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The Amazing Benefits of Playing Video Games

Updated on July 27, 2017

A video game is defined as an electronic game which involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as a TV Screen or many more. Many parents look at video games as a negative and wish that their children would look at them as a negative as well. However, with great research and meditation, I have concluded that video games are not as bad as people perceive them to be. Whether you play video games on a console such as the PS4, XBOX One, WII U, etc or you play them on your computers or laptops or even your mobile devices such as your phones and tablets; playing the video games on each of those devices does offer positive benefits to the well-being of an individual. Whether physically, mentally, socially or psychologically video games are a massive benefit to individuals in the daily life. Therefore, let's get started listing some important aspects of video games which you may not know about and how they can actually be beneficial to an individual on a daily basis.



Dyslexia is known as a term that involves difficulty learning how to read or interpret words but not affecting general intelligence. Researchers have concluded that video games can be a beneficial aid to persons suffering from dyslexia as it may help them get over the mental disease. When a person has issues which being attentive or focused it can lead to problems with dyslexia. This is where the video games come in handy and are very helpful. If you have played video games before you would know how addicting it can be just to sit and play for hours and hours to beat that final level of any game. The games help you to exit reality and force you to concentrate on them for a very extended period of time which sometimes you may not even know that you have played the game for that period of time. The different levels, instructions and general actors and voices in the game help you keep focused on the game and want to complete it.


Encourages Physical Activity

Have you ever played a game like FIFA and want to go outside and try some of the same tricks that you did in the game in real life? Well, there is another benefit of video games you may not know about. Several new games have been made which encourage people to get outside and get physically active. One of these games which recently has been a big hit is none other than Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO involves persons getting outside walking around trying to find that special Pokemon. Some people have travelled miles while playing the game just to get a special Pokemon which the extent of their trip obviously has positive benefits on the individual as that is a huge distance to travel by feet. There are also console games like Just Dance and Guitar Hero which involve the individual playing the game moving around to the beat of the music playing. These type of games make being physically active fun and entertaining. As I stated before, the children who play the sport type games will generally be encouraged to go outside and try to play them in real life, for example, games such as NBA and FIFA would encourage them to try their moves and tricks in the real world with their friends or alone.


Reliever Of Pain Or Stress

When you are actively playing a video game, it immediately shifts your focus off of real life issues or ailments towards the action occurring in the game. That is why some doctors actually recommend video game usage when patients are being affected by stress and other drastic ailments. Your focus is on the game and it helps you to forget about something that may be affecting you in real life. As a person who had to deal with stress recently due to the divorce of my parents, I can definitely recommend video games as a reliever as they helped me to escape reality and find peace and comfort. As you play video games you are releasing endorphins also known as the painkiller hormone. Therefore, the body's natural ability to reduce pain is boosted tremendously by the playing of video games.


Improve Social Skills

The Social Skills can be a very great benefit from video games. Most video games that are connected online have chats in which players can communicate with other people from all-around the world. Some individuals can contact via text chat or even by voice in some games like Call Of Duty or use outside applications such as SKYPE, Discord and Steam. It helps by improving your social skills while you may be under pressure from being shy or scared to interact with other people. When you are playing team-based games which you need cooperate and communicate concisely with each of your teammates to win the game to let them know what you are doing or what you would like them to do. These skills you can obtain from playing video games can translate to real life instances such as going to work in an office where you would need to make communication with your peers daily to accomplish a task or even in school when you have a group project involving other persons to complete.


Helps You Make Decisions Faster

With video games and their missions, sometimes you may have to make decisions or choices quickly without much thought or consideration. Sometimes it may not be necessarily about choosing the correct decision, it may about just choosing a decision as quickly or rapidly as you can. This is where video games can be beneficial as they help you develop better decision-making skills. Being indecisive about certain things can affect your mental and physical well-being. There is a need to take risks and chances in order to advance in life. Video Games offer these scenarios where it is not about choosing the correct decision it is just about choosing a decision before a slotted amount of time. They help make decisions now and then in a split second in order to advance to the next stage. Thus it makes you improve your cognitive and memory abilities and helps you recall memories more efficiently and improve the rate of cell growth and repair.

Recommended Games For Each Category

Social Skills
Physical Activity
Decision Making
Depression Quest
Draw Something
Wizard 101
Guitar Hero
Family Feud Live
Just Dance
Flight Simulators
Word Search
Legend Of Zelda
Actual Sunlight
Club Penguin Island
Puzzle Games
Animal Jam
Move Like Me

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