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The 5 Best Psychonauts 2 Reactions

Updated on February 2, 2017

Time for a throwback. Specifically, back to December 3rd, 2015, the date of the 2015 Game Awards.

Alongside fans booing Konami en masse for banning Hideo Kojima from the awards, Greg Miller winning the Trending Gamer award, and Splatoon winning the award Best Multiplayer, something very specific was announced that day. Something a lot of people had been asking for for years, and something that surprised everyone.

Psychonauts 2.


The original Psychonauts was praised far and wide for its laugh-out-loud comedy, heartfelt writing and unique artstyle and creative level design. More than anything, though, a lot of people just wanted to know what happened next. They wanted to learn more about Raz and his friends and family, the adventures they'd go on after the end credits of the game, if and how Raz would break the curse hanging over his head, and what he'd do now that he was a full-fledged Psychonaut.

Double Fine heard their prayers all those years, and during the Game Awards that day, this video was shown.

The Fig campaign that followed eventually surpassed its funding goal of $3.3 million, but before that came a joyful sweep of some pretty entertaining reactions from the people who never could have seen this coming.

So without further ado, let's celebrate the coming game by checking some of them out!

#5 - James Willems

Most people who know about James Willems know about Psychonauts. He's championed the game for years across his various homes on the internet, praising it like a madman and making appeals to Tim Schafer himself to make the sequel. At one point during a segment of a video series he stars in called Open Haus, he did just that- and said that he'd love to be a part of the game in any shape or form, even going so far as to voice the sound of a toilet flushing.

Well, that little boy's dream came true, (fully, actually! Later on, he did end up getting the role of a toilet in Psychonauts 2!) and nobody was surprised that night to see his reaction video to the announcement, overwhelmed with emotion and overjoyed.

If you know James and don't know the game, or if you know the game and don't know James, it can be agreed: seeing the genuine happiness in this video is a treat.

#4 - Super Reaction Bros

The enthusiasm of these two is amazing. These two brothers run a YouTube channel dedicated to filming live, blind reactions to everything from video games to TV shows to film, and all the trailers and commercials in between, and their reaction to the Game Awards in 2015 featured this bit.

The two are blindsided, and their rising excitement through the bomb of the trailer's reveal says it all- this is not just more Psychonauts content for the first time in a decade, but this is a real, bona fide sequel. And these two brothers are not shy to show how excited they are for it.

#3 - BaoZakeruga

This YouTuber runs a channel about all things gaming and anime, and, in his words "everything nerdy." So this nerd was pleasantly surprised

His reaction to the trailer isn't loud and doesn't involve the shrieking of some of the other videos in this list, but his double-take at the trailer's iconic reveal and his quiet shock is all that needs to be said.

#2 - Jaysus777Live

This YouTuber's video is what one might call a YouTube Haiku. Jaysus' live reaction is genuine and simple, starting from right before the reveal and right through to the sweet end of the trailer.

His shocked shout at the sight of that legendary 2 appear beside the word Psychonauts at the end tells a story in and of itself. He doesn't have to say much, and says this in the video's description:

Had to stop recording as soon as i saw the kickstarter option. SO STOKED!

#1 - Super Reacts

The last video on the list is Super Reacts. The video is comedy gold, front to back, opening with a clear description of what you're about to get: SUPER FREAKS OUT OVER A VIDEO GAME.

From there on out he and his friends joke around about what this could be a trailer for, (FNAF 9? Undertale 2?) not paying much attention until they're taken offguard by the trailer's genuine out-of-nowhere comedy in the form of "a comatose girl who believes she is herding a flock of sheep," and the video even includes a handy HYPE countdown to the groups ultimate freakout.

Complete with excited voice cracks and genuine relief and joy, the video really shows a peek into the raw emotions of these few gamers.

And all of them do, really. For those who didn't see the Game Awards firsthand, all of these videos capture that moment in time for posterity from across the world and tell a story about a reveal people have been waiting for for a very long time.

A screenshot from the teaser for Psychonauts 2.
A screenshot from the teaser for Psychonauts 2.


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