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The Best Gaming Console

Updated on March 16, 2016

Sony Vs Microsoft

At the first go, this comparison seems unfair. But a hardcore gamer is well aware of Sony's potential when it comes to console. We are talking about Xbox one vs PS 4. PC are for another day.

To work out which one is better we need parameters, on which we will judge these monsters.
Frequently people turn to hardware configuration to settle the debate, but that's not wise. I say so because when you compare an i phone or Mac with contemporary rival's product you would find the later to be superior on paper as far as hardware numbers are concerned.
For example Iphone 6s comes with just 2 GB RAM and cost $699, whereas Moto Play comes with 3GB at half the cost. The point i am trying to elucidate is its not one hardware or other that is superior. Remember a chain is as strongest as its weakest link.

So i would consider the following parameters.

User Experience: This might seem a subjective. But most of the things that concern us are subjective and that's the way our life works. If you have been on xbox or playstation. As far as the gaming experience apart from the game, is concerned you would be pretty much satisfied with what these machines can do. If you are planning jump platforms, then let me warn you. You would cherish the new one depends on how much you appreciate change in your life. If you are the one who like discipline and rules, then i might suggest stick with the franchise. But What if you are yet to experience this virtual world, where to start? This is where the following parameters turn valuable.

Game Library: How useful was an IBM without DOS better ask BillGates, but if all you want is a fancy brick for your living room than you won't have been probably reading this. The game library matters, the sheer size and quality of available games. To which the point goes to PS4. The reason being simple that there are more Playstation users than Xbox thus developers tend to flock, where the customers are. Yeah, its a cyclic phenomenon, but all thanks to the popularity of ps3, sony has an edge here. So, if you are looking for an diverse genre of engaging games to overcome this adventurous life, then PS4 should be the choice.

Virtual Reality Revolution: 2016 might the year for virtual reality what 1976 was for computing and 1994 for internet, and Gaming is where its all going to start. With oculus rift for PC's. Sony has announced VR headset for PS4 which is cheaper than oculus rift. As far as Microsoft is concerned they are busy with their own project of "HOLOLENS" which is yet in the development phase and is years away before hits the market.

Gaming Community: If you love to go solo you are good, but at times if you enjoy having people around to share the gaming world, you are ought to know what kind of community are you walking into. Will you belong there? Would you be accepted? Would you accept that community? To answer this I would simply put this as if you want to join the insanity Xbox is for you. As PlayStation has a wider range of users, it is highly probable that it will fit you in.

What the future holds: No matter how many times humans have drastically failed to predict the upcoming, we always enjoy doing it. With Microsoft's plan to introduce one platform across PC, xbox and mobile that is windows 10. It is likely that the developers will be tempted to go for the bigger share. And its just a piece of Microsoft's big plan, whatever that is, as they seem in recent times to be very serious with the monopolizing the gaming business.
They even announced up-gradable xboxes just like PC's, but we have to wait to see how that one turns out. AS far as Sony is concerned we are not expecting PS5 until 2019.

The takeaway is that if you wish to have it today go for PS4 without any doubt.. but if you want to wait, then probably wait to check out how up-gradable Xboxes would work out.

If you have a different view point do let me know in comments and take the poll to see which world has a strong community.

Face Off. Ps4, Xbox one compared.

What's your choice?

Which console do you think is better?

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