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The Blue Feather Breed: The Weirdest Harvest Moon Bachelors

Updated on February 4, 2018
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Katleigh is a college student and loves time management, personal finance, video games, and writing about their college experiences.

Not Every Farmer Leads a Normal Life

One of the many charms to Harvest Moon series and its sister games is the ability to marry and start a family. Many of the eligible bachelors are your average Joe type of character - farmers, fisherman, and blacksmiths, with others being more on the intellectual side with doctors and archaeologists.

However, there are some strange characters sprinkled into the series who make your choices a little more interesting.

One of Kappa's many charming dialogue texts.
One of Kappa's many charming dialogue texts.

Kappa From Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

Kappa is one of the earliest Harvest Moon characters, even though he carries a fairly minor role. He is based off of the popular Japanese legend of the same name, and is only available as a marriage candidate in More Friends of Mineral Town.

Kappa's Family and Backstory

While little about this specific Kappa is known, like all other Kappas, he is unsure of people and has an insatiable love of cucumbers, which is also the only gift he will accept. As I mentioned before, Kappas are a popular Japanese legend. They as a species are known for their mischievous nature, which involves eating small children and wreaking general small-scale havoc.

Courting Kappa

Kappa is one of the most difficult bachelors to marry in all the Harvest Moon series. Not only do you have to fulfill the normal marriage requirements, but there are special things you have to do for Kappa to marry you, including but not limited to, asking forgiveness from the local priest, requesting it from the Harvest Goddess directly, and finding all possible mine items.

Married Life with Kappa

If you decide that this Japanese cucumber-loving monster is the one for you, you really get to keep your independence. He doesn't live with you, and barely spends any time with you during special events. Instead, he continues to live in the Harvest Goddess Pond.

You can however, have a child with Kappa. You will wake up one morning with him standing in your living room and announcing that you have a child in his normal broken English.

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Woofio From Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Trio of Towns is one of the newest Harvest Moon games, and while it is not from the main series, it is an excellent addition to the games. One of the most interesting things about this game is the marriage candidates.

Woofio's Family and Backstory

Woofio was transformed into a spirit that haunts his dog mascot costume by another spirit he played with when he was a child. This dramatic turn of events effectively took away all of his humanity: his ability to breath, feel hunger and thirst, regulate body temperature, and even the ability to feel human emotions. He's quite a keeper.

Gourmet from Harvest Moon: More Friends from Mineral Town

Gourmet is an almost constant character in the Harvest Moon series, appearing as early as Harvest Moon 64. He is the judge of the Cooking Festival and never appears in the village unless there is food to test. Gourmet wanders the world, taste-testing out delicious food—at which he is an expert.

Gourmet's Family and Backstory

Very little is known about Gourmet's life outside of the cooking festivals, but a popular fan theory persists that he is somehow related to Pierre, who is also an eligible bachelor in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.

Courting Gourmet

There are no heart events or romantic scenes prior to marrying Gourmet, and he is arguably the hardest bachelor in the series to match up with. He takes at least 25 in-game years to successfully woo.

Family Life with Gourmet

Like most of the bachelors on this list, Gourmet will not live with you if you choose to marry him. He is however, present in most family events and seems to be a decent father when he's there.


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