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The Best All Time Martial Art Video Games!

Updated on February 16, 2012

What Makes A Great Martial Art Video Game

Martial art video games are cool, I mean who doesn't like a good martial arts video game. Through the years we have seen many different styles of martial art video games, there are one on one versus fighting style games, and also role-playing games.

I love the martial arts, I love kung fu movies, and I also love martial arts video games. I have been playing kung fu and martial art video games for many years and I have decided to talk about my favorite martial art video games. So what makes a great martial art videogame? Keep reading and you will find out.

The criteria to picking the best martial arts video games

When reading this list remember that this is my personal list of my favorite martial arts video games, below is how I chose my favorite martial arts video games.

  • Flow of game, ease of combo controls
  • speed of techniques
  • graphics / music
  • story and plot
  • character bios and fighter options
  • fighting / Stage Options

The List Of The Best All Time Martial Art Video Games

Martial Arts Video Games
Streets Of Rage
Mortal Combat
Street Fighter
dead Or Alive
Dragon The Bruce Lee Story
Ultimate Fighting Championship
Ninja Gaiden
Kung Fu

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat, what an excellent martial arts video game. Also known as MK, Mortal Kombat has changed the way martial arts video games are made, it is my belief that Mortal Kombat is the godfather of martial arts video games. Ed Boon, and John Tobias are the makers of Mortal Kombat and created it and aired it in August 1992.


Street Fighter

The Street Fighter Video Game Series, is one for the books. I Love the Street Fighter Series. Theres a movie based around the Video Games. Street Fighter was Created by capcom,with director Takashi Nishiyama,in the early 1990s.

Some Martial Art Video Game Experts say that , the First Street fighter game Intoduced some of the,what is the "Norm" Of todays video games, where the six button controlls, and special Techniques, take a majoir part in todays martial art video games.

The UFC Martial Art Video Game

With the growing popularity of the UFC, it is no surprise to anyone that they have made a awesome videogame.Yuke's is the developing Team of the martial art video game, with THQ as the publishing team. The videogame can be played on Xbox 360, and PlayStation three, the first game came out in 2009 with a second one in 2010.

The UFC martial arts video game, has everything that all the fight fans need in a martial arts video game.In The martial arts ufc video game a player can choose all the top UFC prospects and use the fighters martial arts style techniques in the game .the game controls are very hard and it takes a little while to get used to,but once you get used to the controls you will find that, submissions ,knockouts, and throws, are all easily pliable .

Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter

What Is Your Favrite Martial Art Video Game

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The Best All Time Martial Art Video Games

With awsome martial arts video games, such as Street fighter, MK, tekken, and streets of rage, it is hard for one not to get excited. In my opinion the above list is the best all-time martial arts video games. You might have a different opinion, you could even not like martial arts video gamesbut As a martial arts fan I felt like sharing my favorite martial arts video games with all of you. I hope you enjoyed the best all-time martial art video game list.


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    • newell12345 profile image

      newell12345 4 years ago

      Hi Tim the first kung fu fighter that comes to my mind is Gen Fu from the Dead or Alive video game series. I hope this helps

    • profile image

      Timothy A. Kramar 4 years ago

      You play martial arts video games, perhas you can help me. I'm looking for the name of a character. Old portly man in a blue kung fu shirt, carrying a pot. Drunken boxing style. It wasn't Shun Di from Virtua Fighter, from the pictures I've seen. It was more cartoonish, as was the character. One of his moves was spitting fire.

      I posted a public pic on my Facebook feed, if that helps.