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The Best of The Best: Pokémon Regions!

Updated on September 3, 2013

Before we begin...............

5 generations and 5 regions! From gen 1's Kanto to gen 5's Unova. Which region is the greatest? Well there is a lot of hot debate on that subject! In this article we talk about the geography of each region and figure out which one was the most well made - which one the the most fun to travel around. Now before we begin ,remember, all that follows is entirely my opinion. Yes I back up all my arguments, but at the end of the day, my favorite region is my choice alone.Its quite possible that you enjoy another region far more.There is a poll at the end of this article, so please let us all know which has been your favorite Pokémon region yet!


The region where it all started - Kanto. First and foremost Kanto deserves a special commendation of being the very first pokémon region.

We all started our journey in Palett town, weather we played Red and Blue or just watched the anime. This is where all our adventures began.

Kanto Turns out to be an incredibly well balanced region geographically. We have mountains, seas, metropolises, islands, caves- the works. It is an amazing region to travel through.

There are plenty of roadblocks along the way in Kanto, from lazing Snorlaxes to the roadblocks to Saffron City. These roadblocks make it so interesting, as the player has to find his way around these obstacles- braving caves with an infinite Zubat infestation, to finding underground pathways past roadblocks.The very reason Kanto is so much fun is because one has to to so much just to reach the next city.

Kanto had many interesting places-

1. Lavender Town- Lavender town- probably the spookiest town in all Pokémon. Literally a ghost tow. Practically everybody in that town is in mourning. Even the towns background track is spooky to say the least. This town revolves around the Pokémon Tower, The tower is essentially is a graveyard for Pokémon. This tower is so spooky, it even has a radio which connects it to the other world.

2. Cinnabar Island- Seriously, who can resist an island town? Especially if that island town in question happens to be where Mewtwo was created! The ruined mansion is brilliant, with so many Mewtwo references.

Kanto for many it's their favorite region, their first region a region they can call home. Kanto is an amazing region, but not without faults. One can argue that Kanto is too much work to get through and more importantly very repetitive. The different areas feel the same. Even cities lack a a strong individuality.


This region introduced in the second generation is shrouded in mystery and intrigue.Who built the two towers? Who perished in the Brass Tower? What is the Lake of rage?

This region has mountains on one side and the sea on the other. It is covered in plains and grasslands. What this region really offers are many very interesting locations and buildings.

Jotoh, even though it was the first "new region" as such, may be different from Kanto in many respects, but is still geography wise, not much different. In fact it feels the same as the old region.

Places of interest

1. Ruins of Alph

2. Brass Tower

3. Lake of Rage

4. Lighthouse

5. Sprout Tower


Hoenn's design was a departure from that of Kanto and Jhoto. Gone were the mountains, plateaus and plains, to be replaced by dense tropical jungle and a vast sea. The continent is essentially an archipelago. With a large main island, and smaller ones surrounding it.

What makes Hoenn truly stand out from any other region, is its vast surfing area. No other region has as much sea space to travel through. This makes the Hoenn experience a fresh one after the caves and mountains of Kanto and Jhoto.

Hoenn is unique in another aspect- it's dive pools. Hoenn is one of the few regions to have an HM Dive in the first place, and boy, does it make use of it! The underwater weed fields, canyons, caverns and tunnels are exiting to say the least.

This region has a lot to offer. Not only does it have gorgeous towns and cities, it vast seas, deserts, underwater caves, sunk ships a tree-house town and much more

Places of Interest-

1. Fallabour town-Fallbour Town is absolutely gorgeous in game, with , ash from the volcano falling like snow, covering the town

2. Sunken Ship- How does Game Freak pep up and extremely long sea voyage? It puts a sunken ship in the middle of the ocean of course!

3. Sootopolis City- A city which can be only accessed through an under sea cavern? One word - Awesome!

4. Mount Pyre

5. Pacific Log Town


With Sinnoh, we are back to rocky roads and mountains. There is one difference though, The mountains are no longer to one side of the continent, here in Sinnoh, the mountain cuts right through the landmass' middle.

In Sinnoh there is a lot of travelling through caves, scaling mountains, but practically nosea routes. There is a lot to this region, with every town being different from the last. For the first time, in Sinnoh, routes had snow cover.

While in Sinnoh, the sense of exploration is slightly dampened with respect to that of Hoenn, by no means is it a boring region. It is in fact spectacular. What with it's twisted roads and marshy routes.

Some interesting locations

1. Veilstone City

2. Mount Cornet

3. Resort area and Survival Area

4. The 3 Lakes

5. Eterna City


There is but one way to describe Unova - eye candy. This region may be mostly a metropolitan one, but bow is it pretty! Add the dream world to the mix , and you have got yourself a region you can't take your eyes off!

The most striking feature of this region are its bridges - Sky Arrow, Drifveil Drawbridge, Marvelous Bridge, Village Bridge and the Marine Tube, all rendered in breathtaking 3D, all absolutely gorgeous. Then of course, you have the White Forest and the Black City, two vey different areas, but as interesting as each other.

Unova fails in one respect though, Even though it is very pretty to look at, it's way to easy to traverse. The routes are straight, without twists and the bridges take the exploration out of the game. What you are left with is an extremely bland region to traverse.

Places if interest

1. The Bridges

2. Solaceon Town

3. Anville Town

4. Black City

5. White Forest

So which region is the best?

All the regions are special in one way or another.

However in terms of geographical variety and exploration capabilities, Hoenn would be the clear winner. Which other region has practically everything from desserts to the sea, from volcano cities to isolated islands and one must not forget Hoenn's vast underwater world.

Here is the list in descending order

1. Hoenn

2. Sinnoh

3. Jotoh

4. Kanto

5. Unova

Region Poll

Which region is your favorite?

See results

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