote who they want to lead the game and stay in front. The leader will stay in front and he will give rules and orders. The leader will say “bring me (an item)” then the rest of the family will look for the item that the leader will ask. The fastest person to run to the leader will get a point or a prize. You can assemble a thanksgiving party bags for prizes.


Paper Dance

You will need five pages of newspaper or any big paper. Spread the five pieces of paper on the floor. A leader is chosen or voted by the family to give the instructions. The players will form a circle around the papers. The leader will play the music and the players will start to dance around the papers. Once the music stops everyone will try to stand in the newspaper. Anyone who was not able to stand in the newspaper will be out of the game. The leader will remove one newspaper after every dance. When there’s only one newspaper left it will be folded into two for every dance until one person will fit the newspaper. The last person to stand in the newspaper wins the game.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Well, thanksgiving means eating. And after you dig in to a sumptuous thanksgiving dinner, you may want to just keep the games light. For those who wants less physical game you can play BINGO. The leaders will distribute the Bingo Cards. These cards have the word BINGO and numbers from 1-45 in random order. The leader will have a set of balls with numbers and the letters B-I-N-G-O written in the ball. These balls are hidden inside a container. The leader decides which pattern to follow and writes in a board so that everyone can see the pattern. Once the game starts the leader will shake the container and announce the first ball that he will pick. The first player to finish the pattern wins the game.

Guessing Game

The players can form two teams. These two teams will form two lines. There will be two persons in front. The leader will give the word to the first two persons in front quietly. The two persons in front will act the word. The last person in the line will guess the word and pass it to the front by whispering to his teammate. His teammate will continue to pass the word until it reaches the front person. The front person will write the word in the board. The team who wrote the correct word gets a point. The person at front will now go at the back to guess the next word and there will be a new person in front to act the new word. The guessing game continues until the last person of the team was able to act in front. The team with the most number of points wins the game.

Turkey Race

For this game you can use two turkey costumes or two sacks then just paint it with turkey. You will also need 6 flat tires. Form the tires in two lines on the ground because this will serve as the players obstacles. The players will be divided into teams and they will form two lines from the starting point. The leader will give a go signal for the game. When the leader says go, the front liners will start to run and go around the tires wearing their turkey costume or sack. The team who reaches the finish line first wins the game.


Hunting the Turkey

Do this a day before thanksgiving. You can find photos of turkey and print it. You can also ask your child and his playmates to draw a turkey in a piece of cardboard. If you have gathered enough photos of turkey wait until everyone falls asleep. When everyone has fallen asleep you can start hiding the turkey photos in your house or in the ground. On Thanksgiving Day you can ask the children to look for turkey photos. The child with the most photos in hand will win the game.

Thanksgiving Blow Up

Any players can join this game. Players will need to have three bubble gums chewed in their mouth. Each player will try to blow their bubble and make a big bubble. The leader will measure the bubble. The player with the biggest bubble will win the game.

Turkey Day Game

This is the children’s version of football. The players will be group into pairs. The opponents will turn their backs on each other. They cross their elbows together while one holds the turkey. You can use a turkey looking stuff toy or a football with turkey design. The first pair to reach the finish line wins the prize.

Hide and Seek the Turkey

The game should be played in a room. The players will pick the “it” of the game. The “it” will be blindfolded and will count one to ten. The rest of the players wearing a turkey costume will try to hide within the room. The “it” will try to search the players and the first turkey that she touches she will shout “I found the turkey”. The player who was touched by the “it”, will be the next it of the game. The game continues to be played. The member who was less touch by an “it” wins the game.

Thanksgiving Fruit Basket

There can be a maximum of six players in the game. The leader will name each player with corresponding fruit like apple, mango, orange, banana, berry and melon. The players are seated in a chair. The leader will try to call a fruit. “Banana” then the player will stand the rest of the players will remain seated. The leader will call the next fruit “Apple”. Banana will seat down and apple will stand. The leader will call out the fruits fast to make the players puzzled. The player who stands without being called will be out of the game. The player who remains beats the game.

Play Memory Game on Thanksgiving


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    • vibesites profile image

      vibesites 4 years ago from United States

      Excited for the coming Thanksgiving! Thanks for giving these suggestions, my nieces would surely enjoy them!