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The Best Playstation 3 Games

Updated on October 10, 2011

It seems as if I am always looking for the best Playstation 3 games. Both my sons love their Playstations and play them a great deal when they have free time. I always have an upcoming birthday or Christmas where I find myself standing in front of the video game display feeling absolutely clueless as to which game to choose. I decided to look at some video game customer reviews to get a better idea of which I might want to buy for my next Playstation 3 game purchase.

God of War III

Several customer reviews say that this version of God of War is the best one. One issue in previous versions was that the weapons that were acquired throughout the game were poor compared to the beginning weapon. This is not true in God of War III as the weapons you get during game play are just as good as the initial weapons and allow the player to use multiple weapons during attacks.

Many gamers rave about the graphics of God of War III. Some scenes appear like a digitally animated movie. Most scenes in the game have incredible lighting and texture detail. One gamer said that he wished he would have more control over the camera.

Portal 2

Gamers have described this game as polished and satisfying. Some say the game could be more challenging, but it's still enjoyable. Some critics say that the solo adventure game lags a bit in the middle. Though it is said that this sequel is not so very different from the first, the players say that this longer version is much better. Some critics describe this game as being more cerebral with necessary problem-solving than visually exciting.

Gran Turismo 5

Detailed graphics are a common compliment for Gran Turismo 5. This driving simulation game is described as accurate and realistic. Some gamers say that they wish the game allowed for more customization of the cars. The game includes one thousand vehicles and over twenty racing courses. One player said that the game fails to deliver when it comes to collisions between cars. Apparently, the collisions are the same at any speed or angle and rarely does any damage to the cars. Considering the realism of the rest of the game, one might expect more from the collision aspect. Still, I think this might be a good choice for something different.

MLB 11: The Show

I have to include a sports game since one of my son adores them. This is one he doesn't own yet. Players and gamers alike have said this one has better control over batting, pitching, and fielding. Many say it is closer to the real thing than other baseball video games. One critic said that the ball is sometimes difficult to spot in the field, but otherwise the graphics are impressive. It is said to be more like a simulation than a video game due to how realistic it is. The behaviors of the actual baseball players are included. A player said it took him awhile to learn the analog controls, but it was worth the time and effort to do so.

Here is a page that has these games on them as well as some others: Playstation 3: Bestselling Guide

If you have any other recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment with the name of the game and why you think it is the best Playstation 3 game.


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