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The list of the best Xbox 360 Skins and Limited Edition Bundles- Creative console art and your favourite game exclusives

Updated on January 24, 2013

Xbox 360

Hi everyone! So you bought your xbox 360 and you think it's too simple or just about to buy one and you want to know what are the possibilities for a limited edition model. Here I will show you the best looking ones (my personal opinion), officials and custom-made skins too. So let's start with some badass official releases, each one comes with a very nice game and unique design, they are pure awesomeness.

Yes, yes, our first guest is Xbox 360-Gears of War 3 Limited Edition. It's a pretty bad ass one, painted red-black, with the GoW logo on it, with unique controllers and of course the game itself, which is one of the most known brands for our favourite machine. It's cool, sadly my room doesn't goes with this color but if you got what you need and you are a GoW fan then this is a must have (maybe I will repaint my room....yeah I will do for you baby).

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... humanity created Xbox 360 Star Wars-Limited Edition. And they did a really good job. I don't know it they compressed R2D2 or just stole his Xbox, but hey, just look at it, it's wonderful. The only thing I miss is the robot voice when you put a CD on his 'mouth' but that's okay, maybe in the future (or in the past? I'm confused) they will release a K.I.T.T-like version, I could wake up everyday to the voice: Hello Michael! The bundle even got a Kinect sensor and of course a Star Wars game, it's a sin to miss it!

Finally, i'm glad to introduce you this dirty old radio station, I found it on the dump. Wait guys, before you go to search in the trash for this artifact I must tell you that this is the best looking wreck I have ever seen, and check this out: It can run Xbox 360 games!!! Yes, your dreams came true, here's the limited edition, the one and only super-garbage, Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 3. It's a pretty damn hot one (my favourite actually) and it's now for sale! Don't miss it, the next time you will see this kind of Xbox will be like 50 years later when it will be really on the dump. Now go, buy it and show off to the world.


So let's head over to the skins section. The varieties are infinite and the good thing about them is they are very cheap, so if you just got your pocket money and want your Xbox to rise and shine then check those awesome skins ( they are simple vinyls, no gaming console included):

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Game Skin for Xbox 360 Console
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Game Skin for Xbox 360 Console

The Modern Warfare brand now for an unbelievable price!



It's just unbelievable how customizable a console can be. This was just a tiny bit percentage of the skins that are available, but i tried to bring you the best ones to the show. As long as human creativity stays there will always masterpieces like those vinyls. That's for today, bye!


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    • Brinafr3sh profile image


      6 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Wow I know these limited editions skins for Xbox are going fast. They look awesome, great hub. Thanks so much, voted up.


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