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Amazing Spiderman The Game the Sequel to the Movie

Updated on August 12, 2016

Movie Sequel

The new Spiderman Game, set to release a few weeks (June 26th) before the movie’s release on July 3rd, plays as a direct sequel to the movie. Those people who don’t read the comics and are watching the movie as an intro to the series should not play this game first. Those who have read the comics will receive no shock from what is in the game. Note that there are many movie references in the game, and playing it before you see the movie WILL ruin the movie. I assume you know the characters and don’t need explanations of each.

After Lizardman, Oscorp had a whole bunch of data on cross-species genetics. The company hires Alistair Smythe to go through the terabytes of data and sort it. Gwen, who works at Oscorp as a chief intern finds what Alistair is doing great research but she doesn’t like his intentions. She asks Peter to help her uncover what he is doing. While they are in Oscorp they come across some very strange things that lead to some later villains in the game. As they travel through the facility some of the creatures get out of control with the presence of another cross-species around them, Spiderman. The new cross-species enemies break free from their bonds and are set loose upon the city.

Alistair has a very strong hate for cross-species creatures and he sets loose an army of machines on the city to capture and kill the loose enemies. The cross-species enemies have infected the water system, spreading the sickness around the city. Now Spiderman is faced with fighting off Alistair’s machines, the cross-species enemies, and – I assume – some infected people in the city (this has not been confirmed, I assume it because it has been released about people being infected).


The Gameplay

To easily separate between free roam mode and the story mode, it has been released that most of the story in the game will take place inside buildings. While you’re out exploring the city you will have many side missions available to you just like the other Spiderman games. The game will still let you be involved in stopping small crimes around the city, not directly linked to the storyline. The city will be very alive and active, responding to you and what you have done through the game.

The Amazing Spiderman Game has been in full production for 2 years now, even while Edge of Time was being created. The disc of the game will double as a reader, including some of full length Spiderman comics on it. The upgrade system on the game for your character will be a double skill tree. You gain xp through the game that you can use to purchase new moves, and you discover new tech pieces that you can use to upgrade your equipment.

Two new moves that Spidey has is “Web Rush” and “Web Zip”. Web Rush allows you to slow down time. Then while time is slowed you are given different options to where you want to be. Time is resumed and you watch as Spiderman jumps, crawls, leaps, tumbles, bolts, hurtles, and does just about whatever he must to get there (this is their interpretation of the “spidey sense”). Web Zip is a new ability that lets Spiderman zip away from danger to recover his health.

Spidey’s fighting style has seen a huge reboot from the other games. Peter Parker has been taking some lessons from our billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. The fighting style is to closely resemble Batman Arkham Asylum/City. There will be one attack button and one counter attack button. The counter-attack button will be used alongside a spidey sense icon that appears above the players head.

All in all this game should be a pretty good installment in the Spiderman series. If you don’t want to experience any spoilers for the movie, be sure to check this game out after July 3rd.


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