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The Best RPG'S Of All Time (Breath of Fire)

Updated on June 29, 2015


The breath of fire series is one of those RPG's, which you cant afford to miss, I believe it to be one of the most underrated games of the RPG genre. There are a lot of people who have debated on the breath of fire series, so I am going to give a follow through and a concise opinion of the game. I will be blunt, breath of fire is probably one of the greatest RPG games I have ever played. I would definitely put it amongst the greatest RPG's of all time along with the final fantasy series. I have played all the series from A to Z, I have even tried breath of fire 6 which is currently on the android platform I believe. I have been a fan of the series from the very beginning and anyone who has played this series in their childhood, will always remember breath of fire as part of their childhood.

Breath of fire I and II

I will try to make this brief as I mainly want to talk about the 3rd and 4th version of the series. Breath of fire one had a noticeable minor impact in the RPG world, but there were some unique attributes to the game which put it apart from the rest, for example the character fusion, and progressive events that happen upon triggering another previous event. Breath of fire 2 for me was the beginning of everything as it riled to play more and more of the game. It also had a very dark/secret/mysterious type of plot to it. The battle style is the typical turn based feature, which every RPG fan loves. and most of all the side quests were always my favourite part to do. As we don't see many RPG'S with side quests anymore.

Breath of fire 3

Now, this is where CAPCOM, meant serious business. Breath of fire 3 was a big hit on the play station platform, and followers of the prequel had already ordered this game in advance. the 3rd version had finer graphics, very good storyline, amazing OST and brilliant character development. Everything you need is there. There were some issues many people had with the game. one of them being, was that the character Teepo disappears at one point, and the next time you see him, is nearly at the end of the game. But putting that fact aside the game is literally an achievement. There is also a time gap where many years have passed by and everyone grows up and re unite with each other again. I am also very impressed by the colours that are used in the game, which are very soothing for the eyes. another aspect which I totally love is the battle system that they have used. So simple yet very creative, A must play RPG for the play-station platform.

Breath of Fire 4

Now here we have what I call master piece. Probably one of my favourite RPG's of all time. There is no denying the flawless artwork and music composition of this game. Everything has been much improved upon. I rate this version higher than any other breath of fire game in series, I think many other people tend to agree to my choice. The classic story of dragons trying to rule the world, the twists and events occurring in between the story, and also the addition of magic combos which was one of my favourite aspects of the game. The map is much bigger and looks like the layout of a treasure map. The mini-games and fishing feature to the game is a big plus, hand have also updates the rules and techniques of fishing. The fairy world has become more advanced with culture, jobs and also assisting you in battle.

Breath of fire 4 has a very basic story of a boy called RYU, In whose adventure finds friends such as Nina, Cray, Scias, Ershin and Ursula. Its a typical story of any RPG, where the source of evil has to be diminished, and the duty of ridding this evil is RYU's.

The most appealing part of this JRPG is the fact you can combo not just your me-lee attacks but your magic as well. In fact the awesomeness of the supreme magic combos can be shown in the video below.

Breath of Fire 5 Dragon Quarter

In my opinion this is probably one of the worst games that CAPCOM has introduced to us. There are a lot of rumours on the net saying that the Japanese CAPCOM had a endless strife with the west CAPCOM, which is based in USA. Majority of the Japanese staff members who were working out of country in USA CAPCOM, had been indirectly fired from their present jobs, and got a job based somewhere in Japan. Though this is just rumours, but its beginning to make sense, that it might be true, because breath of fire 6 was a total flop, and all the people who follow the breath of fire series, know this.

Here's my opinion of the game in general. Firstly if I was to give this a rating from 1 to 10, I would most likely give it 4 out of 10 at best. I am actually pretty lenient when it comes to rating high end and classic games. But this game ticked me come, because it was a complete polar opposite of any of there previous series. I mean the only thing which referable to the games before it was the fact that dragons had some involvement to it, and they were also trying to find the sky? ,,,, If that makes sense?. But in general a very gloomy game, with actually beautiful effects and artwork,,, but really bad battle style which led me to hating this game. Another thing was the dragon trigger gauge which if it goes to 100% its game over. In my knowledge that's absolute rubbish, why does a game like breath of fire 5 have to limit its battle style to such a narrow system, it doesn't make any sense. and lastly but not least, is the SOS, system, (if I remember correctly). The system basically shows cutscenes and hidden events in the game after you die or lose in battle etc... , then you begin from all over again just to see that scene which you missed. Overall a very low budget game. I nearly have given up hope on the series until I got wind of breath of fire 6.

Breath of fire 6

This ladies and gentlemen is where I feel like crying. Just when I had hope for a comeback of the series, things went from bad to worse. They made the game into an android platform, with no major plot, and worst of all its, a strategy/tactic game. They absolutely killed the game. I'm not sure if they ran out of funds or even ran out of ideas, but my guess is that they had a quarrel with the people who created the breath of fire series, and this isn't just me, a lot of forums are saying this as well. Some people have even made hate videos concerning the fact they have turned breath of fire into a third party game, and they have blamed CAPCOM purely for this.


After all the discussion on different forums and video comments. I hold my ground on breath of fire 4 as the greatest of the entire series (so far). Below I will link a video which has a good lengthy review on breath of fire 4.

Breath of Fire Poll

Which is your favourite Breath of Fire series?

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I hope you enjoyed reading the hub I have created about the breath of fire series. I will hopefully make one about final fantasy 7, 8 and 9. If you have any questions regarding me or any stuff I write, then please do message me. Also comment If you wish to discuss the matter about any of the breath of fire series.

© 2015 Temoor


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