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The Best Strategy Games - Strategy War Games (free and mmo) Part 1 - Supremacy 1914

Updated on May 11, 2015

Which games should you give a try?

Welcome to my list of strategy games. As I have stated this is a list of strategy war games, which technically, is what every strategy games is all about - things can just be distorted to make it look otherwise.

I am quite sure that a few people will be complaining about a certain game being higher than another one or that a certain games is a waste of time, or, even that a certain game should not even be on the list because, actually - head wagging initiated - it isn't actually a strategy game.

  • I will also be basing this list on games that are free. So, if you are scared of "socialism", you might want to leave.
  • The games will be MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online). So, if you just want to play with yourself, this list probably isn't what you are looking for.

Supremacy 1914

Anyone who cares to take a look at my other articles/hubs will see that I am quite a big fan of this game - Supremacy 1914.

It is a pretty addictive little fella this Supremacy 1914. You start to play it and maybe you do not take it too seriously but when you start to get access to new buildings and weapons, when somebody is mouthing off.. you feel obliged to perform your duty - in a nice, safe, and secure setting, naturally.

S1914 has quite a few different maps. Some are world maps, some are continents maps, some have been limited to a small amount of players, and some have been maxed out to larger numbers - 5/6 to 30.


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