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What are the Best Free MMORPGs

Updated on June 10, 2012


This MMO is based in Celtic mythology which is highly appealing to a soulless ginger like myself. This game allows you to interact with your environment in a way very few free games do. You can turn most items into a weapon and instance grinding has an oddly realistic feel to it. Well... as realistic as 20 foot tall spider killing can be. For those who actually read quests, "Vindictus," is good about limiting the cheesy dialogue making it easier to enjoy the storyline. This game is receiving some great accolades and offers some unique gameplay features that make it worth checking out.

Crystal Saga
Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is one of the best games to play at work. It can satiate your need for a traditional MMORPG but is a browser game making it easy to keep hidden from your boss. Although the character customizations are limited, you have the ability to go down a skill tree and place attributes making your character unique in it's own respect. Although the look of this game is not what I typically lean toward, I found it to be oddly addicting. The useful and helpful tutorial is surely part of the reason.

Runes of Magic
Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic

"Runes of Magic," has been a gamer favorite for years and with 'Fires of Shadowforge' released in June, 2012 the reviews are sure to get even better. This game provides gamers with in-depth character customization options as well as a multi-class system that adds to an even more unique character. Players will not be disappointed with the graphics and quest lovers will appreciate the over 600 currently available quests.

Forsaken World
Forsaken World

Foresaken World

Forsaken World is a somewhat traditional fantasy MMORPG released by Perfect World Entertainment in early 2011. Aside from having great graphics and a high player-rate, FW also implements some unique features that make balancing life and gaming a little easier for those who are easily addicted. These features include a sophisticated auto-tracking system, afk training areas and even a new integrated botting system that allows you to kill mobs for hours on end. While initially this game had limited customization options and was based completely on the main quest line, gamers are now able to explore multiple skill trees through a rune system and can grind for soul power to improve their rune tree.

See a full review of Forsaken World here.



Although MapleStory does not fit my style of gaming it is a hugely popular game with more than 70 million active accounts. That alone should say something for this game. The graphics are very cartoony and 2D which can give a fun nostalgic feel for those you enjoyed the classic Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. games. However, it also integrates traditional aspects seen in many 3D MMOs such as job advancements and regular quests to help lead the game.

The West
The West

The West

This browser based game is the only MMORPG currently based around the old west. While the player rate is a little low I think this game has some interesting features that make it worth playing. "The West," immediately reminded me of the good ol' days spend playing, "Oregon Trail." However, in this game the objective is less about taking care of your family as you seek new land and more about shooting everyone you crosses your path. The graphics of this game are fairly simple and the game plays more like an RTS than an traditional RPG at times but the uniqueness and low computer requirements make it worth trying.


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    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 

      6 years ago from Texas

      Over 600 quests? Man that's a lot of quests for one game. When I have some free time I will definitely give some of these games a try. I'm a huge sucker for MMO games. Great article. Voted up.

    • flagostomos profile image


      6 years ago from Washington, United States

      I liked Runes of Magic okay but the endless tutorials got annoying. I might try again with the expansion recently released.


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