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The Best Toddler Games and Preschool Toys 2013: FurReal Friends Walk'in Ponies

Updated on May 17, 2013

© Lisa Elsen, April 2013, all rights reserved.

FurReal Friends Walkin' Ponies

Hang on to your hats moms and dads. There is a newer better walking toy animal on the shelves that is just about as cute as a real pony, only much less messier. The FurReal Friends Walk'in Ponies are just the ticket to make your animal loving child giddy with pony feaver.


First Impressions of Walk'in Ponies

Ask any little girl ages 3-11 or in my case 3-4o what she wants and she will tell you with all the confidense in the world, "A Pony". Perhaps she is so confident because she knows in her mind she will receive that pony. Regardless of whether her future holds a four hooved beast or not, she surely will be enthralled by the adorable little creature in this box.

Like other Hasbro FurReal friends packaging it is three sided and opens in the front to display all the cuteness this pony has to offer, along with some small accessories I will describe later. There is also an outdoor scene that can be used as a backdrop for play. We discarded it in a manner of seconds, but if you want it becareful opening the box because it rips quite easily.

The box it self is difficult to wrap as a present, so I would recommend a medium size gift bag if this is a present.

Child's play - How Does the Walkin Ponies stack up against the Testers

My children squealed with delight when their aunt handed them their gifts. She even bought the brown one for the two boys. Three of the four "Testers" immediately lined up their ponies and started to race. The testers are very competitive and of course my oldest son had to be the winner. Within five minutes the race was called due to simultaneous bathroom breaks and Pull- Ups changes. When the testers returned to the test lab to find the lab director had put up the ponies until lunch, there was a protest. The lab director eventually gave in and the testing resumed all through the night or at least until bedtime.

A Mom's Opinion

This toy lab director cannot stop smiling at my three year old playing with her pony. Even with it in the off mode, it travels with her night and day. The older two ages 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 are loving them as well. They returned to school this week and have had less free play time, but pick them up as soon as they get home. There is something great about their size too. They can fit into a pick up truck, walk down a makeshift ramp, or fit neatly into the Barbie Dreamhouse 2013's hottub.

One of the qualities I love about this product is that whether its on a hard surface or carpet or even the sofa, it walks steady and sure. Just like a real surefooted pony.

But, I think what I love the most is that there is no voice coming from this toy directing my kids how to play. They can use their imaginations to take them to the ranch, to a race, to the zoo, etc. They can go anywhere with these cute little animals.

Overall I am so pleased there are still toys that demand more interaction than hitting a button.

Durability Factor

The construction of the FurReal Friends Walk'in Ponies is similar to other toys in the FurReal Friends line. The mechanical body is housed in a faux fur covering that feels like your average stuffed animal fur.

They run on one double A battery which is great. We received these as a gift last Sunday and the toy is still running on the factory battery that comes in the toy. To preserve the battery life the manufacture recommends setting the pony upright at night.

No chance in my house. The ponies were neatly tucked under the covers at bedtime, but they survived.


The walk'in ponies retail from anywear between 13.99 to 17.99, although I would never purchase a gift like this for over $20.00, it may be worth it to the pony lover out there. Just seeing my little girls carrying them in their toy purses is worth that price.


  1. Hasbro's FurReal Friends Walkin ponies are a great buy, but they may be on the expensive side for a toy this size.
  2. They are super durable for what they are, but keep in mind these are small toys that maybe cannot survive the bottom of the toy box. I would keep them upright if you can pry them from your child's fingertips.
  3. They come with two small plastic accessories and some cardboard cuttouts that may pose as choking hazards to younger siblings or small animals.

Overall Ratings for the FurReal Friends Walk'in Ponies

I give these beauties an enthusiastic five stars. This is one of those simple and pure toys that only takes a simple battery and a child's imagination to ride them to the moon and back.

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  • LA Elsen profile image

    LA Elsen 4 years ago from Chicago, IL

    Thanks always exploring. They are cute. Especially when walking.

  • always exploring profile image

    Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

    Now who wouldn't love to give one of these cute little ponies to a child, in my case, a grandchild. Interesting..Enjoyed..