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What Toys are durable enough for the rough toddlers that play with them

Updated on April 7, 2015

"Kid Tough Camera". (Also look for other "Kid Tough" Electronic products. Made by Fisher Price..

So what Brand stands the the test of time and rough toddlers?

And the winner is....

Fisher Price Toys

From Little people to the big ultra dinosaurs. I believe that fisher price toys are the best. Also the toys are Colorful and Fun To Learn With.We have bought our kids fisher price toys and they last, they work well, and are kid-friendly.They don't fall apart when you open the package like some of the not- as-well made toys. You think you are saving money but what good does it do you,to save a few bucks,if the toy breaks the same day.

Fisher price toys can't be passed down to younger siblings and still look and work like New.

Spike the Ultimate Dinosaur, Even the name sounds fun.

Lending a Helping Hand

A compelling story of Toy Survival,against all odds.

A quick list of what I can Remember My kids doing to Fisher Price Toys.

1.They have been left outside in the Snow, Rain, Extreme heat. and still are in great shape.

2. They have had juice, milk, and more spilled on them. wiped off and still worked great.

3.They have been thrown in more places i can count ,against many objects and still work

4.They have the same batteries for 6 months or more and still do not need to be replaced.

5.The ones with moving parts that move on their own like "Spike" the "ultra dinosaur" have been moved manually while turned on and didn't break. amazingly!!

6. A few times Fisher Price toys made it in the tubby, that didnt belong with the, bath toys, and although it does end up with a creepy dragged out battery sound,it makes the same noise for weeks and won't stop.Like it is refusing to be defeated.Until you give in and throw trange the toy out.


Fisher Price makes Great Outdoor Toys ,too.

Fisher Price, has it all and built to survive your little "Quality Control Tester. With Fun and safe, baby swings, Adjustable Basketball Hoops,Powerwheels,Slides and So much more.

So many reasons to make Fisher Price, Your Toymaker for your Family.

Organizing Toys

Best method in the madness to organize your toddler toys

I don't know how other mom's feel but a toy room that is just piles of toys everywhere (I need to Organize it).

I am not an organized person my kitchen cupboards are here there and everywhere and my lack of organization involves everything, well almost everything

Almost then there is ..The Messy Toy Room.

If I try to ignore it ,it's impossible like it tugging on me .

So once you spend enough time organizing it can be fun.

Really? No, It is rewarding,but It would be awkward to put cleaning,and fun In the same sentence.

So to start organizing the toys

You will need

Totes,Toyboxes or some containers

a lot of patience

& a lot more patience.

First start Genderating.(Not A Typo)

Separate toys by gender first

Boy.pile Girl Pile N. CoEd

Then start with one

We will Organize the boys toys first.

FireTruck Pull.back cars, hotwheels and airplanes,anything that is a form transportation.These toys can go in one subgroup .Vrooom is this categories name.

encourage your toddlers to be on the lookout for things that mo've and put.them in the "Vrooom" Tote.

Next.take all action hero's, wrestling dolls, Army Men,anything that would look like a Action figure.Have children Put all of these in the "Super Hero and Friends"tote.

LegOS need their own space based on relevency to the amount.

Dinosaur, Animals,monsters, and anything that is not a car or does not look like person.Have your child put these toys go in the "The Jungle Tote"

If you have some items for example like the rubiks Cube,Walkie talkies..Toys that don't go in any of the organized totes. It time to make a Miscellaneous Tote to house these toys.

Now that you got the Hang of my techniques on organizing, don't foeget get the kids involved.

And If you Keep Your Patience The room should be clean and organized in a snap.


Whats your fav Fisher Price toy? Please leave comment here---->

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