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The Beatles: Rock Band Video Game

Updated on June 25, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

 It was only a matter of time. If one, at any age, ever doubted the absolute power and magical the name of, "The Beatles" has, this release of the Rock Band platfrom for the Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game platform should dispel it.

Due on Sept 9, 2009, is the release of The Beatles: Rock Band. Already the most anticipated video game of this year, it is no surprise it has to do with The Beatles. That name truly has the midas gold touch. That name associated with anything guarantees success in the the millions. It has been true since 1964. It is so legendary, so iconic, so preserved in time like a fine museum artifact, there is no doubt The Beatles will be well remembered, like Beethoven, like Brahms, for hundreds of years. Of all the rock bands that have and are currently on the radar screen, few will reach that legendary status where time allows them to live forever.

Granted, the target audience of the rock band video, where one can play their fake guitars and drums as the Fab Four, compete with one another, is a generation who totally missed out of Beatlemania. In fact, if one was not between 8 and 16 yrs. in 1964-8, you missed out on the mass hysteria in the youth generation The Beatles had on that age demographic. It was this age group that The Beatles had the greatest impact on. It was this age group that made The Beatles their leaders through the rest of 60s. Just as the Jonas Brothers now impact the same age group that cause similar hysteria on a lower scale (mostly in America). The Beatles caused the hysteria across the world.

This Rock Band game allows the players to be PART of the band! Finally, one can be John, be Paul, be George, be Ringo. The game focuses on the the band's keen use of harmonies, you just don't mimic vocals or riffs etc. The Beatles were all harmony. Check out Abbey Road LP\CD, the song "Because". Simple words engulfed in rock's most beautiful harmonies! You also can play John's cool Rickenbacher guitar, Paul's unqiue Hoeffner Bass, George's sitar, and many other instruments played on their records.

Players will move through all the stages The Beatles went through from the gritty rock of the Cavern club in 1962 to the slick Abbey Road LP of 1969 (their last). Some of the songs are:

I Saw Her Standing There I Want to Hold Your Hand I Feel Fine Day Tripper Taxman (this song , George's best, still sounds great today, even though it was #1 in 1966) I Am The Walrus (who could possibly not like this song!) Back In The U.S.S.R. Octopus’s Garden Here Comes The Sun Get Back


Imagine being The Beatles, playing at the world's first rock concert at Shea Stadium in front of 60,000 shrieking fans in 1965! Still awe-inspiring today. Playing in their last concert atop of Apple Records in 1969, when poplice arrive to bust it, and John quips, "On behalf of the band, I hope we passed the audition!"

Boy, did they!


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