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The Biggest Drawback to Buying the PlayStation 4

Updated on November 21, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

PlayStation 4 has it all, and what it has can only be understood by dedicated gamers, but what is it with Sony restricting gamertag changes on the PS4?... Seriously, what is up with that
PlayStation 4 has it all, and what it has can only be understood by dedicated gamers, but what is it with Sony restricting gamertag changes on the PS4?... Seriously, what is up with that

Dear (Potential) PlayStation 4 Customer

Regarding your initial concerns with Sony's answer to the next-generation gaming universe.

Sony's PlayStation 4 may appear the every bit equal to Microsoft's Xbox One console, but coming from someone who owns both of these next-generation consoles the PlayStation 4 comes out on top, every time. The PS4 has the better exclusive video-games, it has the greater design appeal, the controller is finer in use, and there is the unique ability to plug your headphones into the PS4 controller to listen to your mic and in-game volume.

The final point, in being able to listen to your PS4 gameplay through the headphones plugged into the PS4 controller is perhaps the greatest thing about owning the PlayStation 4, and may even be the biggest purpose behind buying the Sony goods over the Microsoft goods that are in direct competition with one another.

The headphones that are plugged into the PS4 controller simply requires the console user to go into the system settings menu, then from here scroll down to the audio listing, and then click onto the controller listing, and from here the user can add the option to listen to gameplay and mic (with altered volume settings) through the headphones that are currently plugged into the game consoles controller.

Why plug-in your headphones to listen to gameplay and mic through the PS4 controller? Well, there are multiple advantages to doing this: If it is getting late and the rest of the house is sleeping then you can switch down the television volume to zero and listen to the gameplay volume through your headphones that simply require plugging into the PS4 controller in use. "Yeah, so...?" This ability is not possible on the Xbox One console, as the controller is merely a tool for playing the video-game, and not for additional audio uses.

Now you know the greatest thing about owning the PlayStation 4 console, let's move onto the worst thing about having bought the console in question.

The PlayStation 4 is carrying over yet more issues that were apparent in the platforms predecessor, the PlayStation 3. Then again, the PlayStation 4 has done some remarkable advances to their online service, as the PlayStation 3 felt like the worst online experience when compared to its direct competition, the Xbox 360. And so, the PlayStation 3 was shadowed for more serious competitive gamers on the last-generation consoles, and left the Xbox 360 the player-experience winner for online usage. Since, the Xbox One has shown considerable drawbacks in its online usage when compared to the shear gamer-desires of the PlayStation 4 console whose online usage stands as being the better of the two console universes. The only issue with the PlayStation 4 is the gamertag restrictions.

Originally, the PS3 gave the ability to add a new gamertag account and allowed the user the ability to change their gamertag for the same account anytime and for as many times as they do so wish. The PS3 was also the only console (between themselves and the Xbox 360) that gave its users the free online access, whereas the Xbox 360 required online usage fees that would cost either £5 a month, or a package deal costing £40 a year. Only, the budgeted online usage for the PS3 meant that the access online was flawed, and the Xbox 360 online experience felt like it was superior in every way, and the feeling in usage was always the better of the two console platforms.

Now, the PlayStation 4 charges online usage fees that equal to the costs of the Xbox One online usage prices. £40 a year, £5 a month, and the occasional free 24 hour online pass, and the PlayStation 4 online experience is equal to the online experience on the Xbox One. Only, the Xbox One has done the minimal in terms of innovating the gaming experiences that advance on the Xbox 360 (last-generation console) capabilities.

The Xbox One retains the capability of changing the gamertag for your account as many times as you like for the cost of £7 a pop. This was the same as the Xbox 360 gamertag change prices, and there are always going to be times when you want to alter your gamertag, perhaps when you become bored with the same-old online identity, or perhaps when you change clans that your friends are hopping on to. Whereas, the PlayStation 4 carries over the exact same problem that was had with the consoles predecessor, the PlayStation 3, in that the account ID still has restrictions. However, unlike the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 users cannot for whatever reason change their gamertag for an account.

For months now, I have been feeling eager to change may gamertag on my PlayStation 4 account, but after doing extensive research online, it simply isn't possible. Apparently, according to some sources there are certain loop holes to change your accounts player ID, but they all seem to carry the risk of the account not being recognised with the new gamertag in place. The risks are as follows; the new gamertag may result in the loss of unrecognised friends, the inability to play online, and where you can play online there may be issues with playing certain titles. That is one risk too far, as it would be ever so disheartening if the Call of Duty: WWII title blocked my new account ID out from playing on the multiplayer setting.

So basically, if you're a gaming nut-head, then chances are there are always going to be substantially frustrating issues with a games console. Changing a gamertag may seem simple to resolve if this is not possible, as with the PlayStation 4 console, as it may make sense to simply create a separate gamertag account. "Sure, but what if I have built up a high experience rank in Call of Duty: WWII, at say, reaching tenth prestige, and by creating a new, separate account I would have to start my multiplayer level from back at the beginning, rendering an 8 days worth of online gaming experience mute, as the new account will show none of the progress made through the original gamertag account". Hey, your a tenth prestige "WWII" gaming nut-head, so chances are you are a part of a clan, and given this may be relatively new you may want a gamertag that reflects being in this clan, but PlayStation 4's gamertag restrictions prohibit this change.

Best Reason to Buy a PlayStation 4 Console

Is listening to gameplay through headphones plugged into your PlayStation 4 controller a good enough reason to justify purchasing the PS4 over the Xbox One?

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Worst Reason to Buy a PlayStation 4 Console

Is the inability to change your gamertag on the PlayStation 4 console a deal-breaker?

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The PlayStation 4 Console - The Metal Gear Solid V Exclusive Edition
(PlayStation 4 Console) - Star Wars Edition
(PlayStation 4 Console) - Star Wars Edition

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