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The Best F2P MMOs

Updated on April 13, 2012
Find yourself a new, free MMO to play.
Find yourself a new, free MMO to play. | Source

It used to be that the only free-to-play online RPGs available were cheap, second-rate knock-offs. But now, the MMO market has changed. There are several quality, mainstream games that you can play without buying either the game itself or a subscription fee. However, with each of these games, you'll have access to more of the game by either subscribing or purchasing individual features.

DC Universe Online

Genre: Superhero

Main F2P Limitations: No access to expansion packs; cannot use certain power sets, such as Green Lantern Corps rings; No trading items or cash; limit of 1500 in-game currency.

Overview: DC Universe Online, or DCUO for short, lets you battle alongside the heroes and villains of the DC Comics universe. Choose to be a superhero and fight along Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman; or become a supervillain and try to take over the world with Lex Luthor, The Joker and Circe.

Game Summary: If you're a fan of the DC Universe, you'll enjoy interacting with many of your favorite heroes and villains. The game features a decent amount of detailed, fully voice-acted raids, as well as a series of goal-based multi-player raids. While you will hit the level cap fairly quickly, there is a lot of gear to collect if you want to fight in the end-game raids.

Lord of The Rings Online

Genre: Fantasy

Main F2P Limitations: Limited bags, limit of two gold, limited chat options, limited traits, cannot spend destiny points, no access to certain regions.

Overview: Lord of The Rings Online, or LOTRO, takes place during the main Lord of the Rings storyline. Fight orcs and trolls alongside Aragorn and other heroes from the movies.

Game Summary: LOTRO offers a "classic" MMO experience, with exploration, a deep crafting system and plenty of combat. You can even form your own fellowship as you work your way through the game's chapters, fighting the forces of evil.

Fallen Earth

Genre: Post-apocalyptic

Main F2P Limitations: Limited chips, slower XP gain.

Overview: Fallen Earth takes place in post-apocalyptic Nevada after a mutating virus has wiped out a large portion of humanity. Join one of the warring factions and fight your way across the wasteland.

Game Summary: As a clone in post-apocalyptic Nevada, you can join in faction-based PVP, take part in one of the most detailed crafting systems in online gaming, or just fight for survival.

Pirates of The Burning Sea

Genre: Swashbuckling/Sailing

Main F2P Limitations: No ship storage, no ship insurance, no premium mission access.

Overview: Fight with the pirates, the British, the French or the Spanish in the 18th century Caribbean.

Game Summary: POTBS features both ship-based and swashbuckling combat, a player-controlled economy and a rich world modeled on the real-world battles for the New World during the 1700s.


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